2/11/2016 FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting

Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Wa.


FICRA Trust Board of Directors

Jim Braden, President

Tony Moore, Vice President

Gina Olson, Secretary

Hal Goodell, Treasurer

Ray Kittelberger, Director

7:00 PM

  • Call to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Recognitions – sign in, volunteer hours
  • Approval of January 14, 2016 FICRA Building Trust minutes
  • President’s Report
  • Consent Calendar
  • Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee (approval of 2016 Budget)
  • Committee Reports (5 minutes each, max)
  1. Crime Watch Committee
  2. Emergency Planning
  3. Building Committee
  4. Nature Center Committee
  • Special Committees
  1. Audit Committee
  2. Nominating Committee
  • Unfinished Business
  1. Planning calendar development & web site development
  2. Student speaker contest
  3. Rental rates
  • New Business
  1. Sports Field development/Buy a Brick plan
  2. Approve investigation of NCC siding repair.
  3. Approve south parking excavation.
  4. Update brochure.
  • Meeting Adjournment (next meeting March 10, 2016)


CONSENT CALENDAR (These are items that will be approved as a package unless a Board member or person from the audience requests an item be removed and discussed in detail individually.  The President will ask for any such requests ahead of the approval.)  The Board discusses what it considers to be non-controversial issues between meetings and then conducts a vote on these in the regular meeting as a package to keep the regular meetings as time-effective as possible.


  1. Approval of $100 parting award to Jennifer Bush.


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Jan 14, 2016


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, and Hal Goodell in attendance. Ray Kittelberger excused.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Minutes:  The Dec 10, 2015 meeting minutes were approved.


President’s report: Jim Braden

Good things are going on!  Bob Bowser has pulled together a committee to evaluate the playfield, and make recommendations for improvements.  Currently in the works is a rendering of the vision for the ball field area to help with soliciting donations.  It will be used at the School House Rock Auction and the donation process thereafter.  Elections are upcoming in Mar for Ficra and Apr for Trust. Uwe and Jim have been working on candidates for the board positions.  Denise Parish (retired teacher) will be a candidate for FICRA Board. Giesela will no longer be part of Audit Committee. Judy Kanick was the Treasurer in the past, and has recently retired from Sound Credit Union. She will be working as the Chair on the Audit Committee. For FICRA, Uwe will become the Past President, and a new FICRA President is needed.   Jim solicited comments on best way to go forward with filling this position.  Suggestion made to advertise the need for board candidates and volunteers for other positions, too.  In the past, accomplishments list has been made.  This year, Jim would like to put together a list again, but also with volunteers names who were involved with the accomplishments.


Consent Calendar:

  1. A young woman who has been active in cleaning the NCC, Julie Bowker, has been asked to become the new rental coordinator.  She has also been successfully cleaning and acting a a Host at the Chapel. She also has rental and wedding planning expeerience. She will be taking over Jen Luce-Bush position as rental coordinator. Motion made by Gina, seconded by Tony to award rental coordinator job to Julie Bowker.  The rental coordinator gets 20% of one-time rentals.


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Capital Checking: 

Dec 1 Balance: $4,502.43 Dec 31 Balance: $6,581.85

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Dec 1 Balance: $10,750.00 Dec 31 Balance: $10,750.00 

Trust Checking account:

Dec 1 Balance: $25,359.42     Dec 31 Balance: $15,245.53

Money Market:

Dec 1 Balance: $1,911.28   Dec 31 Balance: $1,911.28

Trust PayPal: 

Dec 1 Balance: $1,019.25 Dec 31 End Balance $679.10


Hal notes any changes and details.  Jim states the Capital Checking balance is for  projects which have been approved.  The balance when the project is complete will go to $0.

The Budget for this year includes a “usage fee” for FICRA to pay to FICRA Trust for 6 annual events at $450 each.  The last year FICRA Trust ended with $5940 net income.


Committee Reports: 

Crime Watch: Stan Weston reports there are more requests for House Patrols from residents when they are out of town. The new Jackets and Hats (he is modeling today) will help to identify Crime Watch personnel as they are performing home checks. Not much to report from Dec.  Crime seems lower in foul weather. Reminder again to not leave your house unattended while attending a publicized funeral or memorial. Crime Watch continues to keep an eye on Bus stops on FI to deter any luring. Keep your personal items locked, and don’t leave valuables in your cars. Prevent crimes of opportunity!


