September 14, 2017

Board Attendees: Hal Goodell, Mimi Miller, Lesley Murphy, Deb Pishek, Denise Parrish. Howard Stapleton excused.

The joint meeting of FICRA board and FICRA trust was called to order at 7:03pm by Jim Braden. It was decided that the FICRA meeting would occur first.

Minutes from the July 13, 2017 meeting were approved with no changes.

President’s Report: None.

Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Miller

 FICRA Checking Beginning balance- $37, 971.50 Ending balance- $44,971.19

 FICRA Money Market Beginning balance- $18,644.54 Ending balance- $18,646.92

 FICRA Pay Pall Beginning balance- $577.73 Ending balance- $305.00

 Membership 276 expired for 2016-2017 + 153 for 2017-2018


Committee Reports:

 Finance Committee- No additional report.

 Publicity Committee- No report.  Lisa on vacation.

 Social Committee-

o Paint the block house: Jim reported that 20 kids participated and painted. A clear coat will be added to preserve the paint.

o Trunk or Treat: Mike Martinez is heading this event which will be held October 31st at the Nichols Community Center.

 Membership Committee: Hal Goodell reported that the bulk of membership renewals are in. Letters will be sent to those past members who have not renewed for the last few years (approximately 250 people).


The meeting was adjourned at 7:24. Next meeting will be October 12, 2017.

Respectfully submitted by Denise Parrish.


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