FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 8-8-2013


Aug 8 2013

Board Attendees: Lynn Goodwin, Mimi Miller, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Gina Olson and Jeff Goodwin. Jim Braden excused.

Tony Moore opened the meeting at 7:35 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes from the July 12, 2013 board meeting were unanimously approved.

President’s Report: Tony Moore for Jim Braden, absent.

We have a new rental coordinator: Jennifer Bush

The FAIR is in full planning and it is the focus of tonight’s meeting.

Nothing on the Consent Calendar

Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Miller

FICRA Beginning Balance $3,806.07

Deposits                           $1,900.16

Expenses                            ($644.10)

Register Balance             $5,062.13

Money Market Beginning Balance $18,565.35

Interest                                                    $1.58

Register Balance                            $18,566.93


FICRA TRUST Beginning Balance $13,792.85

Deposits                                               $750.00

Expenses                                         ($1,395.07)

Register Balance                             $14,257.45


TRUST Money Market Beginning Balance $10,833.30

Interest                                                                 $.92

Register Balance                                         $10,833.30 


PayPal Beginning Balance  $4,959.20

Income                                    $225.00

Fees                                          ($8.35)

PayPal Register Balance     $5,175.85


Membership Totals: 2012-2013 is 410,  Current Membership Dues expire in August.

2014 Membership currently 32.

Crime Watch Month helped to generate donations that currently pushed to operation cost surplus as opposed to the usual deficit.

A mailing combined to solicit Membership Dues and Crime Watch donations seems to be most effective at getting donation in support of Crime Watch.

Crime Watch information needs to be moved onto the FICRA web

Trust Financial Activity to be made available monthly.

The complete Treasurer’s Report is attached to these minutes.

The Report of Trust Balance does not show the money paid for floors because it came directly out of the money market account. This will be addended by treasurer.

Committee Reports: 

Crime Watch: Ray Kittelberger for Stan Weston, absent.

Recent criminal activity includes reported Electronics stolen off a boat and the boat was also sunk (unconfirmed). Another attempt at stealing items chained to dock failed (also unconfirmed). Suspicious person late at night in a resident’s driveway. 911 was called with no responding officer. Question posed: How do we as Crime Watch get the message to neighborhood or community in situations like this?

Mailboxes hit by a truck, and the responsible party has been contacted.

A question about why some information has not been posted to web site re: recent crime was explained by Crime Watch volunteers.  The information is not posted because the information needs to be reported by those property owners directly affected, validated/authorized. The concern not to report the incident without accuracy, timeliness, with details, confirmed. Calls to the hotline are returned in 24 hrs. Currently, Crime Watch  has no ability to “scrub” a message submitted on-line at FICRA Website. 


Building Committee: No report


Social Activities: No report, except FAIR (see below)


Nature Center: No report


Publicity: Kallie Ostner continues to do a tremendous amount of work. Great signs!


FICRA FAIR: Hal and Dave and Jeff are working hard to get everything pulled together for Fair on Aug 10th.

There are 64 individual booths. There has been a reorganization of space to allow off street parking.  Stripping the lawn delayed due to mowing delay, however this will be completed tomorrow.

A road way will be temporarily set up and managed by UCC Youth, supervised by Andy Sharp, on far side of property for parking near back of NCC property. This is to decrease  parking on 9th Ave.

MUSIC and stage to be set up near North Side of Property. Tables chairs and blankets set out for sitting. Patty has made many signs for us!  Stage to be placed by deck and wireless speakers arranged to project the music more to North, and muted over booths. Announcements will be a full volume. $150 for rental of speakers.  Joe Mundo to play piano. FAMOUS PARADE: Tony and Georgia Moore to be the Grand Marshals of Parade. Honor Guard presentation is still needing a WA State Flag and US Flag meeting requirements. Dave has offered to provide flags. Parade at 12 noon: Jeff’s Daughter Caroline to sing National Anthem before the Parade. Dan Spencer to play guitar, harmonica/vocals. Then Open Mic Music from local Youth. Scholarship winner to be announced: Daniel Arroyo, $500 Award. PenLight delivered 10 yards of free wood chips to improve bare dirt/ground covering.  Dumpster free of charge from Murray Disposal/donation.  Additional Portapotty handicap $160. Hal picked up two Kegs donated by Red Hook Brewery, refrigerated at Deli.

Nan and Jeff to set up chairs in main room for indoor seating. No raffle room this year, however it will be back next year 2014 (Sue Spencer to organize.)

Garden Flower Show in the South Classroom.

Ray and Carolyn to manage the FICRA Booth.


Special Committees: No report


Unfinished Business: None


New Business: None


Next meeting is Thurs Sept 12, 2013.


Move to Adjourn passed 8:55 pm



Gina M. Olson

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