August 2014 FICRA Trust Board Meeting Minutes


Board Attendees: Tony Moore, Jim Braden, Ray Kittelberger, Gina Olson and Hal Goodell. Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 8:05 pm.

Minutes from the July 10, 2014 meeting approved.

President’s report: Jim highlighted how well Hal and his team managed the FICRA Fair. At the debriefing meeting, Hal made a comment on how valuable it is to the head person on an event for the sub-team leaders to take charge of their areas of responsibility as was done by several of the FAIR committees. Jim noted that team leaders taking charge is what is needed now with the next round of activities. Jim indicated that the Board will have planning meetings ahead of the Board meetings to have issues better prepared for presentation. Water fountains continue to be a risk for water damage, and should be removed because there is some leaking into the basement. Jim proposes that these areas be considered for display cases.

Consent Calendar:  AA members asked to use the facility for their annual party on Sept 18th. This has been approved.   Lee Tartara,(grandfather of eagle scout Colin Rivera) has volunteered to build the Scout display case to be placed in the Nichols Center hall just outside mens room.

County Council Board of Supervisors Meeting to be held at the NCC on October 28th.

Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell Checking account: Beginning Balance: $19,418.10 Register Balance: $21,867.92 Money Market: Beginning Balance: $12,845.06  Register Balance: $12,846.15  Expenses during fair for fire marshal inspections, were new this year, not previously required. Sponsor thank you letters to be sent out: Red Hook donated beer. Pen Light donation.  Murray Disposal donates the dumpster use. We are ahead of budget on rental use for the year.

COMMITTEES:   Crime Watch: Stan Weston (meets with Sheriff every Fri night).  Crime for the month of July included the following:  speeding tickets issued, a noise complaint, a theft from unlocked vehicle, a purchased phone from eBay was reported stolen, a report of a “peeping tom” made, a TV stolen from FIAC, three separate burglaries on Bella Bella, which generated a neighborhood meeting. (It was held to give more details about Safe Streets and Crime Watch). Animal control picked up a pet on Kamus, two reports of parties/noise, one welfare check, an item stolen from unlocked shed and garage, one individual broke a restraining order.  The patrols will be focusing on Bella Bella.   Mike Gordon reports calls to Crime Watch Hotline and reports from Stan. Most reports are sensitive and he uses caution about what is reported on the Crime Watch message system to avoid unnecessary fear or consequences. There is a Face Book (FB) site that is not controlled by FICRA. Mike is careful to contact individuals who leave messages. No names, no specific details are intentionally not published. Suggestion made to call Crime Watch number rather than leave email report on web site. More process on this topic is needed.

Emergency Planning: Ray Kittelberger 1. Emergency Preparation Leadership Meeting including leadership in county, peninsula emergency planning, Red Cross, supportive agencies, and on-Island resources went well.  FICRA FAir Booths representing crime watch, Neighborhoods, citizen patrol, and emergency planning at the fair generated much interest and new volunteers added.  Jim mentioned value of an organization like the Trust being the nucleus of emergency organization. Other communities have lost their emergency orgs due to lack of support. Mike Gordon suggested that six-month emergency exercises would go a long ways toward keeping interest up on the island.

Rental Coordinator: Jen Bush She would like to see FICRA use Event Resources Gig Harbor’s comprehensive website directory of local venues that can be rented to further publicity and increase rental use. This is $250/year with 10 photos, free without. Adds to the existing website, and gives details of the venue, and services that can be used with the event. It also has a place for customer feedback or postings of rental experience.  The board will consider options and reply. Jen proposes that the rental rate be increased for non-FICRA members. The Audit committee had recommended to increase rental rate by $50-$100 more. She says $800 per event would be comparable to other local venues. Rental rates to be reviewed (including discount rates for members).

Building Committee: Carolyn Braden  Jim reported that a second delivery of wood chips were delivered today and there are more deliveries from Pen Light anticipated. Should be used to cover areas of blackberry encroachment near field.  A small group needed to gather to cut back blackberries.  Our Fall Clean up scheduled typically in Oct, however Carolyn suggests if chips are to cover blackberries, Maybe clean up to be pushed up to Sept. New projects will be suggested by the committee, for approval by board.

Nature Center: Ed Burroughs  Fair booth was visited and many fair goers noted to the booth that they had been to the Nat Center and others were newly informed.  The trails are all open, cleared. Anytime is a good time to visit!

