Feb 8, 2018 


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Ray Kittelberger, Gina Olson, and Mimi Miller.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:02 PM

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Recognitions: Derek Young, accompanied by John Jolibois, special guests at this meeting, were interested in giving us an update on what

Derek has been doing at the County.


Derek Young, is our County Council member #7.

Fox Island Bridge Update: He says they are in the second phase of bridge type, size and location (TS&L) analysis, the county has funded (cost $1.2 million). There is, in the works, “a preferred alternative”: either a refurbishment or a full replacement of the bridge.  The completion of this phase, will help give a better idea of the whole cost of the bridge repair or replace cost. After this is complete, then they will be looking into financing.  The source of funding is still not clear.  County budgets typically don’t have structures like this historically.  He informs us that in the past this was state highway 303 (used to be the name of the FI Bridge). The state no longer has any investment in the bridge.   He will not be “the one to build this bridge” due to term limits of 4 years and the bridge solution being far beyond that.

Other Issues: He also mentions Stone Drive/Pt. Fosdick intersection will be replaced with a large “round about” making the intersection function better, and safer.

He says more staffing is in the plans to add more Sheriff deputy positions.  He says that the rural area will never have as many as urban areas.

He discussed behavior Health.  He has interest in reducing the opioid epidemic.  He started a task force full of many professionals in the community to come together with proposals and present it at a meeting.  There were many interested parties in this, and more will be done as funds become available.  There are some federal dollars also available for addressing the opioid addiction epidemic.

Locally, Pen Met Park District has not been receiving their share of “park funding,” so he was able to get the funding, which built new ball fields at Sehmel. Future dollars will be set for soccer fields.

Narrows Bridge tolls are to have a cap, rather than continue to rise.

Also regarding Herz decision and the State legislature, the new water withdrawals for exempt wells took a year of negotiations in capital budget finally completed.  He is happy to speak with us about any issues, and answer any questions.


Q&As:  Regarding the bridge, when will we hear about decisions?  Derek says that studies included meetings on FI with residents, and there will be updates from county sent by mail, emails through FICRA, and he promises to involve the residents of FI as much as possible. Each council member will be looking at the Dist #7 Council person to get feed back about what Islanders want.

Jim Braden adds that the communication between FI via FICRA and County has been working in cooperation to make decisions that are in the best interest of Fox Island residents. Derek says that working with an organization that speaks for Fox Island (FICRA Building Trust) is vey helpful.

Pierce County is paying for the T&S, but he is not sure if this is still using the same firm from Bellevue who did phase one, originally.  Derek says that the road fund budget is covering this. In terms of Roads Budget


Pam asked about the dollars involved.  She would like to see the county explore many different types of construction, before design.  She would like to see other options explored.  A guest asks if there is an options to back fill with draw bridge.  Derek explains this is not a viable option, but reducing width, and refurbishment is still being explored, but it also is of great expense by itself. The meeting at the NCC showed it is not large enough for future update meeting, however the Fox Island Church meeting seemed to hold all interested attendees (approx 100) comfortably.  There is spalling on the surface is still deteriorating, but Derek says there will be an overlay project before the “bridge comes down.”  He reassures us that the “bridge is still safe” despite the surface issues.  The rating remains low at 7, not just because of the deterioration, but because of lane width and pedestrian safety. There is no specific “thinking” at this time as to what costs will fall on the island residents.  Derek reminds us there is no precedent with this project in a county budget.  There will be some county contribution, Derek reassures resident that FI will not have to “pay for the bridge” all by themselves. There will be a mix of resources. Are there dollars available from Federal funds, via committees in WA (local and state Puget Sound Regional Council).  Federal “ear marking” has stopped at this time, but may return again at sometime in the future.  Derek Young says that Derek Kilmer is sympathetic to our bridge.


Also mentioned: Shoulder improvement issues. Traffic safety on Fox Island is an issue.  Traffic Safety on 11th and FI blvd.  A new issue is Senior housing on Fox Island.  The density zoning is R10, so that it is difficult to find a location.  Adjustement to zoning may be needed in the future so allow for senior housing. Derek says that the State Growth management, not just the county, allows changes around rural neighborhood centers, but there is not one on Fox Island.


The addition of more deputies includes Lt Wilder, and plus one.


Other guests in attendance are Pam and Ernie Wolrich, Greg Moore, Bee Kittleberger,, Lisa Stapleton, and Miguel Martinez.


Minutes:  The Jan 18, 2017 meeting minutes unanimously approved.


