Thursday, February 8, 2018


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Mimi Miller, Lesley Murphy, Denise Parrish, and Howard Stapleton were in attendance.  Hal Goodell and Deb Pishek were absent and excused.

The meeting was called to order at 8:22 pm by Howard Stapleton.

Minutes from the January 8, 2018 FICRA Board Meeting were approved with no changes.

Public Comment:  Derek Young and John Jolibois were in attendance to provide an update on County activities impacting Fox Island.  Please refer to the FICRA Trust minutes for full details.

President’s Report:  No report.

Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Miller reported the following figures for the month of December, 2017:

  • FICRA Checking Beginning balance  $22,547.82       Ending balance    $22,672.82
  • FICRA Money Market Beginning balance    18,656.28       Ending balance      18,658.66
  • FICRA PayPal Beginning balance       (203.61)      Ending balance          301.10
  • Membership 326 for 2017-2018, 155 from prior year have not renewed

Committee Reports:

  • Finance – No report.
  • Social Activities – Lisa Stapleton reported on the following items:
    • A magic show was proposed. Lisa has spoken with two magicians who charge fees in the $500-600 range.  Lisa asked for permission to secure a date for this family friendly activity.  A straw vote was taken by the Board with a favorable result.  It was suggested that we should charge non-members $5.00 for this activity to encourage increasing membership.
    • A Sadie Hawkins dance was proposed for May or next Fall. The activity would be for all ages, featuring a country-rock band, bales of hay, pig tails and freckles. The Board expressed interest in pursuing this.
    • Tony Moore suggested shadow puppets and/or a juggler.
    • Additional ideas are welcome – talk to one of the FICRA volunteers to share.
  • Membership – No report.

Unfinished Business:

  • Nominating Committee – Jim Braden Jim reported that a slate of officers is in the works and will be posted prior to the election on 3/8.

New Business:

  • Volunteers for Upcoming Events – The Easter Egg Hunt on 3/31/2018 needs a volunteer to coordinate. The egg hunt is always over very quickly.  Perhaps we could add an egg toss.  We have a few volunteers willing to be the Easter Bunny.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 8, 2018 after the FICRA General Member Meeting.

Submitted by Denise Parrish, Secretary


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