June 8, 2017


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, and Ray Kittelberger in attendance. Hal Goodell filling in for Mimi Miller.


Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:04 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Minutes:  The May 11, 2017 meeting minutes approved.


President’s report: None


Consent Calendar Items: None


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell for Mimi Miller.


Trust Capital Checking: 

May 1 Balance: $19,731.77      May 31  Balance: $20,731.77

Trust Reserve Checking: 

May 1 Balance: $20,480.17 May 31 Balance: $20,480.17

Trust Checking account:

May 1 Balance: $32,517.75   May 31 Balance:$35,724.05

Money Market:

May 1 Balance: $1,911.28       May 31 Balance: $1,911.28

Trust PayPal: 

May 1 Balance: $4,907.67 May 31 End Balance $5,547.93

Trust Savings: 

May 1 Balance: $86.81 May 31 End Balance $497.82


A bank error in May was caught by Hal (a deposit of $406.00 erroneously put into Savings will be moved back into the Trust Checking.  The purchase of Aprons for Plant Sale, should not go under the Plant sale, so Hal has moved this $84 to misc/unbudgeted item.  Paypal balance is up, and Hal plans to move dollars bringing PayPal balance to less than $1000 in the next 2 weeks.


Hal asked that the Board members take the time to review the Budget Performance document to help ensure we aren’t missing any variations against the budget.


Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: No report 

Citizen Patrol: Stan Weston reports good news.  Deputy reports there has been no crime activity last month.  June has one DUI motor vehicle accident, so far.

Emergency Planning: Ray Kittelberger. The June Flash has a comprehensive report about the May 2nd event. Hal Goodell reports Ham Radio Class is scheduled for July 8th/9th.  Contact Hal at, if interested. Jim, Stan, Ray and Lt Wilder met recently regarding Em Planning, and Lt Wilder is interested in meeting quarterly to discuss Em Planning. The Deputy is supportive and complimentary of CP and EP efforts.

Building Committee: Jean Peterson, excused.  Jim reports that after last meeting’s approval for Jean to get BIDs for placing blinds in the front windows and in the windows behind the stage, Jim now has BIDs.  Alexander Design Network (who did the auditorium blinds originally) was low bidder.. There are additional bids for the stage windows, from all three.  The lowest bid from ADN).  Tony made a motion to approve the ADN bid only for the classroom windows, and to have Jim cover the stage windows with simple light blocking blinds. Unanimously approved.

Work is still in progress to prep for painting.  The external surface is to be painted this summer. Joan Broughton would like the minutes to reflect her opinion that the color should remain the same color as it currently is because of its historical status.

Jim reports that there is a ditch out the south side door, extending from the NCC to the garage containing conduit for electricity. Additional pipes included to pull wires for future plans.  The power can also be moved through the conduit from the generator, which can now stay plugged in in the garage. There will also be a water line added after the electrical inspection is complete.

Nature Center: Ed Burrough reports not too much has changed.  Trails are maintained, and chicken wire has been purchased to be replaced to reduce slipperiness of walkways.  Meeting minutes from the Nature Center’s meetings are posted on the website.

Audit Committee: Tony reports that Hal (taking over for Mimi) needs some time to review records, and then Hal, Lesley, Joan and Tony will plan a meeting, and do the Audit.  Lesley volunteered to lead the effort.

Nominating Committee:  Jim would like to know how to get more volunteers for the next election. Jim plans to advertise, as well as ask persons who are already great contributors to NCC activities. Leslie supports this and suggests persons who have experience with what goes on in traditional NCC events is important.  Ray suggests an Advisory Committee be formed for specific portions of our needs, like EP, marketing, or Contractors. Jim has found a person who likes to write grants.


Special Committee: 

Plant Sale: Hal reports that the sale went great.  The cashiers sat outside. There are new suggestions for next year.  The profit grossed $5,643.00 with $295.10 in expenses. Therefore the profit split 3 ways gave FICRA $1782.63.  More expenditures may yet be filed.  Budget was $1075 net profit.


Unfinished Business:  

Capital Projects: The project for property next door is on hold. Buy-a-brick contacts have been made, and Jim has heard back from nearly all the persons who contributed. 17-18 bricks have been purchased. Jim continues to get bids for the work to be completed in the NCC field.  The plans are delayed until fall when weather is appropriate for re-seeding.

Planning Calendar: Howard and Lisa continue to contribute big ideas and changes to our benefit. The web site development continues.  More training of board members needs to take place.

NCC Siding: Jim is working with a paint company, and looking forward to summer for actual painting.

New Welcome packets (50 assembled) have been placed at Post office.  Hal reports taking 10-20 to the post office. At the May 2nd event, 3 or 4 were given away. 250 bags, but only 50 have been filled. Ray offered the rest of the bags can be used for FICRA Fair shirt sales.


New Business:

Motion made to approve the new joint FICRA/TRUST Communication Policy (Policy 001).  Seconded and unanimously approved.

The new letter head project is in progress.  Jim emphasizes that the school house is fundamental and should be included on the letter head. There can be any number of modifications to the letter head, and it can be adjusted to have one say FICRA and the other FICRA Trust.  Howard has been trying to photoshop and black/white print or drawing. We will solicit the Art Group for black and white sketches of the NCC.  The top 3-4 designs will be circulated for review. July flier will have a new logo for CP. No longer using the “eye.”

Rental Advertising review to occur when the Finance Committee meets.  This is a complex process to analyze the benefit of advertising service. In the rental agreement we ask “Where did you hear about us?” And Hal recommends we continue using Betty Perry until we can evaluate this value.

FICRA Fair is in planning: Hal reports the committees are formed and plans are well underway. Permits have been applied. Chapel to do tapas, not hot dogs, this year. Hal will talk to the Yacht club to see if they are interested in providing hot dogs, or Hal may consider another vendor. Ray suggests that possibly the Museum be able to host the hot dogs for the fair.  Tony is not in favor of bringing in commercial vendors. Heritage to sponsor a spiked lemonade. There is some concern about alcohol other than beer/wine being served and the alcohol content is being considered.  There is to be, again, a special barrier around the area for alcohol consumption and prevent minors from entering the area were the alcohol is being served and consumed to prevent accidents. Kick off meeting to be scheduled Monday June 19.  Gina is working on the T-shirts, and developing designs for consideration.  Sue Spencer is not going to do the raffle room this year, so Hal needs a volunteer for this.  There is a shelter needed for the beer garden. The yacht club has offered to give us a tent top.  This item (tent structure 15’ by 30”) may need to be rented and an additional awning may be needed.


Next meeting is on July 13, 2016


Meeting Adjourned at 8:32 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson,  Ficra Trust Secretary


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