Audit Committee: Ray Kittleberger The mileage allowance for patrol members, which was noted to be non-compliant with IRS requirements was addressed.  All volunteer Citizen 4 patrol members were contacted and have agreed that reimbursement fo the cost of fuel used is a reasonable approach.  Solution therefore is to make available a Shell credit card is to be issued, held by the store, to be used by authorized volunteer crime watch members to be compared to the mileage reported.  This will be a change to bring us into compliance. Dwayne at store is in full agreement. No 1099 will need to be issued. All Board members were in agreement.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS  NCC rental rates to be updated.  Grants for water diversion around NCC are being explored.  Water in basement (even in summer continues to be of high humidity) is concern for the future maintenance of the NCC.  Estimates for A french drain system around the foundation is being obtained.  Budget list and priorities for capital funds to be determined. Grant money is available for Emergency Planning generator and communications devices. Abby has a contact.  Emergency planning is not currently a budgeted item, but is a committee headed by Ray K.  Video cameras are being installed around the NCC building to monitor and record any activity which will hopefully prevent crime/vandals.  This info to be published on the website  New dimmers to be installed, which will not flicker when dimmed.

NEW BUSINESS FICRA Fair was a great success. Growing every year.  Toy box has been assembled. Not placed outside yet, but will be placed under a surveillance camera when installation occurs.  Jim met with an engineering firm who contacted Ficra Trust for resident input regarding Bridge Planning. They are doing preliminary planning and consideration for a bid. This engineering firm is getting information only, and actual project is likely 10 yrs out. It was expressed to them that the financing of bridge is a primary concern and islanders should be informed early of financing options so that we have a voice and will not be left out.  It is likely going to cost the islanders, and knowing this cost long in advance is important. A second firm is also going to make a bid. Discussion centered around the use of bridge, walkers, bicycles, boat launch, boat travel, 16 foot tide and environment issues with primary emphasis on impact of residences in the area. The current bridge when put in, changed the patterns of water flow and sediment there.   Phone book is out for new members to receive. Insurance runs $4000/yr for NCC, (higher than normal to cover claims made here 4-5 yrs ago).  There is a need for finance committee to discuss what level of insurance is needed.  Sept 13 is the All Island Garage Sale, time of event is 9 am to 4 pm.  To be published on FB, and in Gateway. Applications for garage sale are at the Store and the post office.

Motion to adjourn at 8:55 pm, unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary

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August 2014 FICRA Board Meeting Minutes


Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, Hal Goodell and Howard Stapleton.   Bob Bowser, excused.

Uwe Krohn opened the meeting at 7:10 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Hal Goodell recognized for hard work and excellent results in chairing the FICRA Fair this year. Uwe asked for attendee introductions. Volunteers encouraged to sign in. Also, all persons who volunteered for the FICRA fair should record the hours they worked into the log. Minutes from the July 10, 2014 board meeting were unanimously approved.

Jennifer Bush would like to see FICRA use Event Resources Gig Harbor’s comprehensive website directory of local venues that can be rented to further publicity and increase rental use. This is $250/year with 10 photos, free without. Adds to the existing website, and gives details of the venue, and services that can be used with the event. It also has a place for customer feedback or postings of rental experience. The board will consider options and reply.

President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn Uwe would like to see a method or policy for how to get recent crime information available to Fox Islanders via the website. Jim Braden will work on this as a Trust issue.

Howard notes there is a prominently displayed link on the front page of the FICRA website that goes to a Crime Watch page. The Crime Watch page instructs people to call the 549-7744 phone number or click a link on the webpage to submit a crime incident alert.  Alerts submitted from the webpage are EMailed to the FICRA Gmail account and may be posted to the Crime Watch website page.  The information submitted needs to be reviewed prior to posting to ensure inappropriate information is not on the FICRA website.  There is no person clearly assigned to monitor the submissions at this time. If we continue accepting alerts via the website, there needs to be a responsible team and clearly defined process for handling the alerts.  The review process does not need to be complex but it is important that it is done by qualified persons.  We may also want to discuss whether it is useful to have alerts submitted via the website at all.

Consent Calendar:

Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell.

BANK BALANCES: FICRA  07-1 Checkbook: Bal: $14,885.41 08-1 Balance: $14,790.74 Money Market  07-1 Balance: $18,583.96 08-1 Balance: $18,585.54 PayPal Balance: 07-1 $1,122.27 ($1,170.21  7/01 balance)     08-1 Balance: $1,194.24 FICRA / TRUST transfers since Fair income discrepancies to sort out. The new system is working well, and Hal to make appropriate transfer. Membership is currently 389.   274 from 2014, and 115 added for 2014-15. Total count is up, especially with prior members, non-members for 3-4 yrs, now renewed! This is good!

Committee Reports:

Social Activities: No report. Jean Peterson, excused.

Publicity: Jim Braden Team is working on the website. Now that Fair is over, committees will convene for finance and publicity and website updates.

Special Committees:

Membership Committee: Bob Bowser, excused. Uwe reports on his behalf. Bob has goal for 30% increase. Membership list may be used for sending out membership renewals. Efforts to combine data are underway, and suggested on-going updates. Membership renewals and new applications are looking encouraging.

