June 8, 2017

Board Attendees: Howard Stapleton, Hal Goodell, Jim Braden, and Lesley Murphy were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order at 8:37pm by Howard Stapleton.  Mimi Miller, Denise Parrish and Deb Pishek were absent and excused.  Jim Braden agreed to take Meeting Minutes.

Minutes from the May 11, 2017 Board Meeting were approved with no changes.

President’s Report:  No report.

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell for Mimi Miller

  • FICRA Checking May 1 balance- $38,597.00       May 31 balance- $37,263.43
  • FICRA Money Market May 1 balance- $18,637.50       May 31 balance- $18,639.87
  • FICRA Pay Pal May 1 balance- $745.48            May 31 balance- $745.48
  • Membership 324 for 2016-2017 + 60 already renewed for 2017-2018

Committee Reports:

  • Finance Committee – No report.
  • Publicity Committee – Lisa Stapleton was absent, but provided the following written comments with additional responses from Board members shown in brackets [].
    • Lisa will work on an updated FICRA Fair poster and separate Fair Music Schedule poster this weekend.
    • Do we want a new bridge sign for the Fair or re-use the old one? [Jim and Howard to look at the old signs in the basement and decide.]
    • Newsletter articles are due on June 25 for July 1 emailing.
    • When would the board like the paper newsletter to go out (in advance of the fair)? [The next paper newsletter should go out by July 15th.]
    • Please remind Hal that I need his membership list to incorporate new emails into my list. [Hal will provide Lisa with an updated membership list.]
  • Social Committee – Lisa absent, but provided the following written comments with additional responses from Board members shown in brackets [].
    • Tentative plans for speaker on Search & Rescue, along with her dog ( She has agreed to come. Just need to plan a date.
    • Still thinking about the art show idea and the proper timing. [Some discussion on taking advantage of the Fair attendance, and, having a popular vote for this, too. Carolyn and Patty are helping.]
    • Still interested in Trick or Trunk activity for Halloween but need help on the haunted house idea. [No strong recommendation came forth.  No car club on the island and rain could be a real problem.]
    • Thinking about a variety show. Would like to have prize money to promote this. Could charge a small entrance fee and sell concessions to raise part of the prize money. [This sounded like a fun possibility and would get support.]
    • Ice Cream social? [Discussed pairing this up with Search & Rescue event.]
    • Movie night – possibly “If You’re not in the Obits, Eat Breakfast”. [Would have to be indoors as it stays light too late in the summer.]
    • Teens are interested in outdoor movie – something like Indiana Jones.
  • Membership Committee – No report.

Unfinished Business:

  • Gina Olson presented a design for this year’s t-shirts that will be sold at the FICRA Fair. She mentioned that a historical theme would also be a possibility and will pursue that as another option.
  • The Joint FICRA/Trust Board Policy on Communications (Policy 001) was approved.

New Business:

  • Jim noted that a bridge sign for the FI Directory needs to go up. Howard shared a draft sign that was edited by Board Members and will be printed.
  • Hal reviewed status for the Fair. He is working to locate a vendor for hot-dogs, since the Chapel wants to serve another menu.  He will be checking with the Museum.  To comply with applicable laws, we plan to be very strict on limiting alcohol purchase/consumption to designated areas.  This will be policed.  The Chapel may include a hard lemonade beverage this year along with the wine and beer offerings.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:12pm.  The next meeting will be on July 13th.

Respectfully submitted by Jim Braden for Secretary Denise Parrish.

FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 6/8/2017

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