Thursday, August 16, 2018


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Hal Goodell, Chad Gottschalk, Miguel Martinez, Rob Moore and Howard Stapleton were in attendance.  Naomi Grant was absent and excused.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Howard Stapleton.

Minutes from the July 12, 2018 FICRA Board Meeting were approved with no changes.

Public Comment:  Dave McHugh commented on how wonderful the NCC is as a facility.  He would like to see more meals, games, talks and advice for “aging adults” presented.

President’s Report:  Howard reported that he attended an Audit Committee Meeting and reviewed the recommendations from their 2016 Report with them.  There was a recommendation to have an expense reimbursement form available online.  Based on past and continuing EMail scams and spoofs directed at the Treasurer, Howard suggested that, if available online, access to reimbursement forms is restricted through a password or log-in to limit fraudulent use.  Howard also wanted to clarify the actual requirements related to revenues from non-member sources.  The Committee recommendation uses the language “Membership dues and donations”, but the IRS language related to the safe harbor guideline for organization revenues actually uses the language “up to 35% of its gross receipts from nonmember sources”.  The guidelines further clarify this by stating that if a member pays for a guests expenses, it is not considered nonmember income.  Essentially, what this means is that if we charge members for tickets to an event or they pay for a guest’s ticket, this is not considered nonmember revenues subject to the 35% limitation.   Lastly, the Committee recommendation states “Minutes are to be posted monthly to the website. This did happen in one month.”  This appears to be missing the word “not”, since the minutes were posted on the website for all but one month.

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell reported the following figures for the month of June, 2018:

  • FICRA Checking Beginning balance  $17,463.54       Ending balance      $22,608.11
  • FICRA Money Market Beginning balance    18,679.58       Ending balance        18,683.43
  • FICRA PayPal Beginning balance         44       Ending balance             740.97
  • Membership 202 for 2018-2019, with expired 2017-2018 memberships of 277.

Renewals from the Fair have not yet been added.

Hal indicated that the budget is $1,394.00 ahead of projected for this point in the year.  Miguel Martinez stated that he hopes the membership number will increase after the “Membership Reception” event to be held this fall.  There was discussion regarding the $3,500 NCC usage fee, which is actually a charge for last year.  Any budget anomalies should be noted on the Treasurer’s Report and included in the Minutes.  Howard also noted that non-profits may not have “retained earnings”, but only a net surplus.  Hal does not believe this can be changed in the reports provided by QuickBooks.  Howard also noted that the $2,500 budget increase for “Other Recreational Events” approved at the 6/14/2018 Board Meeting is not in the correct budget expense line and this should be corrected.

Unfinished Business: None

Committee Reports:

  • Social Activities
    • Miguel Martinez and Chad Gottschalk reported that someone requested ballroom dance lessons. They are happy to support this; however they would like to see the person who wants this present their item to the Board and chair the event themselves.  Howard reminded the Board that there are funds in the budget for social activities that members want to see happen if they are willing to take the initiative.  The Committee will be putting together a written process description to give folks who want to plan an event for islanders at the NCC.
    • The Committee is looking forward to Trunk-Or-Treat and have started planning the event. Tony suggests Museum volunteers might be interested in helping.  Miguel reminded folks to check the All Island Event Calendar, as Rob Moore noted there is an FIYC Halloween event for kids on Sat 10/27.
    • Howard mentioned the Lisa Stapleton had made some calls on the Ballroom Dancing, which can be expensive. Howard suggested line dancing lessons taught by volunteers as an alternative and Jim Braden said he thinks this would be intergenerational.
    • Lisa has confirmed that The Dark Horses, a country rock band, is available for a concert on Saturday November 10th. The event will include dancing, and potentially catered BBQ and a Chili Cook off (would most likely have to be limited to members).
    • Lisa also suggested trying to consolidate all of the food/beverage permits for island nonprofits at the FICRA Fair to save money. It is $120 for a food permit per booth, so it would be ideal to have FIYC, FICRA, others in the food court permitted together. There is also a certification for multiple events.  Rob stated that the FIYC has been using more food trucks than ever before.
    • Members also noted that the Fair had no designated first aid location and there was a question on whether an AED was available. Ray Kittelberger would like to see an example of a first aid station handled by Citizens’ Patrol or the Emergency Preparedness Team, where there could be a first aid responder too.
    • Gina Olson suggested that membership folks need to have a training on the Square payment processing prior to opening the Fair. We should plan on start this booth at 10am.
  • Membership – Miguel reported plans to do a wine/cheese/water/desserts/snacks Membership Reception event on August 30th to explain to new and existing members what FICRA and the Trust do. Howard suggested sending out invitations via email and flash, and flyers could also be mailed.

