FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 1-9-2014


January 9, 2014

Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Lynne Goodwin, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Mimi Miller, Jeff Goodwin, and Gina Olson.

Jim Braden opened the meeting at 7:05 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes from the Dec 12, 2013 board meeting were unanimously approved.

President’s Report: Reminder to enter your volunteer hours if not done so already.

Consent Calendar: No items.

Treasure’s Report: 


FICRA    12-1 Checkbook: Balance:    $6,263.12        01-1 Balance: $11,080.99

Money Market  12-1 Balance:  $18,573.20 01-1 Balance: $18,574.73

PayPal Balance: 12-1    $5,897.42 01-1 Balance: $747.52

Treasurer moved $5,2222.12 from PayPal to Checkbook.



Net Income: Budgeted: $4,150; year end estimate: $4,000

Membership total currently is 274

Committee Reports: 

Social Activities:  No Committee Chair.  Plans are being made for NCC 80th birthday celebration.  Ideas to incorporate: Wine & Cheese night, an Open House  for prospective rental opportunities, and “School House” themed activities are proposed by Karen, and all being considered. Gig Harbor History Museum assistance is a possibility. Volunteers needed.  Suggestions for other events or activities are Square dancing, a “Guys Night” or “Girls Night Out.” Wine & Cheese Event is set for January 25th and coming together with great enthusiasm.

Publicity: Kalli Ostner still creating signs and doing a great job.

There continues to be good financial support of FICRA, but more volunteers are needed to keep FICRA functions vibrant.

“Aging in Place” is a program to help those aging with problems continue to live in their homes.  Nan Fagin would like to have the Mustard Seed project on Key Peninsula give a presentation. She will set this up.

Special Committees:  No report.

Membership Committee: Jeff reports membership renewal is not as high as expected. We have membership phone team (Drew Middleton, Dave Harrington, Jim Braden and Jeff Goodwin) which will do another round of calls soon.  They will also write down a number of statements or create a script to be used in calls.

Donations can be made to Crime Watch (Trust and Tax Deductible) and dues to FICRA.  Treasurer is willing to make this separation. Mailings seem to get then most response.

Unfinished Business:  FICRA Bylaws amendments were voted in.  The membership vote was unanimous.

New Business:  The Finance Committee has met and developed a budget for 2014 which was reviewed by the Board members and passed by unanimous vote.

Website needs further enhancement. Many new features are available which are automated, and self updating. Jeff and Jim will research persons who do this.  Howard and Lisa Stapleton (IT experienced) volunteered to assist.

The Nominating Committee needs to be appointed.  Dave Harrington is not available to chair this year.  A volunteer is needed. More volunteers are needed for The Board positions.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:18 pm.

Next meeting is Thurs February 13, 2014.    Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary



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