President’s report:

A $7000 county grant from the Pierce County has been used to purchase the emergency fuel reserve at the store.  We have a $16,900 grant from State of WA capital budget, which will help secure physical supplies for emergency preparedness.  Jim thanked the Derek and County Council for their contributions to acquiring this grant.

The Furnace (recently decertified) has been re-certified for another year.

There is a grant request underway to the Milgard Foundation for the purpose of restoring the badly deteriorating windows in front, and replacing thee gapping windows in back.  They will contribute some portion or percentage, in addition to what Ficra Trust will have to pay.  The Cheney Foundation will be approached for helping with this funding.

Another success story is that the Party with a Purpose (started by Jean Peterson, and Lynn Goodwin in 2011) was a wonderful event. Fun and record setting funds were raised.  


Consent Calendar Items: (All items approved unanimously)

Approval of Changing the dollar amount to  Deputy Sheriff McDonald to an equivalent hourly increase instead of the $500 bonus approved in the Dec 14, 2017 Board Meeting.

Approval of the 2018 Budget proposal submitted by the Finance Committee dated: 12:01 AM, 2-8-2018


Treasure’s report was presented (with a reconciliation to be made in Projects Budget.)  Jim reassures everyone that there is a regular Audit review.  Mimi motion to approve, Ray seconded, and all approved.


Treasurers Report: Mimi Miller.

Trust Checking account:

Jan 1 Balance: $38,256.30  Jan 31 End Balance: $59,956.08

Trust Capital Checking:

Jan 1 Balance: $8,325.12   Jan 31 End Balance: $8,325.12

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Jan 1 Balance: $20,480.17 Jan 31 End Balance: $20,480.17

Trust Money Market:

Jan 1 Balance: $1,640.70    Jan 31 End Balance: $1,640.84

Trust Savings: 

Jan 1 Balance: $91.82  Jan 31 End Balance $91.82

Trust PayPal: 

Jan 1 Balance: $2,555.46 Jan 31 End Balance $6,861.85


Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: Jim reports that the budget has been completed and submitted to the Board.  It was reviewed and improved as noted above.

Citizen Patrol: Ray Kittelberger reports January was a “quiet month” crime-wise.  Deputy focused on traffic control. There was 1 auto theft by the person’s family member.  The CP and Trust Board believe that the deputy hired helps in a big way to keep crime on FI low.

Emergency Planning: Ray gave summary report of FIEP from formation to present: The EP has been underway for 4.5 years.  During this time we developed neighborhood teams, groups, communications center, triage center, shelters, training and more.  We were invited (the only community) to participate in WA State and FEMA sponsored Earthquake drill (June of 2016).  We have been recognized by the State, County, School District, and Fire Dept.  There are about 125 member volunteers currently. Feb 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm there will be a Block Captain meeting with Guest Speaker/Sandi Doughton, Author/Journalist of book called “Full Rip 9.0” All are invited to attend.  There is an even distribution currently of block captains, but more are needed.  Lisa adds that the last EP newsletter someone questioned whether the FI fire station might become an active station, rather than volunteer, in the future.

Building Committee: Jim reports that the basement project needs a second emergency exit since we are doing more activities in the basement (FIEP communications room). The doors on the south side are damaged from weather and should be replaced. Wood work around souith side windows to be replaced before building to be re-painted.

Nature Center: Ed Burrough reports they have plans for a special day called “Holly Blitz,” where volunteers will focus all efforts on digging up and removing small Holly tree starts (which are not native, and seeded by birds).  He reports that the work continues, but otherwise not much has changed, although new growth has started, with recent small buds showing.

Audit Committee: Tony, Joan and Leslie met on Nov 15th at 1:30 pm. Report is in progress. Leslie says they have wrapped up 2016, and reports have been submitted.

Nominating Committee: Jim reports nominees are in the works. Ficra Trust board members all to remain on nomination ballot, with exception of Mimi (who is at term limit) and Hal Goodell has volunteered to be the nominee for Treasurer.  Elections to be held at April meeting.


Special Committee: PWP (Party with a Purpose) Saturday Night Fever (Jan Auction Event) was held on Jan 27th as noted above.

Unfinished Business:  

Capital Projects development.  Furnace as discussed above.

Letterhead for FICRA/Trust correspondence. Nothing new to report.

Advisory Help. Jim encourages our advertising for volunteers (and meeting guests) to consider.


New Business:    None.


Meeting adjourned 8:17 PM


Next meeting: March 8, 2018


Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


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