Emergency Planning: Jim Braden for Ray Kittleberger, excused.  Jim reports that Doug Nelson has been involved in emergency planning.  Doug is currently working in Liberia making a Diesel operated Generator to supply electricity for a field hospital.  The communication room continues to be coming together.  A process for communication continues to develop.  Bob is building the neighborhood program.  There are 60 Captains and is working for total of 150.  There is planned 2 meets this Tues Jan 19, 4pm and 7 pm, to have all the Captains attend, and get education & communication with the county representative, Peggy Lovelford.

Statewide Emergency Drill scheduled for June 8th and 9th. Abby Schofield says that is a test for emergency preparedness State wide, practise for earthquake, bridges down.  We are planning to participate in that.


  1. Building Committee: Jean Peterson reports they propose another appearance project.  Bids have been procured to change the blank entrance wall and install a shadow box for an American flag.  Flag to be placed in a “waving” arrangement. The tow bids presented for framing, and installation came in at $391.20 and $420. Motion made, approved unanimously for this project in cost of $420.


  1. Nature Center: Ed Burrough absent. No report. Karen Craven reports 2 trees down in the Nature Center. Typically they clear it by themselves, but these are too large. Jim to work with Ed Burrough to get these taken care of.


Special Committees: No report

Audit Committee: No report

Nominating Committee:  (See Jim’s comments above)


Unfinished Business:  

  1. Planning Calendar: There is a lot more to do. Howard is working on a date to get everyone together.
  2. School House Rock, Jan Auction “Party with a Purpose”:   Everything is coming together. Many volunteers are helping.  There have been some items requested, and are being provided. Linda Hahn will be in charge of coffee. 84 total signed up, and 150 max total.  Ticket revenues are already matching last year, so lower than max is OK due to dance floor and to prevent overcrowding. Tickets are pre-purchase on-line. Hal to determine if “pay at the door” is going to be available.  Music turns off at 10:30 pm.

Student Speaker.  Jim reported that Ray has set applications at GHHS and Bellarmine Prep. There are no residents attending Peninsula HS at this time so they will not be participating.

Rental Rates: Further review of local rental rate comp’s is needed.  The Plan is to raise the rental rates to market value and reflect the additional cleaning and maintenance.

Intern Status: Jim has contacted University of Wa to find a student volunteer to work within their program to opt in.  There would be no pay, as it is part of their education.  A minimum of 5 hrs/week for 3 hrs of credit.  We might elect to offer some pay for work/recognition if this becomes something that is acceptable. No contact has come back at this time.


New Business:

Tree Removal next to Reese.  A large tree top from the NCC property broke in the wind and hit John’s camper roof.  He is requesting that the dangerous (hazardous pistol handle growth) trees (3 total: Alder, Fir, Cedar) be removed to avoid further damage.  Jim has spoken with our insurance agent, done investigation with arborist Randy Raub, and obtained bids for this.  Cost will be $2700.  Williams and Hansen were the bidders.  Motion approved to do this work with the Hansen firm.

Set Spring Clean up Date: 9 am to 12 noon. APRIL 16th.

Reimbursement to Bob for Rendering cost of $552.38 motion made, seconded and approved.  This is to be used for fundraising for field improvements.

Ralph Christ took a moment to thank FICRA for hosting Men’s Coffee.  There have been annual contributions, $600 one year, and a framed picture another year.  Sylvia Powell, a major supporter of FICRA and community activities over the years has just passed, and Ralph would like to see a donation, in her name, of a ceiling installed projector.  This is proposed to the board, and there needs to be a few decisions and planning for this, however the board excepts this gift!


Next meeting is on Feb 11, 2015


Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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Jan 14, 2016


Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Gina Olson, Howard Stapleton, and Bob Bowser


Uwe opened the meeting at 8:34 pm with a greeting.


Minutes from the Dec 10, 2015 meeting, approval postponed to February 11 meeting.  Uwe to review.


