FICRA Wish List

Nichols Center and Grounds

Our Fall cleanup event is in progress and our next cleanup event will be here in the spring. Watch our website and Facebook page for the dates.  Between our scheduled cleanup events, there are always plenty of things to do to keep the building and grounds in good shape.

Smaller Projects

  • Repair limping picnic benches.
  • Repair hose box on NCC south wall.
  • Repair the split-rail fence near the gazebo.
  • Repair north deck bottom step.

Bigger Projects

There are a few items that need to get done later this year when we can line up the resources. If you have skills, materials or resources that could help up out with these projects, please give Jim Braden a call at 253-549-4542.

  • Rebuild old basement stairs cover on west NCC outside wall.
  • Install irrigation system around NCC building.
  • Repair and resurface NCC south side doors.
  • Install Sports Field brick walk.
  • Install Scout bench at Play Area.

Major Renovations

We have raised most of the funds to complete the following renovation projects:

  • Replacing the windows and sills.
  • Providing a second exit stairway from the NCC basement.

Fox Island Nature Center

  • Assist in the ongoing clearing of invasive plants
If you can help with any of these volunteer projects or donate towards our major projects, please contact us at