Emergency Preparation Video

IT'S HERE! The first in a series of short video clips on Emergency Preparation on Fox Island is available on our YouTube Channel.

New FICRA Board Members

The following slate of candidates was elected to the FICRA Board at the Annual Member Meeting on March 14th. If you happen to run into one of our Board Members, please take a moment to let them know how we are doing.
  • Miguel Martinez - President
  • Pia Beetham - Vice President
  • Naomi Grant - Secretary
  • Hal Goodell - Treasurer
  • Rob Moore - Director
  • Kyle Larsen - Director
  • Howard Stapleton - Past President
Other Items

The Sports Field received another hydro-seeding last September. The grass area of the field is closed until further notice; the track will remain open.   The NCC outdoor area is open to dogs ON LEASH, ONLY. This will be the policy as long as pet owners comply with the rules and clean up after their animals (and take the waste material home). If we continue to find pet waste (both in and out of bags) left at the NCC, we will no longer be able to allow dogs.