President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn

Uwe wants this to be a year of “Thank Yous” for any and all donations to FICRA.  Lisa will help out if we get information to her. Hal can send info to Lisa who will send out a thank you letter or email to each.  It is very important to him to give deserved recognition to those who volunteer and give donations.

Casper Baby Pants concert is booked out until/through August. We need a volunteer to chair this event if it is going to happen this year.


Consent Calendar: No items.


Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell


FICRA  12-01 Checkbook: Bal: $31,607.36  12-31 Balance:$31,839.03

Money Market  12-01 Balance: $18,610.37     12-31 Balance: $18,611.95

PayPal Balance: 12-01 $0 12-31  Balance: $62.21


Current Membership 2015-16: 359    Past Due Members Total: 133


Committee Reports

Social Committee report: 

Upcoming Event is Easter Egg Hunt. Uwe and Gisela will be putting this on.  They will be asking for volunteers to set up, serve coffee, and then clean up.  Date Change: Sat March 19th at 10 am sharp! Last year 1300 eggs purchased.  This year he plans to purchase 1500 eggs, containing candy and toys. Event for Fox Island kids!

Karen Craven reports that Musical Strings are interested in coming again.  Uwe has asked her to contact them, set up a date. Karen would lead the publicity.  Lisa volunteers to help.  Suggestion for addition to Living Fox Island Magazine.  Volunteers needed. Projected Date, A Sunday March 20th (after St. Patrick Day). Lisa will talk to Betty Perry. $20 admission.


Membership Committee: Bob Bowser reports 362 members currently. Notice to be sent to past members, and Lisa is waiting for the list.  Letter has been drafted.


Publicity: Jim Braden reports Lisa is doing a great job as always.  Lisa states Janet Steiner from Fox Island Living would like to attend a meeting about how best to coordinate with Fox Island events.


Unfinished Business: 

T-Shirts are in planning by Gina Olson.  Budget proposal is for $2000, with projected sales at $2500, for goal of $500 profit. Design to be based on submitted Art of PJ Eaton.  Competitive bids to be obtained in next 2 months.


New Business: 

Howard and Lisa would like to host a Cake Bake Event.  They have done this in the past with other groups.  There are categories of cakes, judging with prizes and possibly an auction in the end which could be a fundraiser. Cakes are not eaten, but taken home.  Tony Moore will confirm that this membership exclusive event voids the selling of home-made foods. Board likes this idea. Possibly in April or June.


John Reese suggested FICRA holding a Christmas lights decoration contest.  John will develop this idea.


Uwe would like to see the NCC Hallway plaques updated.  He would like to see FICRA Trust President list be added. Tony Moore to help obtain records.


Motion approved to Adjourn at 9:21 PM. Next Meeting is Feb 11, 2015.  


Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Director


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Dec 10, 2015


Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Gina Olson, Howard Stapleton and Bob Bowser


Uwe opened the meeting at 8:28 pm with a greeting.

Minutes from the Nov 12, 2015 meeting approved.  Motioned by Braden, seconded by Hal, and unanimously approved.


President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn

He offers his thanks to all who volunteered at the Christmas Tree Lighting/Wickline Concert. Please sign in the hours you volunteered into the log.  Special thanks to his wife Gisela for her assistance, and new volunteers like Kristy & Diane.  The Boy Scouts were asked to “light” the tree this year, which was very successful and meant to reward them for all the time/hours that they spend on projects around the NCC. Thanks to the Olsons for Nobel Fir Tree donation and the Gig Harbor HS Coral group who did the opening act. The bonfire was wonderful!  The concert was a success, and despite the power outage, the crowd was enthusiastic and sang along.  Santa was here and many families came to sit, photograph and give their wishes.  The Wicklines who have performed for the last 30+ years indicated they want to perform again next year.

Sweatshirt sales at the event were few. (4 sold of 21 in stock).  Tony has been delivering the pre-orders that were not picked up at event.  There is a suggestion to place the inventory back on the website to continue to sell on website.  Howard asked, Gina to inventory, and pick-ups to be at monthly meeting or Tony will distribute them as ordered if needed.

