June 14, 2018


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Ray Kittelberger, Gina Olson, and Hal Goodell in attendance.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 8:06 PM immediately after the FICRA Meeting conclusion.


Minutes:  The May, 2017 meeting minutes proposed to accept by Kittleberger and seconded by Moore, then unanimously approved.


President’s report:

Jim has been working, as given permission, to increase insurance to include contents of NCC, not just the building.  To also include contents, this would cost $2.00 more on premium and there would be a $500 deductible.   The scouts have a large amount of equipment, which technically belongs to the sponsoring organization.  The insurance will cover any loss of the scout equipment that the Scouts have paid to acquire.  There is needed a policy or expectation to maintain equipment and in regards to potential damage. Jim will write this for Board review.

The honorary position of Grand Marshal for this year’s fair has not been chosen yet. We will be accepting suggestions and making choice soon.

Soccer posts to be repaired by Greg Christ and Dave Harrington.  Corn Hole was built by Dave Federighi and Howard Stapleton.  Parking for June 24th will include a shuttle from a better parking location – Alliance Church.


Consent Calendar Items: None


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Checking account:

May 1 Balance: $64,178.38 May 31 End Balance: $75,577.58

Trust Capital Checking:

May 1 Balance: $8,325.12 May 31 End Balance: $8325.12

Trust Reserve Checking: 

May 1 Balance: $27,230.17 May 31 End Balance: $27,230.17

Trust Money Market:

May 1 Balance: $1,641.24   May 31 End Balance: $1,641.51

Trust Savings: 

May 1 Balance: $100.93 May 31 End Balance $105.93

Trust PayPal: 

May1 Balance: $8,535.03 May 31 End Balance $3,030.01


A Large portion of the Checking income was from the May Plant Sale, which has been moved down by 2/3 now, as each organization made about $2400.  Further examination needs to be made on the Plant Sale income as noted on the P&L.  One problem from the plant sale, a $75 tree died after sale, so Hal is going to reimburse him with a check from FICRA Trust, then recoup 1/3 from S&S, and 1/3 from the Garden Club.  The Paypal balance is up from security deposits, rental deposits, etc. The money stays in there until rental event is completed.


Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: No report. Jim reports that they need to meet soon.  Discussion will include better interest on savings.

Citizen Patrol (CP): Ray Kittelberger reports the Deputy Wilder has been focusing on the boat launch in addition to his regular patrol.  He has been “encouraging” any underage persons to no longer congregate at that location.  He is keeping an eye on the Museum for suspicious activity in parking lot. He has been invited to the Summer Solstice.  CP is at a loss of $2500 year to date, which is typical for this time of year.  The Trust covers the expenses as parent organization to CP.  There is a $370 unbudgeted expense, therefore Tony proposes motion that it be allowed for CP to have $370 for the purchase of an unbudgeted purchase for small lights to be handed out at the June Summer Solstice party.  This was unanimously approved by board.  CP will be hosting a Hot Dog stand at the Summer Solstice, location to be determined. Second, they will attempt to support the Garage Sale, but need to contact Howard regarding more tech/electronic management and advertising.

Emergency Planning: Ray reports EP will have a booth at Summer Solstice.  Packets will be available for Block Capt. New Maps have been made (free of charge by county) showing 5 routes that CP will cover. Each map shows 5 sections, routes of CP patrol, and Ray adds that the maps are very large and nicely made.  Thanks to the county for supporting our EP efforts! Next Drill will be later in the year.

Building Committee: Jim reports electrical in the garage is near completion, and the Boy Scout storage area is now complete.  Once electrical in garage is complete, the rent will increase to about $200/ month (will do an comparison with rental space in the area).  Jim is still working on painting bids.  Only one so far, which is $35000 due to existing lead paint.  Jim has purchased 400 feet of hose to assist in watering the Sports Field, including the newly seeded surface.  The mission is to keep it green through the Summer Solstice event, then allow the grass to go dry naturally thereafter. The field is usually used for added parking during the Fair.  The shuttle for the Summer Solstice was only 12 passenger, and cost $450 for 4 hrs.  The plan is for “no parking” signs on one side of 9th Ave and Gway Drive for safety.  Tony reminds people that in the past cars have gotten stuck during rainy weather due to back field becoming very muddy.

Nature Center: Ed Burrough in attendance. Jim takes a moment to thank Ed for his participation and loyalty to, not just the Nature Center, but also his participation in the Men’s Coffee. Ed reports that the Nature Center had a successful “Holly blitz” last Saturday workday, which is an ongoing effort.  Four sophomores from the HS Key Club came to help too.  They were very nice and enthusiastic, which Ed and the others greatly appreciated.  All the holly debris is going to green recycle, and some of the wood is going to be used in boat building.  He reports the black berry removal along 9th continues. They have also removed weeds along 9th roadway, as they have asked the county not to do it.  Folks keep using the trails, and the picnic tables need a little maintenance. They will be placed on concrete pavers to prevent sinking into soil.

Audit Committee: Tony reports the Audit report completed for the year 2016.


Unfinished Business:  

Capital Projects development. Finance committee continues to work on this.

Letterhead for FICRA/Trust correspondence. A few new images are being considered.

WIFI may be needed in the NCC. Jim will be working with George and Howard. This may be a benefit to rentals as well as security. Hal notes it can increase rental revenues.  The Chapel advertises that they have Wifi.  Howard suggests that the equip might be only $1000, but Jim is concerned about $100/month for unlimited period of time vs value.


New Business:

1.FICRA Shirt Committee: Gina reports that things are progressing well on the 2018 Ficra Fair Shirts and she has obtained 2 bids. She proposes to use Branding Innovations again this year, due to both value, quality, and being a resident of FI.  Tony Moore makes a motion to accept this and it is seconded by Hal and unanimously approved.  The cost is within budget at $2040.00 and includes 282 items.   This year’s order contains Youth, Infant and Toddler items, Tee Shirts, Long Sleeved Tees, and Sweat shirts.  The design for this shirt comes from Carolyn Braden, and will be henceforth called Braden’s Peeking Fox.  Come early to get your clothing item before they sell out!


Next meeting is on July 12, 2017


Meeting Adjourned at 9:45 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson



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