FICRA & FICRA Building Trust Board Joint Meeting Agenda 2-7-2013


AGENDA (preliminary)

2/7/2013 Board Meeting


Nichols Community Center

 Fox Island, WA 98333


FICRA Board of Directors

Jim Braden, President

Jeff Goodwin, Vice President

Patty Metzger, Secretary

Mimi Miller, Treasurer

Tony Moore, Director

Hal Goodell, Director

Lynne Goodwin, Immediate Past President

Ex-officio Youth Board members: Cheyenne Wong, Zack Sharp, Jessica Sharp, Max Reetz, Molly Reetz, Nathan Miller & Olivia Clancy


7:00 Meet and Greet/ 7:30 Joint FICRA/TRUST Board Meeting

  • Call to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Recognitions & sign in/volunteer time reminder
  • Approval of January 3, 2013 minutes
  • President’s Report
  • Consent Calendar (attached)
  • Treasurer’s Report (includes Finance Committee)
  • Committee Reports (5 minutes each, max)
  1. Crime Watch, Stan Weston
  2. Building Committee, Carolyn Braden
  3. Social Activities, Karen Craven
  4. Nature Center, Philip Craven
  5. Publicity, Kalli Ostner
  6. Fund Raising, Jeff Goodwin
  • Special Committees
  1. Bylaws, Jim Braden (FICRA/Trust separation)
  • Unfinished Business
  1. Membership/Fox Island Survey
  2. Grants/Donations Committees
  3. Rental process
  • New Business
  1. Election preparation
  2. Welcome packet
  3. General members meeting
  • Meeting Adjournment (next meeting is election meeting: March 7, 2013)


CONSENT CALENDAR (These are items that will be approved as a package unless a Board member or person from the audience requests an item be removed and discussed in detail individually.  The President will ask for any such requests at the beginning of the meeting.)


The Board discusses what it considers to be non-controversial issues between meetings and then conducts a vote on these in the regular meeting as a package to keep the regular meetings as time-effective as possible.


  1. No items at this time.








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