FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 2-13-2014


February 13, 2014

Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Mimi Miller.   Ray Kittelberger & Tres Walker, excused.

President Tony Moore opened the meeting at 8:14 pm.

Minutes from the January 9, 2014 board meeting were unanimously approved.

Consent Calendar: Approved by Trust Board in the FICRA meeting.

Treasure’s Report:


TRUST  Checkbook: 1-1 Balance:    $11,437.59        2-1 Balance: $22,900.09

Money Market 12-1 Balance:  $10,838.77                          1-1 Balance: $12,839.78

Committee Reports: 

Crime Watch:  Stan Weston Crime continues to be low: 2 incidents all month, a warrant and a non-specific theft. Crime watch patrols continue with volunteers.

Emergency Preparedness Committee meeting held January 29th.  Plans are going forward.  Many elements of planning are in progress.  Abby Schofield and Jim Braden attended the PepC meeting.

Building Committee:

Carolyn Braden.  New Building Committee Chair is Jean Peterson as of meeting tonight.  The first thing on the 2014 project list is window replacement or restoration. More BIDs have been solicited. More analysis of preservation, vs conservation is on-going. NCC is a on National Historic Registry.  The next items are light dimmers, an outdoor sign in front of the NCC, and kitchen updating. The Building Committee project list will be reviewed by the Board and will be blended in with the other work needed.

Fall Clean up is set for Saturday April 26, 2014, but the event calendar needs to be checked first.

Hal is researching how to clean up the black boards, remove scratches and residue from words. Ralph Christ has a fractured piece and Nan will ask if it can be sampled for cleaning purpose.

Nature Center:

Phil Craven.  Planning to rotate Chair position. GPS has confirmed 4 corners of Nature Center.  Slowly winning the war against the blackberries.  Brain-storming events to attract the public to the Nature Center. Would like a Flash Ad to invite individuals for a tour.  Approach Biology Teachers for use of Nature Center.   We plan to pick up more native shrubs and trees to plant in the fall. The Museum is running a Tree Contest on the Island, and the NCC is entering.  Have improved safety of board walks by laying chicken wire. Stream monitoring has been suspended because there is a question about what the data means.  More permanent protection for the Nature Center in the form of a conservation easement is being pursued.

Special Committees:

Nominating Committee: No chair at this time.  Calls are being made to solicit volunteers and candidates interested in Board positions. It is important to get a good turnout for FICRA election.

Audit Committee: 2013 audit may be delayed due to one member’s health and recovery.

Unfinished Business:

The Wine & Cheese event was very successful, both in terms of financial success and the very positive feedback received from attendees.

No further progress has been made on the south parking lot grading.


New Business: 

A rental has been rejected due to over occupancy, and we need to be careful not to overwhelm the resources (septic system).

Request tendered for a short meeting at NCC for the community garden to be allowed at no expense. Board voted, seconded. Passed.

Jim explained his ongoing effort to be sure renters have the necessary insurance to protect the Trust.  His most recent contact was AA to work on Insurance, and to obtain contacts for ongoing communication.  The monthly $255/qtr is a donation in AA’s eyes.  There are no insurance resources for this group and no parent organization. No rent changes are recommended by Jim.

Next meeting is Thursday, March 13, 2014.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Jim Braden, Secretary


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