Board Attendees: Miguel Martinez, Hal Goodell, Naomi Grant, Kyle Larsen, Howard Stapleton  Rob Moore, and Pia Beetham in attendance.

Meeting Called to order at 7:00 pm.

Meeting minutes from June meeting are approved

Public Comments: None

President’s Report: Miguel thanked Lisa Stapleton for her patience in receiving articles for the newsletters and the stellar quality of the monthly newsletters.  He also thanked Lisa and Howard for the new forms for scheduling events at the NCC.

Discussion took place on the Chapel’s injunction hearing scheduled for Friday, July 12.

It was advised that on Facebook, if you read and want to register your visiting the issue, you need to do more than just click “like”.  A quick word in comment will keep the issue up near the top of the list.

Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell

BANK BALANCES: Checking: June 1: $24,759.06 June 30: Cleared Balance: $23,687.88 Money Market: June 1: $18,776.41 June 30: Cleared Balance: $18,791.84 Pay Pal: June 1: $1,280.86 June 30: Balance: $1570.03 Memberships for 2018-19 total 390 Memberships for 2019-2020 total 64 Still working on purchasing gift cards as prizes for FICRA events.  Some discussion on the relative safety of our using debit card versus a credit card.  Protections, in terms of coverage by the bank, appears to be the same for both, but debit cards may be easier to draw out large sums resulting in more complicated recovery.

Unfinished Business: None

Committee Reports:  Social Activities

Summer solstice: Considered a success.  Close to same turnout as last year.  Balloon was popular.  Fewer organized activities, but everyone seemed involved and pleased with the event.  Bocce Ball course is needed – though mostly patronized by adults.

Friday Summer Hangouts:  Cancelled due to planning time constraint.  Considering other events like storytellers, Friday night guitar sing-alongs.  A party is inquiring about gaming night at the NCC in addition to the Trivia event – maybe the same night in a different room.

Recess Monkey: Scheduled for September 28, 2019.  Limit to 150.  Reservation only.  Cost $0 for members and $5 for non-members.

Membership:  Naomi recruiting persons to man the membership desk.  Not there, yet.  See membership data in Treasurer’s Report.  The FICRA FAIR is the time of most member signups.  Follow up will occur after that.

Senior Activities: Senior activities are still without a permanent home.  Right now they are held at the Gig Harbor Covenant Church.  Ray and Dave McHugh will continue to monitor developments

Senior ActivitiesRay reports he and Dave McHugh are looking into teaming up with the Senior Center in Gig Harbor, a 501(c)3. They have moved from the B&G Club, to Harbor Covenant Church. Ray is staying in touch with their board regarding this potential. PC Human Services Dept passed out a lot of material at a previous meeting, and they will also be at a booth at the FI Fair on Aug 8th. It was noted that Fox Island seniors are very much more physically active than what Ray and Dave observe off-island.

New Business: Jim reports that the new directory is running late. Howard says they are working out a new process, and people will be able to update their info on-line. Jim reports the major issue is getting it ready for printing.  Howard reports to have used a local printer, and moved the software to “publisher.” This can be done again. Gina will provide the graphic for the cover from the shirt design. Changes can be submitted to the website. Lisa can put this in the newsletter for those who do not go to the website. Ads are $25 and $50/year (half and whole page), and in lieu of calls to businesses, it is proposed to mail an invoice to previous advertisers.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:08 pm Next Meeting is September 11, 2019 (August 8, 2019 meeting cancelled)  Respectfully submitted (by Jim Braden & Gina Olson) for Secretary Naomi Grant

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