FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 4-10-2014


April 10, 2014

Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Hal Goodell, Howard Stapleton, Tony Moore, Jim Braden and Gina Olson.  Bob Bowser excused.

Uwe Krohn opened the meeting at 7:08 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes from the Mar 13, 2014 board meeting were unanimously approved.

President’s Report:  Uwe introduced himself, Howard and Bob as new board members.

Consent Calendar: No items

Treasurer’s Report: 

Hal has been using Quick books and making successful transfer of all financial information from the past. He is working with past treasurer, Mimi, to take over position fully.


FICRA    03-1 Checkbook: Balance:   $13,532.10     04-1 Balance:$13,481.44

Money Market  03-1 Balance:  $18,577.74                04-1 Balance:$18,579.32

PayPal Balance: 03-1 $877.08  04-1 Balance: $1,122.27

Membership is currently 322

Committee Reports: 

Social Activities:  Jean Peterson (in collaboration with Nan Fagin) presented the following outline of events and activities for 2014:

Events -current : Wine & Cheese, Easter Egg Hunt (April 19), Plant Sale (May 3), FICRA Fair (August 9), Lego Mania, Christmas Tree Lighting/Concert (December 7), Crime Watch Month (July) and Garage Sale.

Event -future addition possibilities: October Social (potluck, BBQ or Spaghetti Sauce Cook off), Magical Strings Concert

Activities-current: Men’s Coffee, Little Foxes Play Group, Boy Scouts, Trivia Night, ( and regular rentals: AA & Painting Group).

Activities- future addition possibilities:  Baseball field improvements, track/obstacle exercise course, court for basketball hoop, Aging in Place (as a cooperation of Fox Island Residents with UCC, FIAC, and not exclusively FICRA), and another medical lecturer possibly.

More information to be collected from the parents of preschool, and grade school.

Publicity: Kalli Ostner still creating signs and doing a great job. Howard & Lisa Stapleton are planning to help and support the on-going maintenance of the website and stream-line publicity and improve communication. Jim and Karen continue posting bridge signs.  The last phone call committee brought in about 75 new members.

Special Committees:  

Membership Committee: No chair at this time. All NCC events should have a representative taking new sign-ups for memberships.  There is a need/benefit for this process to become highly organized. Cross referencing email list with the FICRA Flash list, and the Fox Island directory would be beneficial, with layers of contact information based on privacy preferences. Kalli has a Constant Contact list. Uwe would like to see a committee with members and their families to go door-to-door, one neighborhood at a time, possibly.

Unfinished Business:  None

New Business:  

Easter Egg Hunt is being organized by Rennie Walker and Lynn Goodwin for April 19th.  The grass will NOT be cut the day before the event this year to help in hiding eggs and limiting grass clipping mess.

Jeff Fagin Plant Sale is the first Sat in May, the 3rd, from 11 am to 2 pm. Sand and Soil and Fox Is Garden folks have been actively preparing. A FICRA rep is needed. More donations and/or help with division of your plants are welcome. Help needed at NCC for set up Friday May 2nd at 2 pm. Contact Hal if you have plants to donation or wish to help.

FICRA Fair is in planning stage. The layout for booths, food, and music will be same as last year. The parking will be different to accommodate kid’s field games. Interested music groups and booth vendors are submitting applications.  Consideration to lengthen time from 11 am to 4 or 5 pm. Raffle room planned for this year. Bingo room interest. T shirt committee headed by Nan.

FICRA Scholarship information needs to reach potential FI HI seniors.  A committee is needed to discuss how to proceed. Suggestion to make contact with the  counselors at GHHS, Peninsula, Henderson Bay, and Bellarmine Prep where a process is already established.

Movement to Adjourn by Jim Braden. Unanimously approved.

Next Meeting is May 8, 2014.  

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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