FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 5-2-2013


May 2, 2013

BOARD ATTENDEES: Jim Braden, Hall Goodell, Gina Olson, Lynn Goodwin, Mimi MIller and Tony Moore. Jeff Goodwin was excused.

President Jim Braden opened meeting with call to order at 7:33 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report: Jim Braden

Floor restoration, contracted with Blair & Son, has been scheduled, with work to begin May 16th in the classrooms. Monday May 20th the building will be closed for use until completion June 7 and in time for event on June 8th.) There will be some carpet runners and felt pads on table legs in future. May 15th volunteers are needed to move furniture to storage/garaged.

FICRA Board and TRUST Board met on 4/27/13 to discuss/plan for future events. A Summary will be printed and made available. Discussed sustainability of FICRA events, maintaining volunteer involvement, and setting goals/ project ideas for future.

Treasure’s Report: Mimi Miller

Details of finances given. Please see attachment.

Membership is currently 405 persons.

Committee Reports:

Crime Watch: Stan Weston

Six Traffic Stops. One DUI on 300 Block of Island Blvd. One noise complaint of loud music. The position of Pierce County’s Community Resource Officer, held by Emily Watson, has been cut.

Hal proposed we initiate a Fox Island Crime Watch Month (in July), to increase resident awareness of what Crime Watch is doing for us. Ideas for this include an informational letter to residents in June, events, lectures, activities sponsored by Crime Watch, including PC Deputy, to help educate those interested. Possible Crime watch Work shop. Stan to ask Deputies if they will commit to involvement. Next Meeting for Crime Watch is Wed at 3pm.

Building Committee: Carolyn Braden

Flooring Restoration as noted above. Donations for acquisition of new chairs is going well. We now have 32 chairs purchased. An example chair has been displayed during events in Main room for anyone interested in contributing, getting positive feed back from users/renters. More donations are welcome/needed to replace the old ones.

Spring Clean up April 27 have left the NCC surrounding grounds cleaned, trimmed, manicured. 35 people attended. Kolbi Reimer has been hired to mow the lawn.

Secretary’s Report: Gina Olson

Minutes from the board meeting of Apr 4, 2013 were unanimously approved. Tony Motioned and Lynne seconded.

Social Activities:

Plant Sale this Saturday 5/4/2013. 12 to 4 pm.

FICRA Fair Applications, booth interest is already starting.

Friday May 10th is Open “Mic” (Microphone) Night. OPen Mic night is advertised through FICRA flash, sign and emails. All ages are welcome.

Garden Tour May 18th. Travis Foreman does Drift Wood. Quite a few vendors will be here. Tickets are available on

Karyn, Kallie, Lynne met to coordinate events.

Nature Center: Phillip Kraven

There are trillium on the Nature Center grounds, and there have been some donated/planted. Maple and Alder trees planted. Sequoia discs have been placed on soft trail spots with non-skid chicken wire placed. New sign posted stating FICRA/TRUST ownership, visible from road. Thank you to Ray Kittleberger donated/pay for this. May 22nd is next meeting. Next work party is 3rd Saturday.

Publicity: Kalli Ostner

Jim reported that Kalli is doing a great job keeping the website updated, and making excellent signs for events.

Fundraising: Jeff Goodwin (no report)

Special Committees and ByLaws. Nothing new. Separation of TRUST and FICRA has been seamless and Mimi has been successful in pulling it apart and making sense of it. Audit committee is working with Mimi. First Meeting in June. Next Trust will work on By Laws to finish things up.

Unfinished Business:

Hal says that the FI survey is done. Results will be used to plan for FICRA Fair as well as developing strategies for membership, etc.

Grants and Donations Committee. A chart will be showing Trust column and FICRA Column and a center section for Audit committee.

Rental of NCC Policy: A committee is needed to create more comprehensive policy for rental of NCC in future. No committee formed.

New Business:

Next planning meeting, needs another aspect or interesting event to peak the interest of FICRA members.

Hal says that the general membership meetings, or other FICRA meetings should have a short program of interest with a brief summary of board events. “Crows” was popular, bringing in a number of non-FICRA members, In consideration of this, another idea/presentation is being brainstormed, possibly regarding the book Ancient Futures, to be given by an Island resident Dr. Robert Yancey. Jim Will ask him to give lecture, possibly in November.

Emergency Notification: To be developed as a part of the Crime Watch program.

FICRA Fair has tradition of T shirt sale and design contest. FICRA Fair committee hosting design contest/providing T shirts at low cost from FICRA is a popular tradition, many feel should not end. Contest is June 1 to June 30th, however proposal has been made to re-print popular old design in Retro-like style, to be chosen by vote of FICRA members. More thought /planning needed. Suggested photographing all T-shift design from past and saving in/for archives.

Motion passed to adjourn. Next Meeting June 13, 2013. (Note that this is a week later than usual because of the floor replacement/repair work.)

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