Thursday, September 12, 2019

Board Attendees:  Miguel Martinez, President; Naomi Grant, Secretary; Hal Goodell, Treasurer; Kyle Larsen, Director; Howard Stapleton, Past President.  Absent and excused: Pia Beetham, Vice President; Rob Moore, Director.

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm. 

Minutes from the July 11, 2019 Board Meeting were approved.

Public Comment:  Dave McHugh suggested a basketball pavilion be built for all-weather basketball – held until Trust meeting.

President’s Report

  1. The proposed amendment to the Bylaws was reviewed.  The amendment allows the Board to opt to extend the Treasurer’s tenure beyond the two-year term limit.  Motion passed unanimously to make this the first reading of a formal amendment.  Language was added to Article VII, second paragraph, last sentence, as shown here in underlined italics: Officers may be elected to the same office position for two consecutive terms only with the exception that the current Board may elect to have the incumbent Treasurer remain as a candidate for re-election beyond the term limit if the Treasurer is interested in continuing. Discussion ensued on having a backup for the Treasurer resulting in a request of the Treasurer to write a procedure for the job as an aid to bringing in a new person.
  2. Miguel expressed his great appreciation for the Fox Island Ramblers support of the Sing-along-at-the-firepit.  We will do that again.

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell presented the report.

  • Checking                  Aug 1        $10,570.63            Aug 31 Cleared Balance $ 18,696.35
  • Money Market         Aug 1          30,809.32            Aug 31 Cleared Balance    30,831.56
  • PayPal                      Aug 1            1,925.95            Aug 31 Balance                       341.08
  • Membership            Total 305 for 2019/20

Unfinished Business:  Tony presented the Audit Committee’s 2017 audit report to the Board members for signing.  The committee has begun the 2018 audit and will do only one year at a time.

Committee Reports:

  • Social Activities:
  • Trunk or Treat: October 31, 5 PM to 8 PM.  Includes haunted house.
  • Christmas celebration: December 1.  Santa scheduled. Rob Moore and George Metzger to do large scale lighting in front of NCC.  Citizen’s Patrol asked to keep an eye and Kyle to place “Video Monitoring” signs in front, too.
  • Adult Prom night:  November 9th.   Howard will contact Aubrey the dance instructor to see if any synergy exists for the class participating.
  • Recess Monkeys concert:  September 28th.  Pia to provide update.
  • Membership: Naomi plans to do follow up letters with Hal, again.  Hal presented a chart of the signups.  Naomi and Hal were thanked profusely for the clearly improved signups for membership. 
  • Senior Activities:  Gig Harbor area senior center is moving again to the Lutheran Church at 6509 38th Street, Gig Harbor.  Dave McHugh made a pitch for a senior center at NCC – moved to the Trust agenda.

New Business:  Miguel mentioned that we plan to conduct another new-member reception at the NCC on September 23rd.  We should have some representatives there to meet and greet (and enlist as volunteers to pass along to Ray).

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.  The next meeting is October 10, 2019.

Respectfully submitted by Jim Braden for Secretary Naomi Grant.

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