Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit Update

Notice on the Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit Nature Preserve

We have been notified by PenMet that the Nature Preserve is expected to be open to the public December 1. Parking will be allowed in the grass field above the entrance as long as weather permits. If parking in the field becomes damaging to the field or risky, the field will be closed rendering the Preserve accessible by walk-in only. There will be no parking on the street in the immediate area of the Preserve as indicated by signs, so access will be by drop-off or walk-in from legal parking locations elsewhere. It will be important to respect the private property owners in the area by only parking lawfully.

The use of the Preserve is intended to allow low impact activity with special care given to protecting the sandspit vegetation. Off leash dogs running on the sandspit and the sandspit vegetation (prohibited) is a serious concern expressed by the biologists consulted. Legal parking, not trespassing on neighbors’ property, and picking up after dogs are the other major points related to public use. The clarification of rules and use criteria is in response to Fox Island residents expressing great interest in low impact use as has been the case in the past. PenMet will be observing the effects of this use through the winter and will adjust the rules and attendance limitations as may be necessary to continue protection of the property and adherence to good neighbor standards.

PenMet plans to conduct a public meeting at Nichols Community Center in the spring to discuss the status and future of the property with input from the public. So, the planned November 13th meeting is delayed until spring. You will find notice of the next meeting on this site.

Remember, the use of the Nature Preserve for the future is dependent on how the site holds up with this winter’s use and how the rules are followed. So, let’s do our best to respect the Sandspit, as we Fox Islanders like to call it, by following all of the instructions on the signs at the site including legal parking, staying off neighbors property, keeping dogs off the sandspit vegetation, and picking up after dogs.

It is in our best interest to protect this sensitive piece of Fox Island. Let’s follow the rules.

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