Dec 6, 2016


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, Ray Kittelberger and Mimi Miller in attendance.


Meeting opened by Tony Moore at 7:07 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record


Minutes:  The Nov 10, 2016 meeting minutes have been posted on-line, and were unanimously approved.


President’s report: Tony Moore

No report.


Consent Calendar Items: Unanimously approved

  1. Financial & Crime Watch Reporting: Simple statistics of the crimes of each month. Report money to continue to remain simple, transparent and with solvency.  Details posted on-line.
  2. Moving the December Board Meeting to Dec 6th.  This was an adjustment this month in order to allow FICRA meeting participants to attend another island event on Thursday, December 8.
  3. Opening a Capital project Titled Sports Field Rehab Project that reflects the amount collected in the “Buy a Brick” fund-raising effort.  Money donated for a specific project or program to be identified and placed in the Capital Projects account and shown on the Capital Expenditures document (to be renamed :“Capital Projects & Expenditures”).
  4. Approved up to $200 for updating the brass plaque board for posterity.
  5. Approve Locating the AED box at the East end of the hall in front of the kitchen.
  6. Scouts are planting a tree at Northwest corner of Sports Field.


Treasurers Report: Mimi Miller

Trust Capital Checking: 

Nov 1 Balance: $25,794.16 Nov 30 Balance: $8,678.67

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Nov 1 Balance: $9,730.17 Nov 30 Balance: $9,730.17

Trust Checking account:

Nov 1 Balance: $15,469.59    Nov 30 Balance: $20,029.73

Money Market:

Nov 1 Balance: $1,911.28       Nov 30 Balance: $1,911.28

Trust PayPal: 

Nov 1 Balance: $909.43 Nov 30 End Balance $1,151.58

Trust Savings: 

Nov 1 Balance: $78.93 Nov 30 End Balance $78.93


Mimi put all the money from the Party with the Purpose into one account.  She make the corrections to this in distribution. No other corrections.


NCC building insurance to change in 2017 budget ($2,000 additional premium).  The scale of the January 2017 fundraiser is downsized for a net reduction of $4,000 in revenues.  Net income for 2017 drops to $355, so we will have little new capital for projects.


Committee Reports: 

Crime Watch: Ray Kittelberger, and Mike Gordon, for Stan Weston. According to the County Report for FI, for October, the number of crimes year-to-date are the same as of 2015. However the mix has changed considerably.  Whereas, property crimes are down 26% other crimes are up. There are more drug possession crimes and fraud and forgery.  Many of those crimes, like credit card theft, are not committed on the island, but rather are committed elsewhere, but the resident lives on the island and is included in our statistics.  Your citizen patrol members have stepped up surveillance.  Recently, on 11th avenue, three citizen patrol “we are watching” signs have been stolen and one since recovered.  Strangers coming from the tree farm were spotted and a neighbor and his dog confronted them.  Crime watch was alerted.  With permission of the owner three citizen patrol members walked the property and encountered teenage boys. In discussion we may have a lead on the stolen signs.


A mail theft perpetrator was arrested attempting to cash a check. The off-duty sheriff we pay for is also being incorporated into the house check operation.


Emergency Planning: Ray Kittelberger.  Lots of activity underway.  Ham Operators, and Citizen patrol hand held radios are in continuous testing.  A Map is being prepared in order to coordinate or pin-point good spots for evacuation if needed.  This will be given to Citizen Patrol.  Lake Bay has a shelter set up at a Lutheran Church, and this was looked at by 3 of our team.  We learned how to store food most efficiently. Our shelters are the UCC and FIAC churches, if they are safe and habitable during an emergency.  Emergency Planning team needs to meet soon after the new year.  A presentation should be made to our residents – to be scheduled in April. Jim is to coordinate a possible Fire District representative presentation so residents learn about the emergency plan and how they might prepare.  A drill also considered.  Block Captains to attend.

Jim reported we got a $7,000 award approved from the county, via our Rep Young & John Jolibois, for fuel inventory at the store. Jim is working with officials (Jan Angel and Michelle Caldier) for more funding for our Emergency Prep needs.

Building Committee: Jim Braden, for Jean Peterson. The preparations for our party with a purpose, called “Evening in Venice”, is coming along nicely. Invitations will go out this next week. It may be a smaller event this year (late start).

Nature Center: Ed Burrough, excused.  Nature Center November 3rd Minutes are posted.


Special Committees: 

Audit Committee: No report.

Nominating Committee: A Nominating Committee is needed.  No report.


Unfinished Business:  

Auction: see Building Committee report, above.

Sport Field: The “buy a brick” program will continue to raise money for this project, but will not be a part of the “Evening In Venice”

Planning Calendar: Howard held a training session on Nov 30, and board members started learning on how to coordinate a Google Calendar for FICRA, albeit slowly. There is a training folder for each person to individually learn more.

Publicity: Brochure updates have been made. New photos have been added to 2 separate brochures representing FICRA Trust (the building) and FICRA (the events). Howard would like to know how many are typically printed.


New Business:


Both Boards met with Finance Committee.  Reviewed the Finance Committee recommended 2017 budget which needs to be approved at the January, 2017 meeting.  Rental Rates have been adjusted, but rentals and long term rental strategy needs to be worked on. Auditorium capacity is 150 max, with only chairs, and 80 persons max, with tables.


Next meeting is on Jan 12, 2017


Meeting Adjourned at 8:25 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Director


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