Thursday, October 12, 2017

Board Attendees: Howard Stapleton, Hal Goodell, Mimi Miller, Denise Parrish, Lesley Miller and Jim Braden were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Howard Stapleton.  Deb Pishek was absent and excused.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Minutes from the September 14, 2017 FICRA Board Meeting were approved with no changes.

Public Comment:  Dave McHugh stated he was pleased that this was added to the agenda to give the public in attendance a voice.  It was clarified that Jim and Carolyn Braden will pay for the walking track around the field which will cost roughly $11,000.  If we come up short on the budget for the field, Jim and Carolyn will also assist with advancing the remainder of the money until the additional funds have been raised.

President’s Report:  Howard Stapleton reported that Mimi Miller received several “fake” EMails purporting to be from Howard requesting FICRA reimbursement of expenses with the payment going to a credit union in New Mexico. Mimi contacted Howard and he reached out to the credit union and service providers for the EMail account to let them know about the fraudulent activity.

Treasurer’s Report: Mimi reported that she would like to move all but $10,000 in Checking to the Money Market account. This action would be within her discretion as Treasurer.

  • FICRA Checking Beginning 9-1-17 $44,971.19    Ending 9-30-17 $44,593.78
  • FICRA Money Market Beginning 9-1-17 $18,646.92    Ending 9-30-17 $18,649.22
  • FICRA Pay Pal Beginning 9-1-17 $ 919.40        Ending 9-30-17 $ 967.34
  • Membership 288 for 2017-2018, 174 from prior year have not renewed

Committee Reports:

  • Finance Committee – The Finance Committee will look at whether to record income from clothing sales in the FICRA Trust instead of FICRA account.
  • Publicity Committee – Lisa Stapleton reported that she needs information for articles for the FLASH before the end of each month. The next paper mailing of the FLASH will be in November.
  • Social Committee – The Trunk or Treat event is scheduled for October 31, 2017, 6:00-8:00PM
    • Miguel Martinez and Chad Gottschalk are the chairs of the event
    • Chad’s wife has created a blogspot ( with information about the event and ideas for decorating a trunk. The blogspot was linked from the front page of FICRA’s website.
    • Cider will be served inside the front door.
    • Howard and Lisa will be donating $100 in gift cards for best decorated trunk display(s).
    • The event is targeted for the children of Fox Island.
  • Membership Committee – Hal Goodell reported that a reminder letter will be going out to those who have not yet renewed their memberships.

Unfinished Business:

  • Lisa wanted to know if there had been any further discussion regarding Claudia Nygaard performing at the NCC. Her style is Folk/country. Howard noted that we have only spent 1/3 of the planned budget for recreational events & concerts.  There should be a balance of about $600 after other planned events are accounted for. Lesley suggested that we focus on family concerts at the NCC versus concerts that might appeal primarily to adults.  Nygaard’s show may be a better match for the Chapel.  Lisa will discuss this further with them.

New Business:

  • Miguel and Chad have requested a small budget to spend on decorating for Trunk or Treat. A Board Resolution approving up to $100 in funds from FICRA’s “Other Community Events” budget allocation was discussed and unanimously approved for the Trunk or Treat event.
  • Lisa would like to explore a wine tasting event with Ann Marie at Pop a Cork for Charity. We would purchase a case of wine from Ann Marie at $99.00 to use for the wine tasting. Bottles of wine would also be sold. FICRA would split the profit of the wine sales with Pop a Cork. Howard suggested the profits from this event should go to FICRA Trust. Lisa will look into potential event dates, permits, and other requirements.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.  The next meeting will be on November 9, 2017.

Submitted by Denise Parrish.

FICRA Minutes 2017-10-12 Draft

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Oct 12, 2017


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, Mimi Miller and Ray Kittelberger in attendance.


Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:40 PM after completion of the FICRA Meeting.

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Minutes:  The Sept 14, 2017 meeting minutes unanimously approved.


President’s report: 

The board would like to thank Karen and Philip Craven for their time and talent in contributing to the “Kids Paint the Block House” event.  Everyone had a good time and it is now a colorful display of art for all to enjoy.

John Ohlson, Scout Leader, informed us that the Boy Scouts of America will be allowing ladies to join the Cub Scouts.  There will be female dens and male dens, but the Packs will be where all join together.

The Pen Met Parks has an event in Sept, Open House to update residents on what things we want improved and expanded. Jim has the solicitation from them if folks want to input.  Please reply by Oct 23rd.


