Aug 13, 2015


Board Attendees: Tony Moore, Jim Braden, Gina Olson, Hal Goodell and Ray Kittelberger

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:04 PM.

Minutes:  The July 2015 meeting minutes were approved.


President’s report: Jim Braden

Document of reserve and capital expenditure statement to be posted on the website. Jim is asking for any comments on the summary statement to be submitted to him. See printed letter.


John Ohlson is still active in scouting, now at a higher level, and is viewed by Jim to be a valuable person to aid in broadcast of information. Working together as a community is the essence of our charter.


Consent Calendar: Approval of Electrical Expenditures proposal. Needs follow up and update on things already spent prior to the fair. Recognize there are 3-4 projects sharing the electrical work that has been done so far.  There are bids for each element from S&E electrical. Some work has already been done (Phase 1 of installing the subpanel at the bottom of the basement stairs and power to the FICRA Fair electrical outlets at the food court area).  Kitchen remodel will require more electrical upgrades.  Another circuit or two will run to NE corner of basement for the Emergency Preparation Communication room. There is another circuit needed for possibly an AC unit to make temperatures in NCC more tolerable during summer/heat (future subject).  Jim suggested an allocation of funds for the basement electrical improvements: 50% kitchen, 20% Fair, and the remaining 30% to Emergency Prep (10%), Water heater (10%) and 10% to future needs.  The Board passed a motion in principle to do this and Jim will provide details to the Board by e-mail for future approval.


Another phase is running electrical to the Garage and increase rental to competitive rates as it is a good income source for the Trust.  $100/per month is current rate and with power $200 would be competitive for a total annual revenue of $4,800.


Capital items that are non-budgeted need to be approved as such and then highlighted f to guide the next year’s plans.  Any grant money for the Emergency Prep (EP) effort could be applied to the electrical, too.


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Checking account:

July 1 Balance: $51,736.06  July 31 Balance: $51,798.81

Money Market:

July 1 Balance: $12,857.92  July 31 Balance: $12,859.01

Trust PayPal:

July 1 Balance: $581.70 July 31 End Balance $349.74


Hal says that a transaction fee with PayPAL is 2.79% and when the deposit is refunded, the $0.30 transaction fee is not refunded. Hal to consult with Gisela.


Committee Reports: 

  1. Crime Watch: Stan Weston

There was not much to report.  The difference is that the Sheriff has been making more daytime patrols.  Most violations were speeding.  A theft reported on 7th Ave, regarding theft of a delivered package. There were 2 fraudulent reports, credit card theft and check fraud. Posts on FB reporting Sheriff giving tickets is supportive.  Mike Gordon would like to post the signs made for the fair at the FI Store bulletin board which state Crime Watch (CW) program costs $7 per year/ per household” and more information regarding budget of CW.  The CW budget is $10,000/year and cost of patrols is the main controlling factor.  Stan’s contact states that $55/hr is minimum and more than the $35/hr CW rate has been paid elsewhere for many years.  This increase seems appropriate.  Some residents would like to see more patrols. Home checks are helping to keep CW “in view” of those watching the island.  This also forces a random pattern of patrol which is more effective per Mike.  A motion was approved to go to the $55/hr rate.


  1. Emergency Planning (EP): Ray Kittleberger

New EP Plan posted put on Web.  Pen Light donated 12 emergency kits that were raffled and auctioned off every hour at the fair.  Pierce County Citizens Corp is putting together a trailer of emergency supplies.  EP hopes this will be for our use in the future.


  1. Building Committee: Carolyn Braden, excused.  Jean Peterson, excused.

Jim reports that kitchen project is now in final details of planning. Counter changes were needed to adequately support the period sink.  The schedule is still for the work to be done mid-September through October.


  1. Nature Center: Ed Burrough.  Exhibit of kids photography at the Fair was great!  5 kids submitted photos, There is a suggestion to put on the photography class and advertise earlier in the year for more “bloom” pics.  Invasive plan removal confirmed by specialist to be a task with no final end date, as it is almost impossible to completely remove invasive blackberry.  Ed reports that his committee will continue to try. “Fair was a lot of fun! “


Special Committees: 

  1. Ficra Fair Report:  Jim referred to the minutes of the August 11 Fair Review Meeting which washanded out.  The purpose of the meeting was to recap details, successes and challenges.  Hal says the fair was a success and vendors did well.

