Block Captains Meeting

The Emergency Planning Team will be holding a Neighborhood Block Captain's meeting at the Nichols Community Center at 6:30PM on Tuesday, February 20th.  We will be reviewing our purpose, distributing materials and snacking on pizza.  A special Guest speaker will discuss the science and history in her recent book, Full Rip 9.0, on the potential of an earthquake on the Cascadia subduction. 

Other Items...

The Sports Field at the NCC just got some major upgrades. The new Sports Field is a multi-use field (baseball, soccer, etc.) with a running/walking track around it. We are also considering a Frisbee Golf course and par course around the perimeter. To give the the hydroseeding turf time to mature to handle the traffic, the Sports Field will be closed for now. This also means no dogs on the field.

Island residents should have received a letter from Pierce County about changes to Fox Island addresses. The changes, which were needed for the 911 system, will be simple for Fox Island - we will be losing the FI suffix on our street names. For more information check out the Pierce County website.

Did you leave something at the NCC?  See if your recognize any of your lost items here.