Board Attendees: Hal Goodell, Naomi Grant, Kyle Larsen, Howard Stapleton, Miguel Martinez and Rob Moore in attendance. Pia Beetham, excused.
Meeting Called to order at 7:02 pm
Minutes from the Oct 10th Meeting are approved.
Public Comments: Dave McHugh reports the Gateway from today says that the greater Gig Harbor Community Foundation has 5 separate $500 awards to give to a community organization, for a community spirit award. Dec 6th is the submission date. Miguel and Rob Moore would like to create a canvas back drop to be used in the Christmas and Easter. This might be a project submission. Howard will look into the submission requirements, in coordination with Rob. Darrell Johnson here to give update on progress of university wildlife census. Howard feels that more information about the Island is good. Wildlife census will start on Tuesday. 35 cameras will be place on the properties of persons who have already consented to this. Professors Christ Shell (UW Ecologist) and Peter Hotum (UPS) to make all the contacts. They are wanting to look at mammals numbers and behaviors. It is a Capstone project for several grad students. There will be a presentation in March to the FICRA Board, public welcome as usual.
President’s Report: Miguel reports that Lisa (who has been fantastic with managing FB and Newsletters) would like to step down from that role. Miguel has a couple of candidates in mind but would be interested in interviewing anyone who might be interested in replacing Lisa. The intension is to find more than one person to divide the tasks so that it is easier. Looking forward, Miguel would like to start discussing 2020 board candidates now. Jim seconds this thought and reminds him that those with experience are willing to be an assistant. Brandon Beetham suggests that everyone brings a friend to the next meeting. Board discussed name tags identifying individuals at events as FICRA president or other board member positions, which could be used year after year, which would give others who attend, more publicity to FICRA.
Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell
Checking: Oct 1: $17,690.38 Oct 31: Cleared Balance: $17,576.04
Money Market: Oct 1: $30,853.10 Oct 31: Cleared Balance: $30,875.37
Pay Pal: Oct 1: $537.68 Oct 31: Balance: $682.72
Memberships for 2019-20 total 324. Nearly similar number of total expired members.
Unfinished Business: none
Committee Reports:
Membership: Naomi reports she would be willing to hand addressing persons who have not yet renewed membership for 2020 if this would add value. Hal, Howard and Naomi to work on Mail Merge. Naomi will work with Howard to create the letter. Social Activities: Trunk-o-Treat was a huge success with 96 kids attending, up from 80 last year, and 60 the year before. There were sandwiches, a fire with smore’s, as well as a Taco Truck, a Hayride, music provided by a DJ and the dancing inside was enjoyed. He reports it was very well received. Naomi and Board thank Miguel & his family for their time, effort and leadership on this event. Rob Reports that the Tree lighting this year will be 850 lights strong. Jim & Carolyn have been key in the decorating in the recent years. Miguel reports that there is $1000 set aside for Christmas decorations, but Rob has obtained all the new LED lights by donation. There will be Christmas Caroling by the fire. Discussion about a number and PA system to help with alleviating lines for the Santa pictures. Party with a Purpose: “Roaring into the 20s” is set for Jan 25th, 6-10 pm. Hal to do check-in/out. Committee to meet soon, no date set yet. Jim will be working with Naomi on large donors. Charleston Dance lesson early in the evening, then dance contest later. New wine glasses to be ordered, Kathy Smith is assisting. Howard is going to use Nelson Jay again this year. Hal recalls he needs a deposit ahead of time. Jill Peters will oversee silent auction, with helpful data from Deb. “Hook Me Up” is ragtime/big band is being booked for the evening. Registration cost will be more than previous years. Date went out on FB and the newsletter. Naomi is lead on the food. Jim suggests we may repurpose the Odyssey sign from last year. “Speak Easy’
Senior Activities: Ray excused Miguel reports for him. Materials available for display in the NCC for senior activities from Pierce County.
New Business: FICRA Newsletter to be mailed out next week. Hal reports all the activities need to be promoted. Should go to print by Monday, and to be mailed Tuesday. Miguel to send info to Lisa for printing.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm
Next Meeting is Dec 12, 2019
Respectfully submitted (by Gina Olson) for Secretary Naomi Grant

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Thursday, November 14, 2019, 8:00PM
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington

2019-2020 FICRA Trust Board
Howard Stapleton President
Naomi Grant Vice President
Gina Olson Secretary
Hal Goodell Treasurer
Jim Braden Director
  1. Call to order and approval of absences
  2. Recognitions – sign in, volunteer hours
  3. Approval of October 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes
  4. President’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Nature Center
    2. Finance
    3. Audit
    4. Emergency Preparedness, Citizens’ Patrol, & FIARC
    5. Building & Grounds
  7. Unfinished Business
    1. Participation in Wild Mammal Animal Count for Study (UW/UPS) – Jim
    2. NCC Facility Use – Howard
    3. January 2020 Party With A Purpose – Naomi
  8. New Business
  9. Meeting Adjournment (Next meeting is currently scheduled for Thursday, December 12, 2019)
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Thursday, November 14, 2019 7:00PM
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington

2019-2020 FICRA Board of Directors
Miguel Martinez President
Pia Beetham Vice President
Naomi Grant Secretary
Hal Goodell Treasurer
Kyle Larson Director
Rob Moore Director
Howard Stapleton Immediate Past President
  1. Call to order and approval of absences:
  2. Approval of October 10, 2019 FICRA Board Meeting Minutes
  3. Public Comment
  4. President’s Report
    1. Suggestions for replacement for Lisa in role of newsletter publisher and possibly social media coordinator
    1. Start discussion on 2020 candidates
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. Committee Reports
    1. Social Activities (Miguel Martinez)
      1. Trunk or Treat
      1. Christmas celebration
      1. Party with a Purpose
    1. Membership (Naomi Grant)
    1. Senior Activities (Ray Kittelberger)
  8. New Business
  9. Meeting Adjournment (Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 12, 2019)


These are items that will be approved as a package unless a Board member or person from the audience requests an item be removed and discussed in detail individually.  The President will ask for any such requests ahead of the approval.  The Board discusses what it considers to be non-controversial issues between meetings and then conducts a vote on these in the regular meeting as a package to keep the regular meetings as time-effective as possible.

  1. No Items
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Board Attendees: Hal Goodell, Naomi Grant, Kyle Larsen, Howard Stapleton in attendance. Pia Beetham, Miguel Martinez and Rob Moore are excused.

Meeting Called to order at 7:05 pm

Minutes from the Sept 12th Meeting are approved.

Public Comments: None

Ray Kittleberger would like to report on Senior Activities. (see below)

President’s Report: None.

Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell

BANK BALANCES : Hal reports that the hard drive on the computer crashed, and he is in the process of having this data (which most is backed up) to be recovered. He has most saved on the website, and was able to pull them back, however will have to put a month of data back in manually. 

Checking: Sep 1: $18,696.35 Sep 30: Cleared Balance: $17,690.38

Money Market: Sep 1: $30,831.56 Sep 30: Cleared Balance: $30,831.56

Pay Pal: Sep 1: $ Sep 30: Balance: $

Memberships for 2018-19 total 315.He has about 6 more to add. He wants to send out membership renewal requests soon.

Howard has yet to submit request reimbursement for the directory.

Unfinished Business: Amendment of FICRA Bylaws, as was discussed at the last 2 or 3 meetings.The final draft has been printed. Kyle motions to accept the new bylaws as written.Naomi seconds. No further discussion requested. Unanimously accepted.

Committee Reports: 

Social Activities: Howard reports for Miguel.Trunk Or Treat is for Oct 31st 5pm-8pm. Ray coordinating volunteers (he contacted last year’s volunteers for help). There will be added indoor NCC activities. Adult Prom Night is scheduled for Nov 9th, and Kyle reports a membership table will be set up.

Membership: Naomi reports there will be a follow up mailing to members who have not renewed yet.

Senior Activities: Ray reports there continues to be interest in Senior activities.  Ray has reached out to FI seniors with invitation to GH Senior events, but there was no immediate response. There is a proposal for a new GH Senior center, 1-2 years out. Dave McHugh would like to have a dedicated senior center at the NCC, but at this time only activities to be scheduled will be allowed.  Ray reports the History: GH Seniors center started with Lunches served by Catholic Charities and had, at peak, 25 regularly attending. Since moving to the Lutheran Church, attendance now at 15. Ray hopes that, eventually, FI seniors will be able to participate in activities at the GH Senior Center when available and in the meantime, will see if coordinated lunches and activities with the FIAC and UCC are of interest.  Or build lunches at the local churches, and then add bingo, and lunches, and then work on Transport needs as they develop. He requests we keep posted materials for seniors in the NCC North Classroom. Going forward he plans to explore the following: Interest of FIAC and UCC churches in participating. 2. Contact Catholic Services. 3. Get update on Pierce Transit for used Van/Bus.4. Reconfirm support from FICRA Building Trust. Hal reports is available to help with senior transports.

