Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Ray Kittelberger, Gina Olson, and Hal Goodell. Tony Moore excused.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 8:31 PM immediately after the FICRA Meeting conclusion.

Minutes:  The Minutes from January 10, 2019 meeting minutes were presented for approval. It was decided to amend the section in regards to the motion to approve the vests for EP and CP, and the new signs for the CP vehicles.  The amended January minutes will be up for approval at the March Board meeting.  The expenditures for the vests and signs will be up for approval at the March meeting.

President’s report:

Jim would like to publish the summary of the past year’s accomplishments on the website and newsletter.  All agreed.  Jim will send the draft out for review by Board members of FICRA and the Trust.

The welcome packets have been re-written and published.  Jim has placed them at the post office for distribution to new residents.  He would like the board to review them and recommend any improvements.

Consent Calendar Items: None

Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Checking account: Jan 1 Balance: $78,997.88 Jan 31 Balance: $108,593.19

Trust Capital Checking: Jan 1 Balance: $6,344.03 Jan 31 Balance: $6,344.03

Trust Reserve Checking: Jan1 Balance: $33,980.17 Jan 31 Balance: $33,480.17

Trust Money Market: Jan 1 Balance: $1,644.14 Jan 31 Balance: $1,644.70

Trust Savings: Jan 1 Balance: $112.09 Jan 31 Balance $112.09

Trust PayPal: Jan 1 Balance: $3,530.57 Jan 31 Balance $8,027.63

PayPal up due to admission fees for PWP and rental income. $650 dollars had been paid for a rental to us in previous months (returned to the renter in error by Hal) and the renter returned the payment as asked. Balance sheet had a negative amount, and Gisela reviewed with Hal and determined that it was money donated into the Capital funds, and mistakenly not first listed as income. This was corrected by a general journal entry.

Addressing the budget draft:  Party with a Purpose raised the highest amount of donations on record.  The rough numbers are gross of $36,000 and net of $30,000 and are reflected in the budget document.

Motion made to approve the budget as presented which was seconded and unanimously approved.  Budget document dated 2-14-2019 will also be saved in the Gmail repository.

Ray will be meeting with an accounting consultant and Finance Committee to set up a different scale of depreciation of assets.

Standing Committee Reports:

Nature Center: Ed Burrough, excused.  Nature Center Minutes posted on-line. They are doing well!

Finance Committee: Jim, Ray, Hal have more numbers to crunch prior to putting out the reports on Capital and Reserve.

Citizen Patrol: Ray Kittelberger reports no CP meeting today. Denise reports no deputy report for the month. Ray spoke with deputy at the boat launch and he saw no reports of crime.  Someone had advertised a generator for sale, which was then subsequently stolen.  There are 2 new members of Citizens’ Patrol after passing background check. There have been fireworks set off at the boat launch more than once now however, local residents are more concerned about traffic safety with the congestion at the site.

Emergency Planning: Ray reports he and Jim met with DEM and PC Peggy Lovelford.  Our EP Team will be honored by PC at a brunch to be held on March 16th. This is for our volunteer efforts on behalf of FI and some of the Team also assists PEP-C. Jim and Ray have been working on a manual to assist our Block Captains (BCs) in organizing their neighborhoods. The manual has 3 sections: BC response, Neighborhood prep, and Instructive forms.  Finally, PEP-C has requested our EP Team to participate in their Fair on March 2nd at GHHS to explain “how to approach organizing an Emerg Plan”.  We will present our Power Point presentation.  We will have a booth next to PEP-C. . The water company (FIMWA) has agreed to store a trailer that we plan to acquire (which will hold emergency supplies).  They plan to build a shed to cover a backhoe and equipment and will be considering covering our trailer too.

Building Committee: PWP was very successful. There are funds now available to replace the failing windows in the NCC. Jim has been working with the Cheney Foundation, again, for their support.  Jim proposes we commit $40-50,000 from the board, so that the Cheney Foundation can consider matching our funding. They need, next, a letter of intent in order to move forward. He sees that adding the cost of the painting may be essential at the time windows are replaced.  He asks the board for approval to proceed pending final approval once detailed estimates and commitments are secured.  Unanimously agreed.

Audit Committee: This committee to meet soon to review 2017.

Nominating Committee: Jim reports more planning still needed.

Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (FIARC). Ray, Hal and Jim are figuring out where this should fit into the Ficra Trust, which is its parent organization.  Hal would like to see it placed in 2 separate areas of organization chart, as both a committee, and/or a subcommittee in EP Planning. Hal says there is another new Ham certification class scheduled for March 23-24th. 

Unfinished Business:

Eagle Scout projects continue, but currently held up by the weather.

Thank you Letters have been sent to donors to the PWP – a few left to go.

New Business:

1. Asphalt applied to the parking lot to improve the parking surface. Jim would like permission to allocate $1000 plus another application of gravel in muddy areas – total of $1500 to complete improvement to south parking lot. The motion made by Hal, seconded and unanimously approved.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 PM.  Next meeting is on Mar 14, 2018

Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson

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