Dave McHugh has been acknowledged for giving great ideas over the last 2-3 years that are slowly being incorporated with great results.  Many vendors have pre-registered for next year too. Hal says that a few more “key” volunteers are needed to help alleviate the burden of details on the Ficra Fair Chair.  Cheryl Nelson organized the Music, Carolyn Braden managed the FICRA booth, George set up the Microphone and sound system.  Fox Island Deli stored the kegs.  Red Hook donated the kegs.  Someone is needed to announce items as needed, also to manage the parking and  garbage detail.  Murray Disposal donated a dumpster. Scouts did a tremendous job of helping with preparation, parking, and take down. Great thanks to all who helped.  Jim will write letters to thank those who contributed.

Financially the Fair was a success. Final numbers yet to be detailed. After fees: $14,117.00 approx income.  119 renewed memberships with several new members. More previous members have returned, too. The Kazoo Parade was a great success.  The national anthem was superbly sung by Ms Tweet. Hal has agreed to chair the fair again next year!


  1. Audit Committee: Meeting of Audit team is needed. Jim says that Sept may be a better time after the All Island Garage Sale.  There are items that are going well, and other items yet needed to be agreed on.  Evening meeting preferred.


Unfinished Business:  

  1. Video Cameras: Still in process.
  2. Directory: Was completed and available at the Fair. The process was not streamlined, but corrections were made. There are more corrections needed, which Jim will add to his copy as the master.  George Weis put a tremendous effort into this including finding a Printing Company in Seattle for cost savings.
  3. Planning Calendar and Website Development. A planning exercise needs to be conducted where we sit down and have Howard help us learn how to utilize the planning calendar. Critical dates and timeline are what need to be included in the planning calendar.


New Business:

Mid Year Planning meeting to be convened in Sept after the All Island Garage Sale.


All Island Garage Sale is Sept 12th. Applications will be available by Aug 1st. Copies of locations to be printed, available at store, Ads run 1 week before in the Tribune. Last year not enough advertising.  Need ad in Aug, maps at the Post office, Museum and Store. Only a couple of applications so far, this is still in development stage. 60-70 sites are hoped for. No “official” signs at each site this year. Need more $ allocated to advertising.  Shoppers have questioned why so late in the year.  They would prefer a May date, rather than in Sept. Board members agreed that September is right time.

A Volunteer is still needed to chair the Marti Gras Fundraiser. Jean Peterson is willing to help and give guidance. Hal suggests that a meeting be scheduled to call together all the participants from last year to start the planning process, rather than “wait” for a volunteer to chair.


Next meeting is on Sept 10, 2015


Meeting Adjourned at 8:27 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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Aug 13, 2015


Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Gina Olson, Howard Stapleton and Bob Bowser  


Uwe opened the meeting at 8:27 pm. 

Minutes from the July 9, 2015 meeting approved.  


President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn compliments Hal for successfully chairing the Fair this year once again and sends out thanks to the major contributors including the FI Yacht Club, the Church, the Boy Scouts,  the Nature Center and Garden Clubs.  He also sends more personal thanks to those “unseen” hands that helped including Charlie Christ, age 7, for painting the front steps of the NCC.  Thanks to George Weis for the Directory, and all the time spent by him and Jim on corrections.  A special thanks to Peter Harvey for striping the grass, to Crime Watch who had Daniel Mitchel keeping watch overnight at the fairgrounds, and to Gina Olson for the Fair T-shirts.  He thanked Gary Hart from the Men’s coffee group and the Scouts for helping set up the tents, and George Metzger for the music.  A thank you to Loren Steward who helped clean up, Julie Johnson cleaning after close, Carolyn & crew for Ficra booth and for Gisela for her accounting skills managing the till.  Thanks to Bill and Sue Spencer and Jim who moved the last items from the NCC to the garage to get the NCC ready for the next day’s rental. Thank you to Kent Holder for sharing/driving his tractor in the parade, MS Tweet for the National Anthem and Ken & Doug for the color guard presenting of the flags. “Worlds shortest parade” has gotten a little longer with the Kazoos added.  Jim thanked Uwe for his ideas and commitment to FICRA. Uwe presented a slide show of photos from the Fair. 

