Christmas Tree Lighting and Concert

Don't miss FICRA's annual Christmas Tree Lighting and Holiday Concert at the Nichols Community Center on Sunday, December 2nd. Santa will be there, so bring the kids and plan on having a great time!

Other Items

The Sports Field received another hydro-seeding on September 13th. The grass area of the field is closed until further notice; the track will remain open.   The NCC outdoor area is open to dogs ON LEASH, ONLY. This will be the policy as long as pet owners comply with the rules and clean up after their animals (and take the waste material home). If we continue to find pet waste (both in and out of bags) left at the NCC, we will no longer be able to allow dogs.

New directional addressing went into effect for Fox Island back on April 1st.  The changes, which were needed for the 911 system, were simple for Fox Island - we will lost the FI suffix on our street names. The United States Postal Service will continue to deliver mail using the old addressing conventions for at least one year.  For more information check out the Pierce County website.

Did you leave something at the NCC?  See if your recognize any of your lost items here.