New Business:

  • Membership Database Resource – Rob Moore reported that they have a neighbor that may be able to assist in organizing our membership databases and has confirmed she is willing to help. He will keep us posted on her as a resource. Hal asked if it would be possible to obtain all of the names/addresses from the annual directory to load into QuickBooks.  Howard can provide this to him when he is ready for it.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 13, 2018.

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson for Chad Gottschalk.



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AGENDA 8/16/2018 (DRAFT 8-13)

Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, WA.


FICRA Trust Board of Directors

Jim Braden, President     Ray Kittelberger, Vice President

Gina Olson, Secretary      Hal Goodell, Treasurer

Tony Moore, Director

7:00 PM

  • Call to order/Pledge of Allegiance
  • Recognitions – sign in, volunteer hours
  • Approval July 12th, 2018 Minutes
  • President’s Report
  • Consent Calendar
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Standing Committee Reports
  1. Nature Center Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. Citizen Patrol Committee
  4. Emergency Preparation Committee
  5. Building Committee
  6. Audit Committee
  7. Nominating Committee
  • Special Committees
  1. FICRA FAIR report
  • Unfinished Business
  1. NCC building painting
  • New Business
  1. FICRA/Trust insurance
  2. PenMet Montessori school
  • Meeting Adjournment (next meeting Thursday, September 13th, 2018)


CONSENT CALENDAR (These are items that will be approved as a package unless a Board member or person from the audience requests an item be removed and discussed in detail individually.  The Board will ask for any such requests ahead of the approval.)



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Thursday, August 16, 2018, 7:00PM
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington

2018-2019 FICRA Board of Directors
    Howard Stapleton President  
    Miguel Martinez Vice President  
    Chad Gottschalk Secretary  
    Hal Goodell Treasurer  
    Naomi Grant Director  
    Rob Moore Director  
    Jim Braden Immediate Past President  


  1. Call to order and approval of absences
  2. Approval of July 12, 2018 FICRA Board Meeting Minutes
  3. Public Comment
  4. President’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. Committee Reports
    1. Social Activities (Miguel Martinez & Chad Gottschalk)
    2. Membership
  8. New Business
  9. Meeting Adjournment (Next Board meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 13, 2018)


These are items that will be approved as a package unless a Board member or person from the audience requests an item be removed and discussed in detail individually.  The President will ask for any such requests ahead of the approval.  The Board discusses what it considers to be non-controversial issues between meetings and then conducts a vote on these in the regular meeting as a package to keep the regular meetings as time-effective as possible.

  1. No Items


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Thursday, July 12, 2018


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Hal Goodell, Miguel Martinez, Rob Moore and Howard Stapleton were in attendance.  Naomi Grant and Chad Gottschalk were absent and excused.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Howard Stapleton.

Minutes from the June 14, 2018 FICRA Board Meeting were approved with no changes.

Public Comment:  None

President’s Report:  None.

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell reported the following figures for the month of June, 2018:

  • FICRA Checking Beginning balance  $18,975.81       Ending balance      $17,463.54
  • FICRA Money Market Beginning balance    18,675.74       Ending balance        18,679.58
  • FICRA PayPal Beginning balance         68       Ending balance             188.44
  • Membership 307 for 2017-2018, 66 for 2018-2019, 137 from 2016-17 not renewed as of 7/12/2018.  There are 373 current members

Jim asked if the 307 member number for 2017-2018 include the 2018-2019 renewals.  Hal responded no.  The total current number is 373 paid members.