Uwe would like to start a new traditional Kids 4th of July Parade and Ice Cream social including option for riding bikes!   Uwe is encouraged by the addition of new volunteers. 


Consent Calendar: No items.


Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell 


FICRA  07-01 Checkbook: Bal: $27,186.27  07-31 Balance:$25,555.63

Money Market 7-01 Balance: $18,602.57 7-31 Balance: $18,604.15

PayPal Balance: 7-01 $119.85 7-31 Balance: $191.76


Current Membership: 243 and past due members 207 on list not yet renewed  


Committee Reports:


Membership Committee: Bob Bowser. No report more than noted current membership info. 


Publicity: Jim Braden reports Lisa Stapleton is continuing to do a tremendous job at keeping the website and Ficra Flash fresh and relevant.  Emphasis should be to help her by getting information to her on the schedule she requests.


Directory: Jim reports that the directory correction/update process needs to happen earlier.  George is ready to work on 2016 now. 


FICRA Fair Shirts: Gina Olson reports shirt sales were good overall. Special thanks to Claudia, Kelly and Jennifer for helping with sales.  New design and style was well received. Of 201 items ordered 169 were sold for total revenue of approx $3,400 and a small profit of $126.00. She will chair T-shirt committee for fair next year.  An advertisement for design ideas is to be publicized. 


Motion approved to Adjourn at 8:55 PM.


Next Meeting is Sept 10, 2015.  


Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Director  


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8/13/2015 FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting

Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Wa.


FICRA Trust Board of Directors

Jim Braden, President

Tony Moore, Vice President

Gina Olson, Secretary

Hal Goodell, Treasurer

Ray Kittelberger, Director

7:00 PM

  • Call to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Recognitions, sign in, volunteer hours
  • Approval of July 9, 2015 FICRA Building Trust minutes
  • President’s Report
  • Consent Calendar
  • Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee (budget amendments, budget posting, & separate bank acc’ts for Capital & Reserve)
  • Committee Reports (5 minutes each, max)
  1. Crime Watch Committee (review of speeding tickets)
  2. Emergency Planning
  3. Building Committee
  4. Nature Center Committee
  • Special Committees
  1. FICRA FAIR report
  2. Audit Committee
  • Unfinished Business
  1. Outside video cameras, etc.
  2. Directory learnings
  3. Planning calendar development & web site development
  • New Business
  1. Mid-year planning meeting (bring your calendars)
  2. Garage Sale preparation
  3. Volunteer to lead Mardi Gras
  • Meeting Adjournment (next meeting September 10, 2015)


CONSENT CALENDAR (These are items that will be approved as a package unless a Board member or person from the audience requests an item be removed and discussed in detail individually.  The President will ask for any such requests ahead of the approval.)  The Board discusses what it considers to be non-controversial issues between meetings and then conducts a vote on these in the regular meeting as a package to keep the regular meetings as time-effective as possible.


  1. Approve new rate for off-duty sheriffs
  2. Approve NCC capital electrical expenditures



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July 9, 2015


Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Gina Olson, and Howard Stapleton. Bob Bowser, excused.


Uwe opened the meeting at 8:10 pm with a greeting.

Minutes from the June 11, 2015 meeting approved.


President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn has planned a new event for the FICRA Fair.  It is a “Marching band” of preschoolers for which will be each given a kazoo, He thinks it will be fun, and a great way to include kids.

Rennie Walker is unable to host Kickball Friday nights for this summer.  Hopefully it can be started again next summer or hosted by another volunteer.

Consent Calendar: No items.


Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell


FICRA  06-01 Checkbook: Bal: $28,816.13  06-30 Balance:$25,501.18

Money Market  6-01 Balance: $18,601.04 6-30 Balance: $18,602.57

PayPal Balance: 6-01 $95.58 6-30  Balance: $119.85

Current Membership: 345 from 2014-15  (45 paid for 2015-16).  Total Members: 390


Hal has an amendment proposal, regarding dispersement of income from plant sale.   Currently income of all three organizations is listed as FICRA income, and the amounts distributed to SandNSoil and Garden Club are listed as expenses. Gisela suggested that because income is not all for FICRA, gross can be listed, but Ficra income from plant sale (which is only 1/3 of total amount) should be revised to only show only this.  Expenses should be $0.  Hal will put this proposal in writing for the board.


