Dec 14, 2017


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Ray Kittelberger, Gina Olson, and Mimi Miller in attendance.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 8:05 PM after completion of the FICRA Meeting.

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Recognitions: At the opening of the FICRA meeting Jim asked to introduce some of the visitors so they could leave when they needed to.  Jim introduced Mandy Afrassiabi and Andy Morgan of Scout Troop 27 who indicated they are looking forward to working with the Trust on projects that would benefit the Trust and the Scouts (e.g. Eagle projects).  Jim also recognized Ann Wood, Terry Mace, Terry Wall and Philip Craven who made a presentation on the Nature Center’s interest in the Wickline property (see below).


Minutes:  The Nov 11, 2017 meeting minutes unanimously approved.


President’s report:

Scouts Troop 27 has new leadership. Don Schwendeman, taking over for John Ohlson as Scoutmaster.  Tony says that there is a collection of assets which the Scouts have that belong to the Trust.  This should be added to our asset list, and reviewed by the Audit Committee.

A person has contacted the NCC with request to conduct dog training at the NCC. There will be more information to follow on this for the Board to consider.


Consent Calendar Items: 

  • Decision to approve $600 for the Emergency Prep “OK” Neighborhood signs.  Ray reports this is for Block Signs, per Bob Bowser. This amount to be $600, +/- $50.
  • John Ohlson resolution.

Consent Calendar unanimously approved


Treasurers Report: Mimi Miller.

Trust Checking account:

Nov 1 Balance: $49,587.83 Nov 30 Balance: $42.803.52

Trust Capital Checking:

Nov 1 Balance: $ 10,965.80   Nov 30 Balance: $325.12

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Nov 1 Balance: $20,480.17 Nov 30 Balance: $20,480.17

Trust Money Market:

Nov 1 Balance: $1,640.16     Nov 30 Balance: $1,640.43

Trust Savings: 

Nov 1 Balance: $91.87 Nov 30 End Balance $91.87

Trust PayPal: 

Nov 1 Balance: $4,409.88 Nov 30 End Balance $3924.08


Donation Income: Ray says we need to resolve where the $7000 for fuel given to us by the county, should be moved from income, into asset.  This will be resolved in the budget development process.

Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: Jim – did not meet in November.  Joan would like copy of P&L be sent to the finance committee. Mimi will start doing this monthly.

Citizen Patrol: Stan Weston reporting.  Only 1 incident in Nov which was a theft on 6th Ave. Stan reports that the sheriff continues to be a valuable asset, frequently working beyond the hours/week he is hired by Ficra Trust/Citizen Patrol.  He has been helpful in following up with investigation of burglaries.  The Citizen’s Patrol Committee would like to give him a $500 bonus before Christmas.  The Board approved a motion that a one-time $500 bonus be given to Sheriff Joe McDonald for his dedicated service and the resulting crime statistics for 2017. There is to be an attendant letter (to be approved by the board) from the Ficra Building Trust and the Citizen Patrol.

Emergency Planning: Doug made a Power Point presentation to the Gig Harbor Welcome Club. Jim Braden attended.  Ray Kittleberger says we are doing this as an outreach program to groups interested. This Sat is a first aid class at the NCC.

Building Committee: Jean Peterson, excused. Jim reports that the new grass is holding up well on the new field in spite of the wild weather. It continues to be a dog-free zone.  The track is firming up well too.

Nature Center: Phil Craven reported that the Nature Center Committee is interested in the preservation of the western 80% of the Wickline property as natural.  The Nature Center Committee will have Jim visit their next meeting to review status of that property being acquired by the Trust.

Audit Committee: Tony, Joan and Leslie met on Nov 15th at 1:30 pm. Report is coming out in the next couple of days.  No significant findings.

Nominating Committee: Jim reports nothing new.


Special Committee: PWP (Party with a Purpose) Saturday Night Fever (Jan Auction Event) is scheduled for Jan 27th. A couple of sponsorships are starting to come in.  Jim’s main concern is identifying the items for the live auction.  Carolyn has been advising him that it is progressing well.


Unfinished Business:  

Capital Projects development.  Expense report needs work: Capital Checking should match up with the Capital Expense report.

Letterhead for FICRA/Trust correspondence:  Ideas are in, and Jim is working with Howard and Lisa on this. It will remain inexpensive. The welcome packets have been replenished at the Post Office.

Advisory Position proposal, was explained by Ray Kittelberger during the Ficra Meeting.  Persons with experience or skill set can be kept in “reserve” position to be helping new volunteers. and we should advertise for any special skill sets we need.


New Business:

Student Speaker Contest (Error. Should be on Ficra Meeting Minutes).

It is proposed that the Fair T-shirt/sales program be moved from Ficra to the Ficra Trust. Straw vote taken and it was unanimously agreed to.

NNext meeting is on Jan 11, 2017


Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary


Motion/vote summary:

  • Minutes approved
  • $600 for EP signs
  • John Ohlson resolution
  • Move Fair T-shirts to Trust


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