Unfinished Business:

  • Online Membership Search – The online search form will be deployed as soon as the next updated membership list is available.
  • 2018 FICRA Directory – Howard and Jim have been working on the 2018 directory. Listing information is being updated, but it is a continuous process keeping this information current and there will always be some errors.  George Weis has been helping Jim and Howard with listings and graphics from prior year books.  There are approximately 1,200 listings in the book which have been accumulated over a period of time.  The new directory will be published in time for the FICRA Fair.  Miguel asked how the book was being used and if we had considered not publishing a physical book or providing the information online.  Tony Moore noted that many residents were not comfortable with newer technology.  Gina Olson stated that the printed directory is an island tradition and represents the culture.  Miguel suggested that the directory continue as a long‑term project.

Committee Reports:

  • Social Activities
    • Miquel reported that the Summer Solstice event went well. Feedback from attendees included comments like “worthwhile” and “great intro to the field.” The review on the shuttle service was mixed.  40-50 persons used the shuttle.  Approximately 130 people attended the event.  He is not sure if the shuttle was effective.  Jim prefers that there is no parking on the new field.  Hal reported that shuttle service will be offered from Fox Island Alliance parking lot for the FICRA Fair at an estimated cost of $800-$1000.  Bob Bowser suggested that we consider renting a 12‑passenger vehicle from Enterprise and using our own drivers.
    • Miguel is offering a mini-soccer camp for kids starting next week. He will require sign-in and out, but no formal registration.  He has a couple friends offering to help.  The camp will be offered Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30-7:30 pm.  The information has been posted on FICRA’s Facebook page.
    • Another individual has offered to host Yoga exercise at the NCC for donation.
  • Membership – Miguel reported that Naomi went through the FICRA membership list and compared it with information obtained from google and tax parcel records from Pierce County. Miguel is hoping we can do a “call night” similar to a mailer “folding night” to contact new members after the FICRA Fair and invite them to an Ice Cream Social.  This orientation/informational meeting would be held about two weeks after the Fair.  Hal reports that “membership cards” could be printed from Costco with an estimated 2 week timeline.  A design has been selected.

New Business:

  • Follow-up on Audit Committee Report – Jim recommends that the Board address the completed Audit report. Jim is planning to set up a meeting with both boards.
  • FICRA Flash Printed Flyer – Jim made several suggestions for the flyer that will be distributed in summer. The Museum is taking the “lead” on the Garage Sale, selling maps, and having food available.  The information for the Garage Sale should be moved to the 2nd page on the flyer.  Ray Kittelberger did not know if they will be using the NCC as a site, but suggested that the building be opened for restroom use.  Jim asked that the field activities be moved to the front of the flyer, i.e. “Soccer camp for FI kids”.  Howard suggested that if space was needed, the recurring weekly events might be dropped.
  • Postponement of Next Board Meeting – The Board unanimously agreed to move the next Board Meeting back one week, since the previously scheduled meeting is 2 days before the FICRA Fair.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 16, 2018 (3rd Thursday).

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson for Chad Gottschalk.


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July 12, 2018 


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Ray Kittelberger, Gina Olson, and Hal Goodell in attendance.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 8:15 PM immediately after the FICRA Meeting conclusion.


Acknowledgments: None

Minutes:  The June 14, 2018 meeting minutes unanimously approved.


President’s report:

Jim reported that Greg Christ put together and rehabbed the soccer goals in prep for the Summer Solstice event.  Thank you Greg!

The Field is done!  Tiles will be ordered, but we need to where to place them.

The electrical in the garage is completed, and an inspection has been requested.  Jim acknowledges and is grateful to his consultant and friend, George Metzger, who was an electrician, and therefore a lot of money was saved in this update. The rates will go up for the two rental spaces to at least $200/month. The units are rented by Ted Fick and Jim Braden.

The garage sale meeting went well. Many persons attended. The Museum is going to be hosting it formally, and has been reassured of our marketing and support.

