Thursday, April 11, 2019

Board Attendees:  Howard Stapleton, President; Naomi Grant, Vice-President; Gina Olson, Secretary; Hal Goodell, Treasurer; Jim Braden, Director

The Trust Board meeting, with the newly elected Board, was convened at 8:12 PM, following the FICRA meeting.   In accordance with the FICRA Building Trust Bylaws, officers were appointed as reflected in the Board Attendees listed above.  

Minutes from the March 14, 2019 Trust Board Meeting were approved.

President’s Report:  None.

Consent Calendar Items:  None.

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Checking account: Mar 1 Balance: $123,601.60, Mar 31 Balance: $123,031.61

Trust Capital Checking: Mar1 Balance: $5,265.03, Mar 31 Balance: $4,083.69

Trust Reserve Checking: Mar 1 Balance: $33,480.17, Mar 31 Balance: $1,541.00

Trust Money Market:  Mar1 Balance: $1,644.20, Mar 31 Balance: $33,608.52

Trust Savings: Mar 1 Balance: $137.10, Mar 31 Balance $137.11

Trust PayPal: Mar 1 Balance: $2,179.91, Mar 31 Balance $2,810.16

Jim commented on the fact that FICRA, and particularly the Trust, have significant cash balances, but they are committed to maintenance (Reserve Study Account) and projects earmarked like the replacement of the NCC windows (estimated to be around $90,000) and exterior painting (estimated to be $30 – 40,000 due to the paint having lead content).  Heidi Alessi and Tony Moore ask that we note in the minutes, and highlight on the website, this situation so the public can easily see the financial picture.  Heidi also suggested including summarized information on the cost of maintaining the NCC in an annual report for the Trust.  Jim has been tending to the Reserve Study which delineates all the mandatory maintenance needed to keep the NCC looking good and functioning well.

Standing Committee Reports:

  • Nature Center:  Ed Burrough, excused. Nature Center Minutes are monthly posted on-line. They are doing well.
  • Finance Committee:  Budget has been completed and approved.  Further evaluation of the budgeting process is to be done in the next year.  Ray Kittelberger suggests we should have written policy and procedures in a manual. It is helpful when members leave and new ones start. Jim and Ray will start writing a Policy /procedures manual.
  • Citizen Patrol:  There are 4 new members. Joining CP requires that you have to pass a back ground check. They keep an eye on school bus stops, and drive the island regularly. They do home checks when residents request it during their vacations or absences. We have sent a message, via our Sheriff Department, to the HS students to make them aware that the boat launch is going to be monitored by P.C. Deputy. Amazon now has private delivery vans which are not marked, and therefore have drawn suspicion, but CP will continue to keep an eye on it. There continues to be concerns about vehicle speeding. There is now a stop sign rather than a yield at the corner of Island Blvd and 9th Ave.
  • Emergency Planning:  Jim reports that the committee has been distributing a 3-ring binder for Block Coordinators. The PEP-C Fair was attended by Jim, Ray, Doug Nelson, Abby Schofield and AP Templet.  Jim and Doug presented our Emergency Prep program at the Fair. We are looking at Vashon Island communications and we have plans to continue expanding our communications.  Our new Amateur Ham Radio Club has about 25 members, and is conducting monthly meetings. Hal and Jim are going to a 2-day conference in Seattle on Emergency communications April 13th & 14th.  AP Templet has taken over as Neighborhood Block Coordinator lead. New series of EP videos are in the works with the first one now on YouTube. Lisa Stapleton reports we have a channel on YouTube where they can be viewed.
  • Building Committee:  Eagle Scout projects are continuing on the property. Property signs are in the works. See the comments in Treasurer’s Report above concerning windows and painting.
  • Audit Committee:  Tony Moore is looking for another person to chair the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee plans to meet and will provide a report.
  • Nominating Committee:  Jim reports “We are done for this year”.
  • Fox Island Amateur Radio Club:  See the comments in Emergency Planning above.

Unfinished Business:  An amendment to the FICRA Building Trust Bylaws was posted for review. The Board was planning to vote on it tonight, but decided to provide more time to ensure notification requirements are met and that interested people have time to review the proposed changes.  The proposed Amendment will be voted on at next month’s meeting.

New Business:  

Gina reports the FICRA Fair T‑Shirt Committee met again today. Deborah Conlin has hired a local Gig Harbor Artist to help draft a design for the Fair shirt for this summer. The initial design has been submitted and the committee is looking forward to revisions and finalization.  

Lisa reports that the Fair and Chapel on Echo Bay have a potential conflict on the day of the Fair as all of the Chapel chairs will be in use for a wedding. Jim noted that the NCC metal chairs downstairs are available for use outside.  Lisa is a participant in NCC yoga classes, and she reports that there are sometimes tables set up and the floor is dirty in the room they use.  She would like the Board to discuss clean up with renters.  The Trust Board currently hires a crew to deep clean the NCC monthly, and the Rental Coordinator also spot cleans.  Lisa reports that their group typically sweeps, but she is concerned about the tables. Lisa also reports that the women who are hosting the classes are considering relocating due to a limited amount of donations. Lisa asked if FICRA would consider sponsoring the yoga class.  Miguel Martinez suggested some ways of marketing the class.

Jim contacted Pierce County and learned the consulting company has finished their report on Bridge funding questions, including private, public, state, etc. They evaluated these opportunities and then evaluated alternatives. The consultants looked at combinations of funding, including replacement vs retrofitting/repairs. They will be making a report to the Pierce County Board of Supervisors, followed by a report and options to Fox Island residents before decisions are finalized. A meeting will likely be scheduled on Fox Island one day this summer. Also, minor surface erosion, or “spalling” on the Fox Island bridge to be fixed this summer.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.  The next meeting is May 9, 2019.

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary.

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