New Business: None

Meeting Adjourned at 7:36 pm

Next Meeting is Nov 14, 2019

Respectfully submitted (by Gina Olson) for Secretary Naomi Grant

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Board Attendees:  Howard Stapleton, President; Naomi Grant, Vice-President; Gina Olson, Secretary; Hal Goodell, Treasurer; Jim Braden, Director.

Meeting called to order at:  7:38 PM

Minutes from the September, 2019 Trust Board Meeting were approved.

President’s Report:  Howard asks all volunteers to sign in to properly document volunteer hours. He also thanks everyone for their continued contributions to the NCC. No other report at this time.

Consent Calendar Items:  None

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell (limited report today due to HD crash, data recovery actively in process)

Trust Checking account: Sep 1 Balance: $117,653.67, Sep 30 Balance: $114,905.67

Trust Capital Checking: Sep 1 Balance: $4,083.69, Sep 30 Balance: $4,083.69

Trust Reserve Checking: Sep 1 Balance: $1,541.00, Sep 30 Balance: $1,541.00

Trust Money Market:  Sep 1 Balance: $33,741.04, Sep 30 Balance: $33,764.64

Trust Savings: Sep 1 Balance: $193.97, Sep 30 Balance $193.98

Trust PayPal: Sep 1 Balance: $  , Sep 30 Balance $ 

Standing Committee Reports:

  • Nature Center:  Ed Burrough, excused.  Minutes are available on the web site.  Jim reports that there was a presentation from the County last Sunday on Noxious Weeds.  There are pamphlets available for interested residents.  Working on making access to this information available through our Facebook and Flash media.
  • Finance Committee:  Jim: no report.
  • Audit Committee:  No meeting until data from Treasurer is available.
  • Emergency Preparedness (EP), Citizens’ Patrol (CP), and the radio club (FIARC):  Jim reports FIEP Leadership met last Monday for 2 hrs. Things are looking good but at a crossroads.  Team leader reported on status, challenges, and plans for going forward. Jim reports the communication team is actively pursuing new equipment and approaches for emergency communication.  They still do once weekly radio net.
  • Building & Grounds Committee:  Jim reports the grounds are looking great. Tor Olson has been doing an excellent job mowing.  Jim secured an agronomist to come out to evaluate the quality of soil in Sports Field.  He says there are a few processes that will be explored to see if the grass can come in fuller. Also irrigation options are going to be explored around the practicality of cost and water availability.

Unfinished Business: Capital Expenditures Board Resolution, prepared by Howard, is set for approval.  It is posted on the web. It basically approves the following as proposed by Jim (document attached): $50,000 for the NCC window replacement, $18,000 for painting the NCC exterior, $5000 to reactivate second exit stairway from the basement, and $500 for soil study on sport field, and $500 for irrigation around the NCC building and gazebo. Painting expense is above what would be expected due to “lead paint” issues. Some projects will not be approved without the grant money acquired.   Motion to approve made by Jim, seconded by Gina, and unanimously approved by board.  Tony recalls that in the past the Chapel has had Pierce County contribute funds to improvements on historical sites.  Jim to pursue that.

Fall Clean up: Low attendance, totals were 8-10 people. There was clearing of blackberry from around par course sites, and weeding, of garden beds and around the outside of the track.

Howard would like to know if anyone would be interested in hosting a second clean up, and if some of the men from men’s coffee might work on projects after coffee hour.  No response.

Naomi reports that planning for the “Party with a Purpose” theme “Roaring 20s”is underway.  Chaired by Lisa, and assisted by Naomi.  New residents Jill Peters and Janice Larsen volunteered to assist.  Registration costs to be determined.  Possible additional cost will give “happy hour” extra drink, extra raffle, Charleston lessons and appetizers.  Jim Borgen declined.  Nelson Jay is available. Kathy Smith will coordinate, and provide bartenders.  Naomi is looking for Caterer for food. She has requested a person to commit to decorating. Another person is needed to coordinate the silent auction.

New Business: Howard is looking to create a policy to help guide the future use of the NCC (e.g. varying rental costs). A policy should exist to help guide future use and cost. He would also like to have policy for exchanges of cleaning labor. More discussion on this is needed. Jim suggests we trial possibilities and see how it works out. A meeting to be held on Wed Oct 23rd.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.  The next meeting is November 14, 2019.

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary.

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