Rennie Walker has started a Kick Ball Night for families to convene at the NCC on Friday nights during the summer which has been well attended. New memberships are encouraged of families that attend.

FICRA FAIR: Hal Goodell He reports that post meeting gathering held last Tues. Fair had 72 booths total. 8 more than last year. Crime Watch and EM Planning was up front. Good flow was achieved with Fair Booth locations. The scavenger hunt was fully utilized by a few. A finalized detailed report of the fair proceeds, membership and expenses will be available at the next board meeting. Preliminary results look better than the last couple of years. All attendees seemed to enjoy the Fair. A follow up email to venders will happen this week, and an early registration form for next year sent. Comments and suggestions welcome. George Metzger thanked for PA/Sound system. Musical performances were fantastic. UCC Youth helped park cars. Extra phone books in NCC Mens room locker and there are more at the Museum The Boy Scouts helped with set-up and clean-up including assisting vendors with their set-up

New Business: None

Unfinished Business:  None

Movement to Adjourn at 8:05 pm. Unanimously approved.

Next Meeting is Sept 11, 2014.

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary

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Blood Drive at FIUCC this Sunday, 8/24/2014, 9am to 1pm

The bloodmobile will be in the parking lot of the Fox Island United Church of Christ this Sunday, August 24th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm.  Please come by and give your blood to those who need it if you are able.

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Pierce County Council Meeting at NCC on October 28, 2014

The Pierce County Council will hold its October 28, 2014 meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the Nichols Community Center, 690 9th Avenue, Fox Island, Washington.

Pierce County Council 10-28-2014 Meeting Notice

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Emergency Response Team Created by FICRA Building Trust


Family self-sufficiency is the cornerstone of managing a major emergency and the development of the Emergency Response system will help our individual families prepare.

An EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS TEAM, including our Citizen’s Patrol, has been created by the FICRA BUILDING TRUST (The Trust) to help ensure Fox Island residents can manage a significant emergency like a bridge closure, major earthquake, major storm and other such events.

Our agencies on Fox Island, such as the Fire Station, Water Company and Peninsula Light already have their own plans on responding to an emergency so our response system will supplement their efforts.  Our response will be limited during the first 24-hour period of an event as the other agencies respond, however, our Plan has response building as we activate the teams within each neighborhood and staff the Nichols Community Center and communications system.  Depending on the nature of the emergency, it may take several days to fully implement the Plan.  So you can see the importance of initial self-sufficiency.


Neighborhood Preparation:  Your neighborhood will be organized in advance by a Block Captain, with a backup, who will inventory all residents of that neighborhood to identify those with ability to help, those that will need assistance, and pets.  Signage for your window (to be provided by the TEAM) can be used to alert neighbors of your situation (NEED HELP, WE’RE OK, etc.).  Your neighborhood leaders will advise on what supplies should be stored by you.  First Aid and CPR training will be available through Pierce County Department of Emergency Management.

Command Center:  The Nichols Community Center (NCC) will house our Communications Team and their equipment (supported by an emergency generator) which will network throughout the island with volunteer HAM operators and other communication tools.  We are working to include a Triage Center at the NCC and to have several helicopter sites around the island for medical evacuation.  Transport to NCC would be assisted by our Citizens Patrol.

Emergency Shelter:  The two churches, Alliance Church and United Church of Christ, will provide some level of shelter – level to be determined.  We are working with the Red Cross to certify those locations and provide necessary supplies.

Evacuation:  The Fox Island Yacht Club will be a part of the evacuation plan.  Evacuation sites will be established and an inventory of independent boat owners will be compiled.  The Yacht Club will advise on drop-off sites in Gig Harbor.

School Children:  The school systems are prepared to shelter kids for 72 hours with food and water.  Beyond that period, we have not been able to determine any existing plans for children.  Though the schools have parents sign a release for another family to care for their children in case the parents are unavailable to do so, if the back-up family is on Fox Island, another off-island back-up family should be identified and have release papers to ensure children’s safety.  We’re working with the Yacht Club on setting up a pickup location in Gig Harbor to eventually get the children home.

Citizen’s Patrol:  In addition to providing transport to NCC, the Patrol will be equipped with a communication device to stay in touch with the NCC communication system.

The above plan is a work-in-progress.  Over the next several months the Plan will be updated and republished.  An updated plan will again be presented at the 2015 FICRA FAIR.

We need volunteers to staff the various teams that are critical to carry out the Plan.  Signup sheets will be at the FICRA FAIR, also.  Please consider participating in this very important effort.  You are the beneficiary of this.

And, funds will be needed to provide the various supplies and communication equipment.  So feel free to donate to the cause.  This effort is not built into the Trust’s 2014 budget.

Jim Braden, President, FICRA Building Trust

Download this document in printable (pdf) format

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