Consent Calendar Items: 

Decision to proceed with the sport field improvement unanimously approved.  Dates of activity are scheduled for Oct 16th through the 31st.  They will be scraping the sod, laying new topsoil, leveling, and hydro seeding (swapped for the holding pond) the grass.  There will also be a walking trail around. There is no permitting process due to only resurfacing.  No holding pond will be installed.


Treasurers Report: Mimi Miller.

Trust Checking account:

Sept 1 Balance: $39,649.99  Sept 30 Balance: $40,383.07

Trust Capital Checking:

Sept 1 Balance: $19,831.77     Sept 30  Balance: $ 17,965.80

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Sept 1 Balance: $20,480.17 Sept 30 Balance: $20,480.17

Trust Money Market:

Sept 1 Balance: $1,640.16       Sept 30 Balance: $1,640.16

Trust Savings: 

Sept 1 Balance: $91.82  Sept 30 End Balance $91.82

Trust PayPal: 

Sept 1 Balance: $2,168.38  Sep 30 End Balance $3,362.70

Excess in the Checking will be moved into Capital, Money Market, and Hal suggests they consider changing to a checking that earns interest.  Jim asks Mimi to hold off until the Finance Meeting.  Tony reminds Jim that the oil tank needs to be checked, refilled before the end of the year.


Committee Reports: 

Finance Committee: Jim has created a flow chart of Trust Revenue Routing. Incoming money comes from dedicated donations, fund-raising, general donations, or Non-capital specific donations. From the Trust Checking Acct, the money moves out to designated functions, to the Trust Reserve Fund Account, or into the Trust Capital Checking Acct for the approved Capital improvement projects. These items are approved on the Capital Project Expenditure report, after the Board of Directors decides to fund or approve specific projects. This is a brief explanation of what the Finance Committee is working on.  Tues the 17th is the next Finance Meeting, 7 pm. They are working also on Capital Budget and the NCC Rental rate assessment. Ray suggests that the Committees start working on their budget proposal for 2018.

Citizen Patrol: Stan Weston reports Sept was a bad month.  The Sheriff’s office “raw” report yields the following: One theft of motor & boat, one burglar/theft of Utility trailer.  There was A Grey Ford Explorer involved in a single car accident.  A White male reported to be walking down middle of street into traffic high.  One theft of outboard motor stored in the front yard. Two vehicles were reported to be doing donut turns in the Sand Spit parking lot. Loud party called in with underage persons using drugs. Inboard motor boat has had twice attempted theft. There was a burglary on Island Blvd 700 block, no forced entry.  We are still 35% below last year in overall crime.

Emergency Planning: Ray Kittelberger reports 1. August 31st visit to FIEP Air National Guard with discussion regarding how to get supplies to the Island by Air, and pick ups from the Island. Doug Nelson has received information, specs on drop off and pick up, and working to finalize sites with NG of where this might be feasible on FI.  2. On Sept 30th the PEP-C Fair was at Gig Harbor High School. Many Emergency providers were in attendance.  Doug Nelson put together a Power Point presentation on how to start your own Em Prep Team.  Three volunteers signed up to help with FIEP from that event.  Abby, Doug, Jim, Bob, and Ray were all there.  Jim adds that psychological first aid for emergency response (handling problem persons during an emergency) and the attendant security are both issues that need more planning.  The County has received the application for reimbursement of funds for the emergency fuel reserve storage at the Store.  The Store has been paid for the fuel. Jim spoke at the Pierce County Counsel meeting regarding FIEP and the Bridge project.  He says that the county has been continuing their engineering steps to repair/replace the bridge.

Building Committee: Jean Peterson, excused.  Jim reports that the weather is turned to rain.  With no reply from any painter, the repainting of the NCC is on hold until next Spring.

Nature Center: Ed Burrough.  Excused. No report.

Audit Committee: Tony, Joan and Leslie are preparing to meet.

Nominating Committee: Jim reports is that he and Ray have discussed the future of the board members.  They would like to get more persons, somewhat younger, who are willing to step in and bring fresh ideas.  They would, also, like to encourage current and past volunteers to stay in an advisory capacity, rather than retiring and no longer actively involved. If leaving board members can stay in an advisory role, it may be helpful. Tony suggests a mentorship approach.


Special Committee: Saturday Night Fever (January Auction Event) is scheduled for Jan 27th.  George Metzger is planning the light show.


Unfinished Business:  

Letter head – still in planning.

Advisory Positions – see Nominating Committee above.


