December 6, 2016


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Howard Stapleton, Mimi Miller, and Bob Bowser.  Hal Goodell and Uwe Krohn, excused.

Minutes from the November 10, 2016 meeting approved.

President’s Report: Jim asked for advice on how to save and publish pictures of events.  Howard volunteered Lisa to sprinkle pictures on Facebook, our web site, and the store bulletin board.

Consent Calendar: No items.


Treasure’s Report: 


FICRA  Checking: 10-31 Bal: $41,864.07  11-30 Balance:$42,206.93

Money Market  10-31 Balance: $18,627.50 11-30 Balance: $18,629.03

PayPal Balance: 10-31 $23.97 11-30 Balance: $107.95

Membership for 2017 is at 296.  Un-renewed membership from 2015-16 is 190.

The budget for 2017 was introduced for discussion with a target year-end net income of $4,560.


Committee Reports: 

Social Activities Committee: Jim Braden.  The Christmas Tree/Concert event had fewer children than last year but was not so crowded therefore successful.  The concert was well attended and was well received – as usual.

Membership Committee: Bob Bowser.  Bob is trying to get the un-renewed list from last year to follow up by making contact to renew – initially by e-mail.  The question of shifting the membership renewal cycle from August 1 to January 1 was discussed.  No action taken.  Also, it was suggested that we charge $50 for our dues with $25 going to FICRA and $25 going to the Trust.  No action taken.

Publicity Committee: Jim Braden reports that Lisa Stapleton continues to improve the communication processes.  The paper Flash for December needs a decision on timing.

Special Committees: No reports.

Unfinished Business:  George Metzger has finished drawings for the power to the garage.  The next step is to have “Locators” come in and then begin trenching for the conduit.


New Business: 

Ray Kittelberger reports that Student Speaker contest was started 2 years ago.  Successful first year had 2 senior speakers.  No applicants last year.  Notices need to happen in early January and be less restrictive. Mimi Beck and Lynn Goodwin consulted, who suggest it is open to students outside of Fox Island.  Board members and attendees feel that we should broaden the applicants to include college students who have residence on Fox Island. Advertising should be expanded to FI Living, FICRA Flash, and FB. Be sure to select a subject enticing to men and women.  Suggested recognition of all participants, even if only 1 person is awarded the scholarship.


Bridge Update: no new update due to the recent elections.  Jim is continuing to pursue relationship with Caldier and Angel to press for the bridge.  He has just talked to County Engineer Kraig Shaner who says the next step is a survey of area residents by a professional survey firm to learn concerns on a new bridge design (bridge height being one of those concerns to be addressed).

“Numbers to Know” on our web-site has been updated.


Respectfully submitted by Denise Parrish, Secretary Next Meeting is January 12, 2017.  


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