FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 2-13-2014


February 13, 2014

Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Mimi Miller, Jeff Goodwin and Gina Olson.   Lynne Goodwin excused.

Jim Braden opened the meeting at 7:12 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes from the Jan 9, 2014 board meeting were unanimously approved.

President’s Report:  Reminder to make sure windows and doors are secure after use of Nichols Center Bldg. Trash removal would be greatly appreciated.

Membership calling has tapered off temporarily, but remains valuable. A FICRA membership card with expiration date has been suggested. The board has been sent an Accomplishment List for 2013 for their input.

FICRA elections next month, 2nd Thurs in March. Trust Elections are 2nd Thurs in April. Candidate list is still being formed.

Consent Calendar: 

The Board passed the motion to approve the Consent Calendar : New Cleaning contract with post event clean up and insurance for servers was initiated to cover the people serving alcohol  at the Wine & Cheese Night ($255 dollars per year ).

Treasure’s Report: 


FICRA    01-1 Checkbook: Balance:   $11,080.99      02-1 Balance:$13,522.57

Money Market  01-1 Balance:  $18,574.73                 02-1 Balance:$18,576.31

PayPal Balance: 1-1 $747.52 01-1 Balance: $853.11

Membership is currently 312


Committee Reports: 

Social Activities:  No committee chair.

Nan is working on “Aging in Place” presentation.  It is a national organization which helps in many aspects to organize a community to help elderly persons stay living in their homes.  A date/time for presentation is yet to be determined.

Jen Bush is the rental coordinator.  She would like to host an open house to further advertise and showcase the NCC for interested future rentals.  She would also like to see an event pulled together to celebrate the NCC’s 80th birthday.

Publicity: Kalli Ostner still creating signs and doing a great job. Howard & Lisa Stapleton, Jeff Goodwin,the Ostners and Jim are coordinating to help make updates to the website. Ideas for what changes or aspects anyone wants to see made are welcome.

Special Committees: 

Nominating Committee: No chair at this time.  Calls are being made to solicit volunteers and candidates interested in Board positions. It is important to get a good turnout for FICRA election.

Audit Committee’s 2013 audit may be delayed due to one member’s health and recovery.

There is an organization chart depicting the committees and volunteer roles/Chairs.  This will be made available to the Boards and volunteers once the nomination process is complete.

Suggestion from the floor to conduct more “one time” events which are fun and get many people involved.

Unfinished Business:  FICRA Bylaws amendments were voted in.  The membership vote was unanimous.

New Business:  

Jeff Feagin Plant Sale is the first Sat in May.  A committee is being formed. Linda Dodds will be rep from Fox Is Garden Club.  We need a FICRA and Sand N Soil representative. Contact Hal if you have plants to donation or wish to help.

The Nominating Committee needs to be appointed.  Dave Harrington is not available to chair this year.  A volunteer is needed. More volunteers are needed for The Board positions.

Jim recognized Stan Flemming, our representative to the County Board of Supervisors.  He shared that his office will be drafting an ordinance to get signs and a fence to make safe the bluff on corner of 9th and Fox Dr.  The County has passed an ordinance requiring banks to advise the County on forclosed houses so that they can be managed to prevent them becoming problem sites for a community.  Stan also advised folks to keep an eye on the latest shoreline management ordinance development.  The next hearing on what is being proposed is April 3 at the Peninsula High School (1 of 3 final meetings).  This is important for folks to be aware of as it affects what you can and cannot do on your waterfront, and near-waterfront, property.  The draft ordinance can be viewed and downloaded from the County website.

Stan is running for re-election.  Stan offered to provide an update on County and State affairs at our next meeting.

There are 25 embossed wine glasses left from the Wine & Cheese night. They are $4 ea. Wine & Cheese night was very successful and the feedback from those that attended has been positive.

May 1st is the Jeff Feagin plant sale.  Call Nan Feagin or Hal Goodell to offer to help.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:08 pm.

Next meeting (election, only) is Thursday, March 13, 2014.    Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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