Consent Calendar: Discussion on Scholarship Award: Uwe would like to transfer this item or supported annual event from the FICRA Trust to FICRA.  It appears that this can be done without IRS conflict per finance committee members.  Therefore a motion has been made by Bob to move this item as stated now at this meeting. Seconded by Jim, and unanimously approved.  Ray will mentor the project, but notes it is now part of FICRA.


Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell


FICRA  11-01 Checkbook: Bal: $32,027.34  11-30 Balance:$31,607.36

Money Market  11-01 Balance: $18,608.84     11-30 Balance: $18,610.37

PayPal Balance: 11-01 $539.21 11-30  Balance: $0

Two families (new to the island) joined membership with interested in FICRA. $21 in donations collected at Tree Lighting.

Current Membership: 344, and past due members 138 on list that are still residents/owners have not yet renewed .


Committee Reports

Social Committee report: Uwe (also see President report)

Casper Baby Pants concert last year was successful, and Uwe would like to see it go on again this year.  A person is needed to chair this. Lisa Stapleton has put a notice of this need on web. Last year, Lisa Gray, from Little Foxes group got it started, with tickets @ $6.


Membership Committee: Bob Bowser.

Hal continues to supply him with updated list of previous members not current, and he sends out emails.  A discussion over need to THANK and remind persons of their membership status is suggested.  Lisa will send a personal “Thank you” to paid members if she is given the contact information. Howard also states it is possible to have a link to website where members can check on their membership status, and update any of their personal information. When registered, new and renewed members can be sent a thank-you packet with information including their user name and password.  Because Lisa has already 800+ email contacts via web and FB, Jean suggests she send in July a reminder email to this list to renew dues in Aug.  Lisa is willing to do this if information is provided to her.


Publicity: Jim Braden reports Lisa Stapleton (with Howard) is “doing all the work” … a tremendous job.  Lisa suggests she has a few website redesign ideas.  She has been publishing personal “comments” from users and it seems to be generating more positive comments.  The “wish list” has been published for things that need to be done.  Some of the stuff is not easy to find, but if listed in the front page, it may be more successful.  Lisa wants to “thank a volunteer” once each month.  Gisela to get a list of names to Lisa from recent activities to add to this.


Unfinished Business: 

Jim states the need to have a planning/budget meeting with board members set soon.  Thursday Dec 17th at 6 pm at Zogs was decided on for that.


New Business: 

John Reese would like to see FICRA make a committee to help a “needy family” this time of year, as some companies like Boeing, etc do every year.  Jim says that this can happen, and at any time of the year, and John agrees, but feels Christmas time is best or special.  Lisa suggested “Adopt a Family.”  John to lead this effort.


Joan Broughton has birthday today, therefore “Happy Birthday” sang to her.


Men’s Coffee has collected enough money to purchase equipment for the building to watch movies.  Uwe to contact building committee to coordinate this possible installation, location and other details.


Motion approved to Adjourn at 9:20 PM.


Next Meeting is January 14th, 2016.  


Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Director


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Dec 10, 2015


Board Attendees: Tony Moore, Jim Braden, Gina Olson, Hal Goodell and Ray Kittelberger in attendance.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.

Special attendees: Marty Harvey from the Chapel recognized in attendance.  Lauren Ho, with Medical Reserve Corp in connection with Pierce County Health Dept, is here to explain her mission: There will be 10 nursing students from PLU in Fox Island communities to assess medical needs in order to know what sort of needs there will likely be in case of an emergency.  They will be going out (door to door, wearing identifying vests) on Thursdays in January 2016 to make medical household assessments. She is available to contact if anyone is interested in helping her. They will be using a CDC method of survey per “clusters” of regions on Fox Island, so not every household will be visited. There are 4 “clusters” on Fox Island per Lauren. They will leave fliers at houses where no one is home. Jim asks that she give us specific dates she will be doing this so that we can help her. Jim asked that we advertise this on the FICRA website. She will be working with Abby Schofield. Bob Bowser will work with her too as this can benefit FICRA membership efforts.


