The 2015 Annual Fox Island Garage Sale coming up on September 12th will help fund FICRA Trust's Crime Watch Program.  Fox Island residents will have the opportunity to display their goods either at their own home, the Nichols Community Center, or the Fox Island Museum on 9th Avenue.

The need for an Emergency Plan for Fox Island became evident in 2013 when repair work was done on the Fox Island bridge. Subsequent discussions with the County indicated no immediate concerns with the safety of the bridge, however, the bridge needs to be replaced in the longer term. The FICRA Building Trust Board (owner of the Nichols Community Center and Nature Center on 9th Ave) decided that an Emergency Plan for Fox Island was appropriate and in keeping with its Bylaws. In 2014, the Board initiated the development of an Emergency Plan. The first edition of the Plan was published in 2014, distributed at the 2014 Fox Island Fair, and posted on FICRA's website ( An update to the Plan has now been prepared and posted to the FICRA website, and will also be available at the 2015 Fox Island Fair. You can help your community by donating to the Emergency Planning effort and volunteering to assist on one or more of our various Plan committees.