New Business – None


Public Comment – Mike Gordon suggested that the Citizens’ Patrol Committee is doing well covering its expenses this year and he would like to see any excess put into offsetting any money that the Trust has had to put into the shortfall of Citizens’ Patrol (Crimewatch) Committee in the past.  The Board replied on the impracticality of that, and, that the Trust makes up for any shortfall for all of the Committees.  The Trust policy is for each of the Committees to do what they can to fund their responsibilities.  The Board also looks to be sure it carries funds to cover the Citizens’ Patrol Committee’s early year expenses as they far exceed the revenues at the beginning of the year (hiring of Sheriff Deputy, primarily).


Dave McHugh suggested that the new Sports Field be named the Jim and Carolyn Braden Field due to their financial contributions toward that project.  Jim thanked Dave for the suggestion but indicated that the successes of FICRA and the Trust are due to the collective efforts of the many volunteers over the last 7 years and that he believed the best name for the field would be “Volunteer Park”.  That names was well received by the Board members.


Next Board meeting is on November 9, 2017


Meeting Adjourned to Executive Session at 8:45 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson,  FICRA Trust Secretary


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Thursday, October 12, 2017, 7:00PM
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington

FICRA Board of Directors

Howard Stapleton President
Hal Goodell Vice President
Denise Parrish Secretary
Mimi Miller Treasurer
Deb Pishek Director
Lesley Murphy Director
Jim Braden Immediate Past President
  1. Call to order and approval of absences
  2. Approval of September 14, 2017 FICRA Board Meeting Minutes
  3. Public Comment
  4. President’s Report
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Finance Committee (Mimi Miller, Chair)
    2. Publicity Committee (Lisa Stapleton, Chair)
    3. Social Activities Committee
      1. Trunk or Treat 2017
    4. Membership Committee (Hal Goodell, Chair)
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. New Business
    1. Approve Amount Not to Exceed $100 for Trunk or Treat Expenses
  8. Meeting Adjournment (next meeting is Thursday, November 9, 2017)


These are items that will be approved as a package unless a Board member or person from the audience requests an item be removed and discussed in detail individually.  The President will ask for any such requests ahead of the approval.  The Board discusses what it considers to be non-controversial issues between meetings and then conducts a vote on these in the regular meeting as a package to keep the regular meetings as time-effective as possible.

  1. No Items

FICRA Board Meeting Agenda 10-12-2017

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September 14, 2017

Board Attendees: Hal Goodell, Mimi Miller, Lesley Murphy, Deb Pishek, Denise Parrish. Howard Stapleton excused.

The joint meeting of FICRA board and FICRA trust was called to order at 7:03pm by Jim Braden. It was decided that the FICRA meeting would occur first.

Minutes from the July 13, 2017 meeting were approved with no changes.

President’s Report: None.

Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Miller

 FICRA Checking Beginning balance- $37, 971.50 Ending balance- $44,971.19

 FICRA Money Market Beginning balance- $18,644.54 Ending balance- $18,646.92

 FICRA Pay Pall Beginning balance- $577.73 Ending balance- $305.00

 Membership 276 expired for 2016-2017 + 153 for 2017-2018


Committee Reports:

 Finance Committee- No additional report.

 Publicity Committee- No report.  Lisa on vacation.

 Social Committee-

o Paint the block house: Jim reported that 20 kids participated and painted. A clear coat will be added to preserve the paint.

o Trunk or Treat: Mike Martinez is heading this event which will be held October 31st at the Nichols Community Center.

 Membership Committee: Hal Goodell reported that the bulk of membership renewals are in. Letters will be sent to those past members who have not renewed for the last few years (approximately 250 people).


The meeting was adjourned at 7:24. Next meeting will be October 12, 2017.

Respectfully submitted by Denise Parrish.


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Sept 14, 2017


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, Mimi Miller and Ray Kittelberger in attendance.


Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:03 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Minutes:  The July 13, 2017 meeting minutes approved. The meeting in August was cancelled due to Fair planning, and other conflicting events.


President’s report: 

There is an effort underway to shorten the meetings. Jim stated options for this:  to combine the meetings indicating to the secretaries which organization belongs to which subject, or to poll the audience for those present with a specific issue they are there to pursue, or possibly place FICRA meeting first, so that after FICRA meeting, the Trust meeting can follow, and those who want to stay can. Hal suggested we hold the Ficra meeting first this evening, which was done.