FICRA Fair layout is underway.  The directory is also underway, and updates are still needed. Howard and Jim are working on this. A letter to thank George Weis was suggested and Jim will follow up on this.


Consent Calendar Items: None


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Checking account:

Jun 1 Balance: $75,577.58 Jun 30 End Balance: $68,044.31

Trust Capital Checking:

Jun 1 Balance: $8,325.12 May 31 End Balance: $8325.12

Trust Reserve Checking: 

May 1 Balance: $27,230.17 May 31 End Balance: $27,230.17

Trust Money Market:

May 1 Balance: $1,641.79  May 31 End Balance: $1,642.06

Trust Savings: 

May 1 Balance: $105.93 May 31 End Balance $105.93

Trust PayPal: 

May1 Balance: $3,030.01 May 31 End Balance $4372.13


Maintenance (year-to-date) is already doubled.  Jim says that this increased cost was anticipated, and will likely be evened out at end of year.


Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: No report. Audit team to give their report. Jim reports…. (?)

Citizen Patrol: Ray Kittelberger reports: The process has been that the Citizens Patrol (CP) committee meets at 2:30 pm on the day of the Trust Board monthly meeting.  Immediately thereafter a report is prepared on their monthly activities with special emphasis on the Sheriff’s Deputy contribution.  A report was not available for this meeting.  Members of the CP attended the Summer Solstice and did recruit two new members.  The sheriff

s deputy, Joe McDonald, made an appearance. Deputy Mc Donald has had an extra shift this past month with the kids out of school for the summer with emphasis on the area around the boat launch. Youth activity after dusk around the NCC is not as evident this year.

Emergency Planning: Ray reports EP had a booth at Summer Solstice and recruited some new members. There was a display of charts prepared by the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management (DEM), at no cost to the Trust, that segmented Fox Island into the five routes to be used by the CP mobile units during an emergency.  Each Block Captain location was identified on each route. Truly a wonderful service provided by DEM who closely follow progress on Fox Island.  We are anticipating a drill in the Fall and these charts will be extremely helpful.  Ray would like to see another drill for all teams this Fall.

Building Committee: Jim reports he is deliberating on the needed painting/repair of the NCC siding. Patty Metzger’s daughter is exploring different options to encase the existing leaded paint.  There are difference requirements doe professional removal (by a contractor) vs what is expected when a homeowner does it themselves.  He says siding can be removed completely and sent to landfill, then the siding replaced and painted.  Jim is considering Vinyl Siding, which he feels holds up well in extreme weather/elements, cleans up well with pressure washing, and needs no painting. Another option is to put vinyl siding over the existing siding. He feels any of these options would be much less than $35,000.  The building committee members are not all in agreement with the idea of vinyl.

Nature Center: Ed Burrough in attendance. Nature Center is doing it’s thing, and he reminds us that their meeting minutes are posted.  He also adds a person asked if she might use the Nature Center for a birthday party. He would like to encourage the Board to remind people that this is a great option for outside public gatherings of that sort (picnic and hikes). A reminder is also needed to residents, no pets allowed, and to please remember to collect and remove your trash.

Audit Committee: Tony reports the Audit report completed for the year 2016. They are now working on 2017.


Unfinished Business:  

Painting of external of building (see above)

Moisture control for basement is pretty well under control, and getting better.  Jim plans to paint with dry lock the remaining wall leaks.

Capital Projects development. Finance committee continues to work on this.

Letterhead for FICRA/Trust correspondence. A few new images are being considered.

BSA storage in garage is complete. Inspection pending.

WIFI may be needed in the NCC. This continues to be considered.


New Business:

1 Julie Ellis working with Jim to update the Insurance Coverage for the Nichol Center items inside the building, the boy scout gear.  Our insurance went up in about 2011 in response to oil leak and roof leak. Liberty Mutual has put together a study and has expressed that they are impressed with our subsequent maintenance and upgrades.  They propose that $2,700 annual reduction in coverage costs may be available.


Next meeting: August 16th, 2017 (changed to 3rd Thursday due to FAIR)


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM


Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson


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