FICRA Building Trust – Donation Form



Trust Donation receipt


The Trust is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization and as such any contributions ARE DEDUCTIBLE* if itemized on an individual’s income tax return. The Trust owns the Nichols Community Center, the Fox Island Playground and the Nature Center.


TRUST Choices:

__ Donation (open – for facility repair and preservation) $_____

__Nichols Center Building Rejuvenation _____

__Fox Island Nature Center _____

__other (specify) _________________________ _____


Sub Total: $_____


Method of payment: cash____ or, check____ (check #_______) or, PayPal_______*

(make check out to FICRA Building Trust)



Date of contribution: __________ , Interested in volunteer activity? ________________

Contributor Information (to remain confidential to the Trust)

Name(s) __________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________, cell: ________________________

e-mail: ____________________________________________


*This form must be filled out and mailed to: FICRA TRUST, P.O. Box 25, Fox Island, WA 98333 with check (if using PayPal, also go to, then to dues, then to donate).

_________________________________ ___detach here ___________________________________

(for donor’s records)

FICRA BUILDING TRUST Tax I.D. number: 31-1526764

Donor name____________________________ Amount: _________ Date paid: ______________

Volunteer activity interested in: _______________________________________________________

Note: A tax receipt will be mailed to the donor if the donation is $250 or more.


*Always check with your tax advisor. JMB 7-14-2013

About Fox Island FICRA

Welcome to the Fox Island FICRA Blog! We hope that this blog will give Fox Island residents and friends another way to keep up to date on Fox Island events, happenings, updates and news.
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