Jim recognized our Rental Coordinator, Kristen Moriarty who made a presentation for the MOM’S CLUB OF AMERICA.  She reported on a new local Mom’s Club, a non-profit, started up last April.  Currently they are comprised of 11 members, 3 are residents of Fox Island, and the rest are residents of Gig Harbor.  Their meetings have been at the Gig Harbor Library up until now, however they need a new location.  They would like to meet at the NCC the third Monday of the month from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM with kids. They are a service organization to create a community for Moms and do community projects.  They have guest speakers.  Jim will look at scheduling, and get in touch with board members.


The FICRA meeting was convened at this point, conducted, and adjourned at 7:20 PM.  The Trust meeting was reconvened.


Consent Calendar Items: 

Jim has met with Kit Kalbrenner of Ridgetop Golf (specialist in golf course rehab) who has bid $49,806.64 to rehab the Sports Field which includes scraping off the sod, grading, laying topsoil, seeding and installing a walking/running trail. Jim feels that the timing needs to start ASAP to get the grass sown by mid-October for optimally seeding/grass.  Jim has asked for permission to propose a time and material approach to Ridgetop, with a cap, to potentially lower the cost.  He has not been successful in securing additional bids on the project – getting other firms to even come and look.  They are all busy.  The scale of the project has been reduced some, too. Denise also knows Kip, and knows their family, and attests to his good reputation.


There is approximately $7,000 from the buy-a-brick fundraiser process. The last 2 yrs “Wine & Cheese” Night has raised money for the Sports Field improvement, so there is an obligation to make progress on this.  Jim is willing to front the money to make sure that the project gets going. Hal proposes that with the plans in place, we should solicit more sales of the bricks from Fox Island residents.


A motion was passed unanimously to: “Proceed with the Sports Field rehabilitation using the Ridgetop firm which is available to begin the work in October to catch the Fall window to seed new grass.  The work is based on the quote provided by Ridgetop dated October 14th, 2016, less the drain piping and holding pond.  Jim and Hal will review the Capital funds available for this, which will include the donations through the “Buy a Brick” program.  Jim has offered to pay for the walking/running path which is $10,560 and, will advance, as an interest-free loan, any funds needed to complete the rehab that are not immediately available from the Trust Capital Checking account.  That loan will be repaid to Jim as the Trust Capital funds become available.  Jim has been given permission to negotiate a reduction in cost based on the reduction in scope with the project maximum cost not to exceed the original Ridgetop quote”


There was a needed purchase made by Hal of a large outdoor tent for $899.00 for use at the Ficra Fair this year.  This purchase was previously discussed and verbally approved for action prior to the September 14th Board meeting.  Therefore, a motion was unanimously passed to follow through on purchasing a 15′ x 30′ tent for use at the FICRA Fair in the amount of $900.


Treasurers Report: Mimi Miller.

Year to date income for Trust is $27548.73 income, $9,000 over budget.

Trust Checking account:

Aug 1 Balance: $39,818.52   Aug 31 Balance:$39,649.99

Trust Capital Checking:

Aug 1 Balance: $19,831.77     Aug 31  Balance: $ 19,831.77

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Aug 1 Balance: $20,480.17 Aug 31 Balance: $20,480.17

Trust Money Market:

Aug 1 Balance: $1,640.16       Aug 31 Balance: $1,640.16

Trust Savings: 

Aug 1 Balance: $91.82 Aug 31 End Balance $91.82

Trust PayPal: 

Aug 1 Balance: $1,935.96 Aug 31 End Balance $2,216.93

Membership is 279


Committee Reports: 


Finance Committee: No report. Mimi was on vacation, and as she has the records from 2016, therefore since she has returned which will allow the Audit Committee to begin their work.


Citizen Patrol: Stan Weston reports that crime report for the month of Aug was similar to July.  There was one outboard motor stolen.  Deputy report that he was dispatched to a residential burglary, with another unit from GH.  He states they found the burglar in the house, arrested him, with verbal and written confession, after 1 hr long interrogation. Crime rate for 2017 is better than 2016. In Sept, there was a theft of appliances from the garage of a new construction home site. Three thefts from vehicles this year.


Emergency Planning: Ray Kittelberger reports that King 5 TV contacted Doug Nelson, in follow up to emergency planning story,  to further elaborate with news report. They came out on Thursday, Aug 18th and were taken on a tour of the NCC, Command center, communications room, and out with Citizen Patrol,  Shelters, Block Capts.  They also were taken around Fox Island by boat.  Ray reports it was a successful tour/interview, and it was aired on September .  The report was 1 hr long, but they focused on Fox Island for approx 10 minutes. Jim reports that the KING5 program was excellent. Everyone interviewed did an excellent job.