Minutes:  The Nov 12, 2015 meeting minutes were approved


President’s report: Jim Braden

  1. FICRA Christmas Tree Lighting was well attended despite the weather. The sing-a-long Wickline concert was mid-way when the power went out.  The attendees “lit up” their camera flashlights, and the concert singers continued well without amplification. Great cheers erupted when the lights in the Auditorium came on, after Jim Braden and Doug Nelson fired up the generator! Jim used this unfortunate power outage to thank those who have donated to the EP planning efforts, and remind others of what is already being done.  This is just the sort of problems or greater emergencies that EP committee is gearing up to ready Fox Island for!
  2. Fox Island Living Magazine (editor Janet Steiner) has recorded the story of the kitchen restoration and took some photos of the Bldg committee members for the January edition.  She is also covering the Crime Watch Organization for the February edition. This coverage will be very helpful in advising our residents about the Trust and its activities.


  1. There will be a Celebration of Life service for Sylvia Powell.  Long time active resident of Fox Island.



  1. Our Brochure needs an overhaul. Jim has spoken with wedding renters, and feels we need new photos.  Anyone interested in doing this should speak with Jim.
  2. Jen Bush has resigned from her position as NCC rental coordinator.  We thank her for her/contribution.  A new person named Julie Bowker will likely be hired to replace her.  Julie currently cleans the NCC, does the cleaning at the Chapel, and has experience as a Wedding Planner.  She will be sent a contract, after board reviews, and assuming everything works, she will be offered the position.  She is a resident of FI.


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Capital Checking: 

Nov 1 Balance: $18,439.02 Nov 30 Balance: $2,296.91

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Nov 1 Balance: $10,750.00 Nov 30 Balance: $10,750.00

Trust Checking account:

Nov 1 Balance: $20,275.80     Nov 30 Balance: $24,195.11

Money Market:

Nov 1 Balance: $1,911.28   Nov 30 Balance: $1,911.28

Trust PayPal: 

Nov 1 Balance: $1,940.20 Nov 30 End Balance $1,019.25


Hal notes that $900 needs to go back into PayPal, as this was removed twice accidentally.  Hal is working with Mimi to get it replaced.

Summary of Capital Expenditures. Kitchen upgrade renovation is complete and payments have been made. We were under budget by $1709.  Framing of Communication in the basement has been completed. The full summary report is on file.


Committee Reports: 

Crime Watch: Bob Bowser/Ray Kittelberger for Stan Weston. There was one house burglary.  It was unfortunately tied to the public notice of this family’s attendance at a loved one’s funeral.  Please take caution in reporting your plans (e.g. newspaper obituaries) to be away from home.  Crime Watch has purchased Jackets/Hats with Crime Watch Logo for better identification of the Citizen Patrol. Ray and Bob are modeling the new gear (hat and jackets). Photo for posting taken. Deputy McDonald attended Crime Watch Meeting to give counsel about things the Citizen Patrol can and should vs should not do.  Crime is down 40% this year from last year. Hal states that $7,732. donations to date have been received for Crime Watch. There continues to be concern regarding speeding, and some violations written. It was requested that we concentrate on speeding with the Sheriffs we pay – particularly during morning commute hours.   The presence (visibility) of many off duty officers living on FI is helpful deterrent to crime, too.


  1. Emergency Planning: Ray Kittleberger

Ray reports that Emergency Preparation is making the communication room in the NCC basement.  Bob has provided structural drawings.  Doug Nelson is leading the effort with structural work. The estimated date of completion and fully operational is May 2016.  Neighborhood group meeting with Neighborhood Capt Training is set for Tues Jan 19th at 4 pm and again at 7 pm.  Peggy Lovelford from Pierce County will be in attendance.


  1. Building Committee: Jean Peterson excused

Jim reports that kitchen is complete.  Budget was $26,283, and Actual Cost totaled $24,574.


  1. Nature Center: Ed Burrough.  There has been significant creek rise from heavy rains.  There will be ladies doing an evaluation of the creek in May or June by Pierce Conservation District members.  Testing on stream takes about 1.5 hrs and is to evaluate nitrates, phosphate, water temperature, and turbidity, which will be logged into Pierce Conservation District data base.  They alert us of changes like a sudden spike in dissolved oxygen (DO).  Ed and Philip have done studies in past which have been boringly similar.  There is no test for organic material. One test done with volume, but this stream is so tiny, it cannot be measured. Falling leaves can effect oxygen levels, too.


