Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Ray Kittelberger, Gina Olson, and Hal Goodell.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 8:20 PM immediately after the FICRA Meeting conclusion.

Minutes:  The Minutes from Aug and Sept meeting minutes proposed for approval. Motioned to approve, seconded, and unanimously accepted.

President’s report:  Jim reports Jan 26 with be the PARTY with a PURPOSE. The Theme is not set. This Saturday is the Fall Clean up, and a project List has been posted for a while on FB. Lots of projects to work on. Jim will be taking all the signs we have on the property and have them redone. An Eagle Scout candidate would like to do the signs for the Sports Field Par Course for his project.   There has been one exercise station completed by an Eagle Scout candidate for the planned Par Course. There are 3 other locations picked for the other three “exercise” stations and Eagle Scout candidates interested in pursuing those.  They are also in charge of raising funds for their projects. He reports that the completed station was $1300 in materials. Jim is thrilled with the Eagle Scouts making these their volunteer projects.  . Jim proposes that the Board consider a donation from the Trust for these Eagle Scout projects because we are a significant material beneficiary of these projects.

Another person is interested in mounting the monitoring cameras, and the new signs will state “24 hour video monitoring”.

In addition to the cost reduction the Taylor Insurance broker has achieved for us, the cost for the building is being re-bid in May/June ahead of the August policy anniversary.

The Scouts now have their travel/camping equipment, which technically belongs to the sponsoring organization (the Trust), stored in the competed Scouts locker in the garage.  Jim finished a small room in the back of the garage for these belonging, and it appears to be well organized.

Jim reports CP have printed on reflective vests a logo to better identify those members as CP or EP officials.   Cost of vests ($532) already approved. $244.13 printing motioned by Tony, seconded by Ray, and unanimously approved. Tony reports that walkers are dressed in black and while no one is “doing anything wrong” it is frightening to him how they were not visible to him until he was dangerously close.  Board agreed to make the wearing of reflective clothing by pedestrians a Monthly Tip in our publications.

 Consent Calendar Items: None

Treasurers Report: Trust Checking account:  Sept 1 Balance: $87,145.01 Sept 30 End Balance: $83,852.08

Trust Capital Checking:  Sept 1 Balance: $8325.12  Sept 30 End Balance: $8325.12

Trust Reserve Checking:  Sept 1 Balance: $27,230.17 Sept 30 End Balance: $27,230.17

Trust Money Market:  Sept 1 Balance: $1,642.62   Sept 30 End Balance: $1,642.89

Trust Savings:  Sept 1 Balance: $105.93 Sept 30 End Balance $112.09

Trust PayPal:  Sept 1 Balance: $6,802.94 Sept 30 End Balance $9,342.72


Rentals have been up this year in comparison to last year.

Committee Reports:

Nature Center: Ed Burrough excused. NC meeting minutes are posted to the website.

Finance Committee: Jim report that there are still accounting projects in process. A thorough report is forthcoming.

Citizen Patrol: Ray Kittelberger: It was a quiet month. The deputy has been focused on routine work, with boat launch quieted down. A few items stolen from an open house.   An abandoned car stolen. Altercation at boat launch. And the front gate at Salmon Bay Estates vandalized.

Emergency Planning: Doug, Ray, Bob and Jim are working on a video.  We have a camera person and a consultant advising how our subject matter should be presented. The video will focus on what should happen in the “neighborhoods” during an emergency.  This video will be made available to FI residents to learn what their preparation  and role should be during an emergency. The new Ham Radio Club (currently has 7 members) is going well. There will be more advertising to get more local HAMs involved. New Club Call number is KJ7AZ), but working to acquire WA7FI.

Building Committee: The re-leveling and re-graveling of the parking lot cost $6539.41. A commensurate cost increase is proposed from the already approved Capital Project ($1,000) to $7000 which includes impacted garden planting.  Motion made by Ray, seconded by Gina and approved unanimously.  Jean reports that that the resulting new bed around the south parking lot will need to be planted, including marker plants so that the new border tiles, and the water meter at the corner of the garage, are not driven over.   Jean has looked into plants that are narrow, but have some form. She feels that larger plants are best, and may be more expensive. She has a list of $240 to $300 in plants she proposes to purchase for these areas.

The leaking foundation walls in the basement have been ground, crack sealed, and painted. The NCC roof and gutters, and the Gazebo roof, have been cleaned of moss.  The southwest sump cleaned.

Audit Committee: No report

Nominating Committee: Jim reports that there has been progress made preparing for 2019 elections. Jim sounds encouraged.

Unfinished Business: NCC Painting: Regarding Re-Painting, Jim has obtained information from Pacific Rim Environmental. They are requesting $500 for advising us on the repainting project.  There is a tight weather window this Fall to try to squeeze this in. Ficra Trust Insurance: see President’s Report.  Party with a purpose: Donation to Eagle Scout: much discussion, proposal to follow New Property Signs: addressed above

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 PM.  Next meeting is on Nov 8, 2018

Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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