Mar 8, 2018 


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Ray Kittelberger, Gina Olson, and Mimi Miller in attendance.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:42 PM

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Minutes:  The Feb 8, 2018 meeting minutes unanimously approved.


President’s report:

Pierce County Council member Derek Young gave a report last meeting.  From this, they have asked us what they can do for Fox Island?  There are a few troublesome intersections, there are projects in motion for senior housing potential.  Are there any other concerns?  Tony Moore is concerned about some of the leaning roadside trees which may be a great risk for coming down in the next wind storm. Ray Kittleberger is concerned about street lighting, and suggests maybe a blinking yellow caution light at the intersection of 11th and Island Blvd.

Grants: We have been awarded a $17,000.00 (as expended) Emergency Preparation Grant from the State.  Two other grants are in process for replacement/restoration of windows in the NCC.  The Cheney Foundation may decide to join in if the Milgard grant is approved.

Insurance: We sponsor the Boy Scouts, and all of their assets (tents, flags, etc) are the property of the Trust. Donnie Schwendemen has inventoried all this, and will advise us of that.  Jim checked our Trust insurance and discovered it does not cover any contents in our NCC fire insurance policy.  Tom Taylor, our insurance agent, will work with Jim on this.



Consent Calendar Items: None


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell for Mimi Miller

Trust Checking account:

Feb 1 Balance: $59,956.08  Feb 28 End Balance: $64,627.65

Trust Capital Checking:

Feb 1 Balance: $8,325.12   Feb 28 End Balance: $8,325.12

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Feb 1 Balance: $20,480.17 Feb 28 End Balance: $20,480.17

Trust Money Market:

Feb 1 Balance: $1,640.84   Feb 28 End Balance: $1,641.03

Trust Savings: 

Feb 1 Balance: $91.82  Feb 28 End Balance $100.93

Trust PayPal: 

Feb 1 Balance: $6,861.85 Feb 28 End Balance $7,734.85

Paypal balance to be moved to designated accounts. FICRA Building Trust reserved study reviewed.

A donor recently gave $5,000.00 to the FICRA Trust. We are fortunate to have generous support.


Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: No report.  Jim and Hal plan to meet with committee.

Citizen Patrol: Ray Kittelberger reports CP is now under the direction of Doug Nelson.  Reorganization is still in progress.  County no longer publishes crime stats for each month, but will continue to do so once yearly. Deputy reports multiple sightings of a homeless person.  Deputy plans to make contact and give off island resources.  Burglary of home under construction. An outdrive motor taken off a boat on Pilchuck.  A full write-up by Dave Smith was published to help boat owners prevent this type of theft. Deputy continues to conduct traffic stops and give warnings. Deputy monitors school bus stops on early morning visits to FI. Looking for more volunteers for CP.

Emergency Planning: Ray reports Bob Bowser hosted a Block Capt meeting on 2/20/17 with guest speaker Sandi Doughton “Full Rip 9.0” author.  It was attended by 40.  Doug made an FIEP development presentation to the Point Evens community. More presentations planned in the future in coop with PEP-C. Doug made a presentation to PEP-C Meeting, also. Supplies recently accumulated include: State Grant for $17,000 for EP supplies, County $7,000 for Emer Fuel, 200 blankets, Cots from Dist 5 FD, Medical Supplies from CP members. Monthly Article are published on FICRA.ORG to update FI residents. May 8th island-wide presentation by FIEP at FI Alliance Church.

Building Committee: Jim reports that the repainting is needed as already discussed. (Also reserve account as already discussed.) New field is looking good, grass is coming in, however it is still too immature for activity, so the back ball field remains closed for now.

Nature Center: Ed Burrough excused.  Jim reports they secured plants (90 native plants) from the Pierce County Native Plant Sale (and have planted most of them, already).

Audit Committee: The Committee 2016 audit is in the hands of the Board for final review and response. This will go into the Gmail repository for long term storage.

Nominating Committee: Jim reports nominees are in the works for the April election. FICRA Trust welcomes any new persons interested in joining the Nominating Committee.


Unfinished Business:  

Capital Projects development. Capital Projects report is being overhauled by Jim and Hal.

Letterhead for FICRA/Trust correspondence. Nothing new to report.

Advisory Help Publicity. Jim asks volunteers/guests to consider being a resource for special projects they have interest and/or expertise in. Ray has a volunteer form to solicit volunteers with specific professional experience. Howard reports that there are about 3,000 to 5,000 hits on our web site per month. Ray volunteers to coordinate new volunteers.


New Business:

Rental requests: Jim is hesitant to allow recurring rental programs to be sure we have openings for individual activities which is why he circulates these inquiries among the Board members for advice. More discussion needed on this.

Dogs: When the field opens, a decision needs to be made if dogs will be allowed on the grounds.


Next meeting: April 12, 2018

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 PM

Respectfully submitted, Gina Olson, Secretary


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