Special Committees: 

  1. Audit Committee: Paperwork from Audit has been scanned and Gisela asks if documents should be put into Google Doc.  It was decided to have it logged in our paper files and also put on Google doc for accessibility. Jim will take hard copies for file.


Unfinished Business:  

  1. Planning Calendar: There is a lot more to do. Howard is working on the Jan Auction and to create a calendar schedule. Domaine names are being managed as described in past meetings.
  2. School House Rock, Jan Auction “Party with a Purpose”:   Howard and Lisa are hard at work making preparation and Lisa stays that planning is going well.  A post card will be sent out the first of Jan.  Howard has a PayPal site set up for payments, and mail payments can be sent to Po Box 25 to FICRA Building Trust.  Glasses arrive tomorrow.  Posters are set at Zog’s and the Post Office and in the Bulletin Board at Store.  Uwe suggests contacting Kalli Ostner for making a sign if possible. Jim states major contributors are in contact and Lisa needs the price of specific items that are smaller parts of our goal, so that these can be auctioned at cost. Hal would like to see an architect draft a poster of the long term appearance of the NCC yard/field, that could be each year have a portion of it completed. Bob will pursue that.
  3. Intern Status: Jim has been in contact with University of Wa to find a student volunteer to work, for college credits, within their non-profit management program to assist us.  There would be no pay.  A minimum of 5 hrs/week for 3 hrs of credit.  We might elect to offer some pay for work/recognition if this becomes something that proves of appropriate value.


New Business:

  1. Selection of Capital project as poster project for School House Rock (see School House Rock, above).
  2. Rental Rates: Jim asked Jen to contact Betty Perry about her impression of our rental rates. She has come back saying that our rates should be raised, and maybe by $150 for non-members.  Jim will be working with Finance Committee.  We need to, as a board, discuss how to handle rental cost and also member/non-member rate decisions.
  3. Student speaker contest: Ray states two things that are the goals.  1. Post it early. 2. Combine the Student Speaker Contest with a Membership Meeting.  It was decided to not combine with other Island Organizations.  There is an award paid to the winner of the Student Speaker Contest, which intended to not off-set any other scholarships received. Student Speaker contest “run early” will drive a bigger audience. This was discussed at a leadership conference earlier in the year.  Committee of Howard and Ray currently. Bob asked to join committee.  Other suggestion is award before Graduation – May or earlier.  Hal says make sure not to pick a date that conflicts with school calendar. Contest to include HS Juniors and Seniors.  Contestants must have outline submitted in advance.  Possible topic: What does patriotism mean to you? (must be non-political and non-religious) Other suggestions: What comprises Neighborhood watch?  What contribution to society to you plan to contribute with your education?  Open to all Fox Island resident students. Judged by a panel of 3 judges. Score card. Considering more than one prize. John Reese adds that the Sand/& Soil is offering two $500 this year.
  4. Web site hosting & domain costs: Howard states that website registration cost will be a bit lower.
  5. Discussion of Pest control company reliability.  Jamison Smith/Terminex is doing this work currently and having some trouble with electronic record keeping.  Hal states the person sent out here in Aug was a new employee, who said he would start leaving notices, made address updates, and input our email addresses. However the notices left were unreadable, and had mistakes in information listed.  Jim suggests trying another company for a trial period.  The payment is due soon so Hal and Tony will organize with the company that has been used at Museum.

Jim Braden and Kitchen Committee honored by Trust and FICRA Boards.  “Hereby, let it be said, that the Board of Directors of the FICRA Building Trust and FICRA, recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the FICRA TRUST president, Jim Braden, in overseeing the construction of the restored kitchen at the Nichols Community Center,

and, Carolyn Braden for her work on the Kitchen Selection Committee, and her patience in supporting

Jim, do hereby grant them admission as Principal and Vice-Principal (first dance) to The School House Rock,

and a 2016 Fox Island sweatshirt of their choice as ordered fat the 2016 Fair, or in stock, and further let it be said that the other members of the Kitchen Selection Committee, namely Jean Peterson and Dee Ann Cline, are granted admission to The School House Rock and also a 2016 Fox Island sweatshirt for their dedication to the kitchen restoration.”


Next meeting is on Jan 14, 2015


Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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