Committee Reports: 

Social Activities: Jean Peterson excused.


Membership Committee: Bob Bowser, excused. Uwe reports that efforts will focused on Membership for 2015-16 since July 31 is year end for 2014/2015 dues year.  Bob has been working hard and has done a great job increasing membership this year.  He has initiated reduced fees for late entry in membership for 2015.   Rejoining of previous members is sign of his efforts working well.


Publicity: Jim Braden reports Lisa Stapleton is continuing to do a tremendous job at keeping the website and Ficra Flash fresh and relevant.  She will be sending the July Flash soon.


Unfinished Business: 

Approval to the New Bylaws. Motion to approve, seconded, all approved.


Gina reports FICRA Fair shirt order is nearing completion.  She has been working with Harbor Graphics, created a design, and studied cost, style, and numbers sold from previous years to achieve currently a bid for 201 items to include men’s, women’s, youth and baby clothing, at a total cost of $3,143.22.  This is approx $600. over the budgeted amount.  Board and members attending meeting discussed shirt style, design and cost and approved her to make purchase with current bid from Harbor Graphics.  It was recommended that “2015” and the word “FAIR” be removed from the shirt design, and add “Washington”.  She will do this.  Hal to make deposit.  Recommend simpler design for next year.



New Business: 


Jim reports that George Weis continues to design and manage the new Directory.  His daughter helps too.  He has asked Hal for new member information, which has been sent to Howard and George on a spreadsheet.  There are a few additions.  Judy Hackett is managing the Advertising aspect in the directory, sending out notices and working on deadlines.


Motion approved to Adjourn at 9:15 PM.


Next Meeting is Aug 13, 2015.  


Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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July 9, 2015


Board Attendees: Tony Moore, Jim Braden, Gina Olson, Hal Goodell and Ray Kittelberger.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:00 PM.


President’s report: Jim Braden


Given the recent noise complaints and being under burn ban restriction, Jim has been investigating ways to keep the fire pit at the NCC a safe quiet and still useable place for any persons interested to use.  He has spoken with neighbors who have concerns, and Jen B, the rental coordinator about ways to manage current and potential issues.

It is proposed to put up a sign to be added to the Nichol Center fire pit to instruct those who choose to use it later than dusk to call (Jim for now) for “reservation” until a10 PM curfew,  remain quiet to respect neighbors, and guard for fire risk with garden hose ready.   Crime watch and Deputy have been asked to make patrols.  Audience input is that the fire pit has historically not been an issue in the past, however that fire pit will be closed to use during a burn ban. Wetting the ground around the pit before a fire was suggested.  Sign already posts that Park is open from Dawn to Dusk. 2nd Sign to state no fires during burn ban. Jim to follow through with this.


Directory is being edited for the 2015 edition.  This will be further discussed during the Ficra Meeting.


Minutes:  The June 2015 minutes were approved.


Consent Calendar:  No items.


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Checking account:

June 1 Balance: $49, 931.79  June 30 Balance: $51,196.06

Money Market:

June 1 Balance: $12,856.86  June 30 Balance: $12,857.92

Trust PayPal:

June 1 Balance: $485.20  June 30 End Balance $581.70

Hal has now made PayPal account give separate accounts for PayPal FiCRA and PayPal Ficra Trust.  This is set up with Quickbooks. This will be noted each month separately. There are a few checks that are still to be deposited.

Jim reports that the Capital expenditure list of items is extensive and includes keeping the building up (Reserve study), and making needed improvements.  This will be posted on-line, so that Ficra members who look at the budget  understand the financial obligations that lay ahead.

Uwe suggested that we follow through on separate accounts for a separate account in QuickBooks for Capital improvements.   Jim asked that we do the same for the Reserve Account.

Treasurers report accepted by the board unanimously.


