Fox Island Community and Recreation Association’s position on Island Coyotes

The FICRA Board is aware that Islanders are concerned about the presence of coyotes on Fox Island.

FICRA has in the past, and will continue to, raise awareness by identifying resources for citizens to contact professionals for additional information and possible remedies to the coyote issues on the Island.  Neither the FICRA charter, nor the law, allows FICRA to quell or dispose of coyotes or pay to have this done.

There has been coyote activity on the Island for a period of years and FICRA has continued to work with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and Islanders to provide information and a forum for residents to address their concerns.

FICRA will continue to provide to the resources that will help to educate Islanders about coyote behavior, what to do to deter them, and how to protect children and pets; all following the guidelines set in place by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

FICRA will also help concerned residents come together to organize a forum where the issue can be discussed further with professional wildlife experts present.   FICRA is actively working to set up a meeting at the NCC with Fish and Wildlife experts, so people’s concerns can be discussed.  We hope that meeting will take place in September.

As a volunteer Board, we appreciate the concerns of Island residents, and also hope residents can understand that the issue of coyotes on the Island is not only a problem that did not appear overnight, it is also a problem that cannot be changed overnight.  We will all do our best to guide concerned residents to the resources available that might help them address their concerns about coyotes.

“The purpose of FICRA is to provide social and recreational activities for the residents of Fox Island, to maintain and operate the Nichols Community Center, and to provide a forum for matters pertaining to Fox Island residents.”

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