September 13, 2018 


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Ray Kittelberger, and Hal Goodell in attendance.  Gina Olson excused.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:55 PM – immediately after the FICRA meeting.


Minutes:  The August 16th, 2018 meeting minutes to be read at the October 11th, 2018 meeting.


President’s report:  We had a visit from Rich Fink, the new manager of the Peninsula Parks District (PenMet) at 6PM this evening.  Rich indicated that they have a strong interest in partnering with local private and community parks to extend the range of coverage of parks in the Gig Harbor/Peninsula area.  Rich believes Fox Island is underserved.  The properties on Fox Island owned by PenMet are the fishing pier and the sandspit.  Rich indicated that the sandspit is basically a nature preserve and they are debating the best way to manage that site.  We indicated that we encourage good management of the PenMet properties but are not interested in partnering in any way at the FICRA Building Trust properties.  We want to have full control over the use of our properties.


Consent Calendar Items:

Motion passed, unanimously, to approve the expenditure of $532.64 for reflective vests for the Citizens’ Patrol/Emergency Preparation.  The vests will be retained by the Citizens’ Patrol and made available for Emergency Response activities.

Motion passed, unanimously, to approve Jim’s drawing showing the location of the Sports Field Par Course events.

At this time, a motion was passed, unanimously, to approve placing the Sports Field donor bricks right behind the baseball field fence.


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Checking account:

Aug 1 Balance: $81,969.01 Aug 31 End Balance: $87.145.01

Trust Capital Checking:

Aug 1 Balance: $8325.12  Aug 31 End Balance: $8325.12

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Aug 1 Balance: $27,230.17 Aug 31 End Balance: $27,230.17

Trust Money Market:

Aug 1 Balance: $1,642.34   Aug 31 End Balance: $1,642.62

Trust Savings: 

Aug 1 Balance: $105.93 Aug 31 End Balance $112.09

Trust PayPal: 

Aug 1 Balance: $5,607.15 Aug 31 End Balance $6,802.94


Committee Reports: 

Nature Center Committee: Ed Burrough excused. Meeting minutes are posted to

Finance Committee:  Jim reported that the insurance review has yielded a net savings of $1,804.54 per year, so far.  More investigating is being done on the General Liability part of the policy. (Also, see last Finance Committee meeting report in August 16th, 2018 minutes.)

Citizen Patrol: Ray: Another very good low-crime month.  We did well with the Garage Sale and Hot Dog booth.  Finances are strong this year.

Emergency Planning: Planning a practice emergency response drill in October.  Fox Island HAM club being created to build communications capability in an emergency.

Building Committee: Jim reported that he has a meeting with Pacific Rim Environmental on our doing the painting of the NCC building by volunteers.  Ridgetop is due in to do the re-hydroseeding of the Sports Field.

Nature Center: Ed Burrough excused. Meeting minutes are posted to the website.

Audit Committee: The 2016 Audit was approved by the Board with Board reply comments as submitted at this meeting.

Nominating Committee: No report.


Unfinished Business:

  1. NCC Painting: See above


New Business:

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM


Nest meeting: October 11, 2018


Respectfully submitted by Jim Braden for secretary Gina Olson.


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