Crime Watch: Stan Weston

Crime continues to be low.  Theft from vehicles in month of June totaled 4. Year to date is 10, which is up from total of 4 last year. There is a continued recommendation from P.C. Deputy to take all valuables out of cars/boats.  Residential burglary totaled 2 for June, 9non-forced entries). Vandalism, 6 for the year. Drug possession: one last month.

This information summarized may be useful to FI residents in the form of “Tips” column of mailing.  Also Crime Watch will do summer vacation patrols.

Crime Watch Awareness Fliers went out. Hal states donations have started to come in since which is good.  He has been sending a quick reply via email, but has a longer list and will give this to Mike Gordon to write thank you notes to these folks.  $1215 for the year. Since July 5th there has been $400 donated.


Emergency Planning: Ray Kittleburger reports, next meeting July 21 or 28th.  Updated Plan distributed at the Fair last year.  This is on the Website, and it will be in to give to folks at the EP Booth. Bob and Doug Nelson have been working on this.


Building Committee: Carolyn Braden (Jean Peterson, excused). Focus has been on the kitchen.  Bids have been collected over the last many months. Costs have been settled on $26, 283. This has been reduced to $23,128.00 with an added $3000 contingency plan (unexpected costs).  She and Jean have been working to save money.

Construction to begin mid Sept throuigh Oct.  Board approval is needed.

Motion to approve, seconded, unanimously passed.


Nature Center: Ed Burrough.  Class on July 20th by Dodi Skiffington to enter the photo exhibition. Submission by 31st of July up until 7 pm or they can be mailed to Ed prior.  Nature center continues to have trails open and there are 1/2 mile of trails, which is a lot of maintenance. Ed was reflecting on historically the summers were frequented by Natives who harvested clams, dug roots, collected berries for survival. Jim would like to see the Nature center Minutes posted to the website. Howard says this can be done easily.


Audit Committee: Meeting of Audit team is needed. There are items that are going well, and other that are needed to be finalized.  Evening meeting preferred.


FICRA FAIR: Hal reports application for booths are coming in.  Layout slightly revised.  Met with Yacht Club members to improve their location. A work party, date and commitment to clear brush is going to be taken care of by Jim.  Tony has volunteered to clear weeds with his combi tool. Volunteers needed to clear weeds. Fire prevention and Liq license have been applied for.  Red Hook contacted to provide a Keg of beer.  Hal needs to know number of booths needed for EP, based on last year’s layout. Ray says 2 booths for CW, and 3 for EP. Kent Holder is volunteering his tractor for Parade.  Grand Marshal is needed. Lisa put into the GigaBite a message, as well as in Fox Island Living magazine.  An article is needed to be put in the Gateway, Lisa to do this. Pen Light has list of Events.  Contact Jonathan White for this imput. Sponsorship with Pen Light is confirmed. Music is all set up.  Needs to order Kazoos.

Electrical panel has been put in, and new conduit will be run, trenches will be dug and electrical outlets on posts put in for the fair.  Locations have been set.

Boyscouts have not contacted Hal yet, but Jim says they need 2 booths and will be helping.


Unfinished Business:  Video Cameras: Still in process.


Furnace study: On back burner.


Basement water control: Work in progress, and new sump dug.  Will have pump in by the Fall.


New Business:

Planning Calendar Development: Howard states that he will post on planning calendar Google Calendar and in the FICRA PLANNING Calendar.  Annual events to be posted on there.  Milestone events are on there now.  In the future, the activities that lead up to the events can add other dates, meetings, etc.


Keyless lock is on hold.


Student Speaker Contest, Scholarship for Emergency Preparedness was successful.  Both made great presentations on Emergency Preparation in the home. Judging was difficult and rather than split with winnings between them, it was suggested that each be given $500 award.  Motion to approve additional $500.  Amendment to the budget. Approved, and passed unanimously.


Jean asking for a volunteer to run the Mardi Gras event for next year. Cheryl Nelson to run silent auction, and Carolyn Braden to help.  Next year’s date – Jan 23rd suggested and agreed on.  All Island Garage Sale is Sept 12th. Applications will be available by Aug 1st. Copies of locations to be printed, available at store, Ads run 1 week before in the Tribune. Last year not enough advertising.


Next meeting is on Aug 13, 2015


Meeting Adjourned at 8:08 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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