Jim and Abby attended the PEP-C meeting at Dist 5 station yesterday.  There is a PEP-C Fair on Sept 30th that we are participating in. There are on-going Ham Radio practice sessions on Sunday nights at 9 pm.

Gina has asked that we plan for two more cots (regular ones) for use at the triage center in an emergency.


Building Committee: Jean Peterson, excused. Jim reports that the window replacement is being investigated.  Cheney may help cover 50% but we need to acquire the other half, first.  The preliminary estimate to replace the aging windows is a staggering $92,000.00. We will be looking at alternative bids, and also looking to less “busy” times to get bids.


The power is to the garage and has been fully approved by permit.  There will be internal lighting and outlets added. Doug Nelson, and George Metzger have been helping Jim to do the labor on this which has saved considerable money.


Nature Center: Ed Burrough reports that this Saturday, September 16th, is the monthly work party.  Planned is trail maintenance, and cutting back blackberries. Ray K was out there last month. Ed says this time of year is less exciting with the summer flowers gone.  They are also working on replacing the non-skid surface to the walking bridges. Jim proposes that there should be (more) maps for visitors, and possibly a log book to keep record of those that visit. Jim also suggested that he would be in favor of renting equipment to assist in getting rid of the large stand of blackberries in the Nature Center.


Audit Committee: Tony, and Leslie in attendance. Joan, excused.  They plan to meet and review financial records in the near future.


Nominating Committee:  Jim reports that the elections are approaching soon, (March and April, 2018).  Recruiting new Nominating Committee volunteers is proving difficult.  Ray proposes that going forward we establish advisory positions, whether that be a board position or a temporary project manager. Ray reports that we have very talented people on the board and in the past, but when they leave, they are gone.  An advisory position would be one that would not have to attend all the meetings, but would be accessible for certain projects or managing a need, like marketing, or audit committee, or an Emergency Prep function.


Special Committees: 


Ficra Fair: Hal Goodell reports it went very well.  We had less income from the raffle room due to less time for preparation. Beer garden did well.  The weather was cooperating, and the number of booths was a record.  Music performances were excellent. Thank you letters to the donations for the Raffle room have been sent. The vendors feedback was good, with some already signing up for next year. Food went very well, with the hot dogs, despite less profit. Hugh McMillian put together a full-page coverage of the Fair, highlighting the face painter. Pricing for a booth was revised to flat rate of $35 adult and $30 kids.


All Island Garage Sale: Sept 9th.  Ray reports the budget was $1000 revenues, and they made $1166.  Ray says this was his last year as he is retiring from his voluntary position with Citizen Patrol (CP). He is going to write up the garage sale project for the CP and he hopes they will keep it up, but he is not sure if it will continue. The Museum had 14 sales, and CP had 50 sales.  Peak was 2014 with 67. Map sales 148, compared with 2014 which was 196.


Unfinished Business:  

Capital projects development (see Consent Calendar, above)

NCC siding repair: Awaiting contractor availability.

Jim brought Tracy’s Quality Painting by to estimate painting the NCC.  They are booked for this year, but will give us an estimate.

Letterheads for FICRA and the Trust are under development (the Art Group is developing some proposals for Board consideration.)

Review of rental advertising.  The Chapel is hosting an event at the NCC.  Jim polled the Board on charging them as a non-profit organization – which was affirmed.


New Business:

Advisory position proposed, as stated above.

The Fall Cleanup date was decided on – to be October 7.

Hal feels that January “Party with a Purpose” planning should start now.  We need a person to “chair” this event. Date is set for January 27th.

Doug Nelson would like to have money allocated from Emergency Prep for a water bladder.  It is something that can be put into the back of a truck and filled with water to transport to needed locations.  Therefore, a motion was unanimously passed to allow the Emergency Preparation Team to proceed with buying one water bladder to have in storage for a near-term emergency.  This cost will be reimbursed to the Trust Capital Checking account when the capital funds are received from the State under that specific Emergency Funding request.  The books will show the $16,900 received from the State as an approved Capital amount dedicated to the Emergency Preparation program.  Jan Angel newsletter describes private water wells issue is holding up State’s Capital Budget. Jim feels that the funds (when released) will cover this, but at this time, we should put the money forward to purchase the bladder. We have garnered $1500 in donations for Emergency Prep so far this year.


Next meeting is on Oct 12, 2017


Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, FICRA Building Trust Secretary


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