October 13, 2016


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Hal Goodell, Denise Parrish, Mimi Miller, and Bob Bowser.  Uwe Krohn and Howard Stapleton excused.

Meeting called to order at 8:30 PM.

Minutes from the September 8, 2016 meeting approved.

President’s Report:  Jim reported that the Lost & Found system is up and running – no claims made, yet.  A person has volunteered to reset the brass plaque display.  No objections from the Board members to consolidating the time periods to make more room.  Jim indicated he and George Metzger will install the AED unit on the east wall at the end of the hall in front of the kitchen.

Consent Calendar: No items.

Treasure’s Report: Mimi Miller


FICRA  09-01 Checkbook: Bal: $40,993.58  09-30 Balance:$41,943.23

Money Market  09-01 Balance: $18,624.39 09-30 Balance: $18,625.92

PayPal Balance: 09-01 $269.50 09-30 Balance: $0.00

Membership for 2017 is at 287. 195 have not yet renewed.


Committee Reports: 


Social Activities Committee: Jim Braden.  The new quilting group begins tomorrow.  We have an environmental gardening expert meeting on the 19th to set a date for a presentation at NCC.

Membership Committee: Will try to get something into Living Fox Island magazine.  Will consider handing out cards for those who have paid.  Will work with Howard to see if there is a way to have a person check on their membership status on line.

Publicity Committee: We are working to update the welcome packets.  Jim and Hal will put together a fuller write-up on the value of FICRA and the Trust to Fox Island.  We will put the new resident welcome packets onto our web-site, too.


Unfinished Business:

Casper Baby Pants: Met the budget target: net proceeds $334.

T-shirts:  Gina gave the try to get orders for individual shirts which was very successful: 39 shirts ordered.  Almost all are here ready for vol’s to deliver (& collect!!)

New Business: 

Bridge Update:  Jim has made contacts at the County level and is getting visits set with our Federal representatives.


Meeting adjourned at 8:57 PM.


Next Meeting: November 10, 2016.  


Respectfully submitted by Denise Parrish, Secretary

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