FICRA and Trust Boards

2019-2020 FICRA Board of Directors

Miguel Martinez President
Pia Beetham Vice President
Naomi Grant Secretary
Hal Goodell Treasurer
Rob Moore Director
Kyle Larsen Director
Howard Stapleton Past President

To contact the FICRA Board, please email us at

2019-2020 FICRA Trust Board of Directors

Howard Stapleton President
Naomi Grant Vice President
Gina Olson Secretary
Hal Goodell Treasurer
Jim Braden Director

To contact the FICRA Trust Board, please email us at

2019-2020 FICRA and FICRA Trust Audit Committee

Jennifer Beard
Joan Broughton
Tony Moore
Lesley Murphy

To contact the FICRA / FICRA Trust Audit Committee, please email us at


Both the FICRA Board and FICRA Trust Board meet the second Thursday of the month at the Nichols Community Center (NCC) at 690 9th Avenue on Fox Island.  The meetings start at 7:00PM and 8:00PM, with FICRA and the Trust alternating start times.  The public is encouraged to attend..


FICRA Board members are elected at the Annual Member Meeting in March of each year. Persons residing on or owning property on Fox Island who have paid membership dues for the current year are eligible to vote. Board Officers serve one year terms; Directors serve two year terms.

FICRA Trust Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting (second Thursday in April) of each year. Persons who have contributed to the Trust are eligible to vote. Board members serve one year terms. Trust Board Members appoint the Officer positions.