Nov 9, 2017


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, and Mimi Miller. Ray Kittelberger, excused.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:45 PM after completion of the FICRA Meeting.

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Recognitions: John Ohlson is here presenting regarding the recent changes in Boy Scouts of America.  BSA has approved the addition of girls into Cub Scouts in the fall of 2018. He reports that the big picture is that BSA has been listening nationwide, that the girls who come along with their brothers to the BSA meetings would like to participate.  87-90 % of Parents not involved in Scouting expressed interest in their daughter getting involved in Boy scouts or Cub Scouts. Cub Packs have option to remain gender specific, or a mixed pack of boys and girls. Dens would remain gender specific.  Pack 27 would be starting a girls den according to age. In 2019 the Girls for Boy Scouts will launch which intends to allow girls to advance in merit just the same as boys. The program is forward looking but has not had all details determined. Paul Anderson is taking over the Pack Leader position replacing John Ohlson. Jay Grey is the Cub Master.  Mandy Afrassiabi is the Troop Committee Chair. Don Schwendeman is also a leader.  John Ohlson will remain the Chairman of the Venture Crew.  We currently have 27 scouts and have generated 16 Eagle Scouts in the past 10 years.  A parent, Jennifer Cox, also gave testimony to the girls having already been included into Boy Scouts in Canada and England.

A proposal for a mixed pack was motioned, seconded, and unanimously approved.

The board acknowledges and expressed appreciation of John Ohlson’s tremendous efforts and success with leading the scouts here on FI for many years.


Minutes:  The Oct 12, 2017 meeting minutes unanimously approved.


President’s report: Jim reports a Pen Light employee Jonathan White, just retiring, suggested to Jim that it may be in the interest of Fox Island to vie for having an electrical system battery backup, as this may be where the future is going and Pen Light is studying that.

Emergency Planning Capital request at the State Level is approved, but Wa State budget approval is being held up on the basis of a water rights issues.  Jan Angel and Michelle Caldier are both in approval of FI EP request, but not clear when the issue and budget will be settled.

Bob Manahan, the Peninsula School District superintendent, has expressed interest in meeting with Fox Island at a board meeting. Jim would like to know what the board feels about how to best do this.


Consent Calendar Items: 

  1. The FICRA board has decided to donate to the FICRA Trust $23,150.00 (50% of the restoration cost) towards the completion of the Sports Field restoration.  This seems natural as the FICRA organization’s community/fun activities are the primary users of this area.  The Trust Board motioned and unanimously approved a resolution to accept the donation.
  2. The play field restoration is complete with new sod, seed and a new track.  The final invoice total payment out of the Capital Account to Ridgetop Golf is $46,299.89 (approx $3,000 under their original quote). The decision to pay the total was motioned, seconded and approved.


Treasurers Report: Mimi Miller.

Trust Checking account:

Oct 1 Balance: $40,383.07  Oct 31 Balance: $49,587.83

Trust Capital Checking:

Oct 1 Balance: $ 17,965.80    Oct 31 Balance: $ 10,965.80

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Oct 1 Balance: $20,480.17 Oct 31 Balance: $20,480.17

Trust Money Market:

Oct 1 Balance: $1,640.16       Oct 31 Balance: $1,640.43

Trust Savings: 

Oct 1 Balance: $91.82    Oct 31 End Balance $91.82

Trust PayPal: 

Oct 1 Balance: $3,362.70 Oct 31 End Balance $4,409.88


Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: Jim reports that the committee has met. Rental rates adjustments were discussed. The event rentals have been down this year.  Insurance for renters is also being reviewed, to cover small groups like the quilters, AA, etc. Jim will make sure all regular users have contracts signed.  Jim is setting up a meeting with Betty Perry to analyze the event rental issue.

Citizen Patrol: Stan Weston and Mike Gordon in attendance.  Stan reports that the “appliance theft” in the new construction reported last month had the deputy that we hire involved in the arrest of those involved in the theft. A white male, 5’8” with shirt around his head, staggering in the road was reported. On another day similar person jumping into traffic and belligerent with the police was arrested. A loud under-age party with drinking and drugs was busted. Auto accident, 3rd and Bella Bella (car rolled over).  An attempted theft of a car motor occurred.

Emergency Planning: Ray Kittleberger, excused. Jim reports Doug is making a presentation for the Gig Harbor Welcome Club, on how to get Emergency Prep started.

Building Committee: Jean Peterson, excused. Jim reports that windows are still in process.  Part of the cost may be covered by the Cheney Foundation.  We are investigating other funding sources

Nature Center: Ed Burrough.  Excused. No report. All is going as expected for this time of year.

Audit Committee: Tony, Joan and Leslie are planning to meet on Nov 15th at 1:30 pm.

Nominating Committee: Jim reports nothing new.


Special Committee: Saturday Night Fever (Jan Auction Event) is scheduled for Jan 27th.  The committee has had one meeting.  George Metzger is planning the do the light show.  They are working on live band or a DJ. There is some preference to use a DJ because the lighting can be coordinated. Concerns in the past regarding the volume of music will be given strong consideration`.


Unfinished Business:  

Capital Projects development:  Garage close to having lighting completed inside.

Letterhead for FICRA/Trust correspondence:  A sample was shown by Jim asking for opinions.

Advisory Position proposal:  No further discussion at this meeting.


New Business:  Jim encouraged all to get their monetary needs for 2018 submitted so we can pull the 2018 budget together.  The budgets for 2018 is to be in the Board’s hands by January’s Board meeting.


Next meeting: Dec. 14, 2017


Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM


Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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