Thursday, June 11, 2020, 6:30PM

2019-2020 FICRA Board 2019-2020 FICRA Trust Board
Miguel MartinezPresident Howard StapletonPresident
Pia BeethamVice President Naomi GrantVice President
Candy WawroSecretary Gina OlsonSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer Hal GoodellTreasurer
Howard StapletonPast President Jim BradenDirector

NOTE: This meeting will be held via video/teleconference.  You will need to have a computer or smartphone capable of running Zoom to participate.  We will send out links and passwords to meeting attendees the afternoon of 6/11; if you want to participate, send a request to

The agenda for this meeting has been limited to pending items requiring Board review/approval and essential topics that need to be discussed at this time.  Some agenda items are postponed until we are able to meet in a manner better suited for public feedback and interaction.  Standing committees will continue to meet as required and will report to their respective Boards as appropriate.

  1. Call to order and approval of absences
  2. Comments by FICRA & FICRA Trust Presidents
  3. Approval of May 28, 2020 Minutes (Available for download) for the Joint Special Meeting of FICRA & the FICRA Building Trust Boards – FICRA & Trust Board Vote
  4. Approve Annual Meeting Date, Location and Ballot for Election of the Board of Directors – Trust Board Vote
    1. June 21, 2020, Noon to 1:00PM at the NCC
    2. Ballot Recommended by Nominating Committee
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Hal Goodell
  6. FICRA Publicity Committee Report (manages communication with the public) – Miguel Martinez
    1. Conversion of E‑Flash from Constant Contact to Mailchimp
    2. Feedback on E‑Flash sent out 6/5
    3. Facebook/Instagram
  7. NCC Maintenance & Facility Improvements – Jim Braden
  8. Approve FICRA Building Trust Board Resolution 2020‑001 (attached) designating Project Management Responsibilities for the Building & Grounds Committee – Trust Board Vote
  9. Status of Planning for the 2020 FICRA Fair – Hal Goodell
  10. Meeting Adjournment (The next regularly scheduled meeting for the FICRA and FICRA Building Trust Boards is Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 6:30PM via video/teleconference.)

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